A Word about High Level Satanists:

In a previous post I discussed Satanism in the Real World and differentiated it from the false Satanism of Anton Lavey.   The Satanism preached by Anton Lavey is the Exoteric version of Satanism meant for consumption by the general public.  It has no relationship at all to the Esoteric version of Satanism as it is known and practiced by the inner circle of Satanism.  

In this post I want to talk about the Satanists, who are the practitioners of Real World Satanism.  When talking about Satanists, a differentiation must be made between Low Level Satanists and High Level Satanists. This post is about the common traits or attributes of High Level Satanists.  Not everyone with these attributes is a Satanist by any means but High Level Satanists will generally have one or more of these attributes that can be used to identify them.  With this introduction, I list the common attributes of High Level Satanists and give specific examples of Satanists with these attributes.

Common attribute: Wealth.  

Common attribute: Highly Intelligent.  

Common attribute:  Ambition for money and/or power.  

Common attribute:  Controlling.  

Common attribute: Dishonest and corrupt.  

Common attribute: Ruthless.  

Common attribute: Completely immoral.  

Common attribute: No Conscience.  

Common attribute: Emotionally cold when it comes to dealing with non Satanists.  

Common attribute: Satanists are often upstanding members or even VIPs in the communities in which they live.

Example:  Fleet White Sr and Nyla White were VIP celebrities in Aspen, Colorado where they owned a home and were very influential in the community.  I contend that Fleet White Sr and Nyla White were also VIPs in Boulder, Colorado in 1996 where they owned a home and were very influential in Boulder Colorado because of Fleet Oil Company and the wealth and influence of Fleet White Sr. 

Common attribute: Involvement in High Level Freemasonry.

Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia was a 33rd Degree Freemason

Don Paugh (formerly of West Virginia) was a 32nd Degree Freemason:

Although I have no picture of him to show or evidence of my claim, it is my contention that Fleet Russell White Sr. was a high level Freemason, very possibly of the 33rd Degree. 

Common attribute: Hollywood VIP Actors and Celebrities.

Nicole Kidman, daughter of Satanist Dr. Antony Kidman:

Common attributePolitical Leaders.

Ted Heath, former British Prime Minister:

Richard Nixon, former U.S. President:

George H.W. Bush, former U.S. President:

George W. Bush, former U.S. President:

Barak Hussein Obama, former U.S. President:

Common attribute: Religious Leaders.

Pope Francis:

Billy Graham, 33rd Degree Freemason:

Common attribute: Leaders of Main Stream Media.

Harold W. Anderson, Publisher of the Omaha Nebraska World Herald during Franklin:

Common attribute: Leaders in the military.

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino:

Common attributeLeaders in Technology.

Bill Gates, Plandemic planner and vaccine pusher:

Common attribute: Leaders of Business.

Warren Buffet of Omaha, Nebraska:

Common attribute: Are frequently Husband and Wife Teams.

Common attribute: One of more of the sons but frequently the eldest son of the Satanist Husband and Wife Team will also be a Satanist.

Example:  Satanist George W. Bush was the son of Satanist couple George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush.

Common attribute: Satanists maintain two completely different faces, one a public face shown to non Satanists and the other a private face shown only to other Satanists.  Wearing an invisible mask and a false persona in public helps to hide the Satanist and what he is involved with in private.
Common attribute: Satanists may be publicly Religious and even Religious leaders in the communities in which they live so that nobody would ever suspect them of being Satanists.  In this case, the Satanists wear Religion as a mask in public to hide who they really are in private. 
Example:  Billy Graham.
Common attributeThey or members of their immediate family hold high level positions in the Financial/Banking sector.

For example, Priscilla Brown (wife of Fleet White Jr.) was the daughter of the Chairman of the Board of a major financial corporation headquarted in Los Angeles, Century Financial Corporation.

Another example, Barbara Ferni was the daughter of a senior vice president for investment management at C. J. Lawrence/Deutsche Bank Securities Corporation.

Common attribute: Holds a high level position in intelligence (civilian or military) and/or high level/top secret security clearance.

John Ramsey held a top secret intelligence post while in the U.S. Navy:

Barbara Ferni\’s father Claude S. Vanden Broeck was a former intelligence officer.

Common attribute: Come from Inter-generational Satanic families.

The Ramsey family that John Ramsey comes from is one of these Satanic inter generational families.  The Paugh family that Patsy Ramsey comes from is another of these Satanic inter generation families.  The White family that both Fleet White Sr and Fleet White Jr come from is yet another of these Satanic inter generational families. 

Common attribute:  Connections, both public and private with other High Level Satanists in a Satanist Network.

Common attribute: Marriage to other Satanists or to the children of other Satanists.  

The Freemason organizations \”Rainbow Girls\” and \”Job\’s Daughters\” are privately used for the purpose of training the daughters of Freemasons and Satanists to marry the sons of Freemasons and Satanists.  Note that Patsy Paugh was one of these girls before she married John Ramsey.  John Ramsey found Patsy Ramsey through Rainbow Girls.

Common attribute:  Satanists like to hang out with and party with other Satanists. 

Common attribute::  Practiced in mind control techniques such as Monarch mind control programming.

Common attribute:  Obsessed with Sex and pleasure seeking, including sex with children.

Common attribute:  Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) of children, either children from their own family or the children of others. 

Common attribute:  World travelers. 
Common attribute:  Often live to a very old age while staying active.   
Common attribute:  They get repeated face lifts to stay young looking even into old age.
Common attribute:  Submission to a Global Satanist Hierarchy.
Just as there is a Hierarchy in Freemasonry, there is a Hierarchy in Satanism. An individual high level Satanist cannot do whatever he wants to do.  He must seek the permission of the leaders of the Global Satanist Establishment and get their approval before doing anything significant that will affect other Satanists and their ambitions.  Satanists must submit to the authority of higher level Satanists or there will be strong repercussions against them.  The Satanist Hierarchy is a pyramid and those lower in the pyramid must submit to the authority of those higher in the pyramid, just like in Freemasonry.
Common attribute:  A secret contempt for the rest of humanity that is not one of them.
Common attribute:  Satanists own the legal system with key positions in Police Departments, District Attorney\’s offices, the FBI and in the courts (both State and Federal) being filled by Satanists or people directly controlled by Satanists through bribery or blackmail. 
More to come.

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