A Word about a video on mind control that was allegedly found at the Ramsey home:

Alan Dershowitz referred to a military video found in the Ramsey house that was censored under National Security. 

When I first heard about this long ago, I was extremely interested in it.  I tried to find out more about this but I could find nothing else about it on the internet.  Finally I let it go and forgot about it.  Now after many years I am circling back around to once again address this topic.

Certainly not everything that is said on the internet can be trusted to be true.  In fact, the majority of information posted on the internet is false.  It takes a perceptive person to be able to differentiate the needles of truth hidden in the haystack of lies that is in the internet. 

Is this information about a mind control related tape being found during a search of the Ramsey home true or false?  I cannot say.  It may be true or it may be disinformation.  But if it is disinformation then what would be the purpose from an Establishment point of view of spreading it?  I do not know if it is true or not and I remain neutral about it.  With the caveat that it could be untrue disinformation, here is what has been said about this video:

1) It was reportedly identified as a video entitled \”How to Create a Mind Control Slave using a Stun Gun\”.

2) The video is military.  In other words it is created by and/or associated with the U.S. military.  I note that many people have talked about the U.S. military being involved in mind control.  For example, it has been said that mind control training and operations have taken place at U.S. military installations such as Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska and China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station in California.

3) This video was reportedly filmed in Huntsville Alabama by NASA.

4) The video was found by Boulder, CO. LE as they were searching the Ramsey home during the JBR murder investiation.

5) The video was seized and its existence hidden on grounds of U.S. National security.  In other words, the video was secret and not meant to be known to the public. The contents of the video if disclosed to the public would be very damaging to the U.S. Government.  This is the reason why it would be seized and hidden for National Security reasons.  National Security is frequently used by the U.S. Government to hide things from the Public that would be damaging to the U.S. Government so it is perfectly understandable why they would seize this video and hide its existence. 

6) John Ramsey, in whose home the video was allegedly discovered has ties to the U.S. military and U.S. military intelligence.  He was a member of the U.S. Navy and held top secret U.S. military intelligence clearance during his service.  His company, Access Graphics was mostly owned by Lockheed-Martin, a major U.S. Defense contractor that supplies the U.S. military with both equipment and services.  So for a top secret video on mind control techniques associated with the U.S. military to be found in his house is not such a big stretch of the imagination.  

7) The implication is that John Ramsey was the main handler for a mind controlled slave and that this slave was his daughter, JonBenet Ramsey. 

8)  Alan Dershowitz stated on televised news that justice would never be obtained in the Ramsey case for reasons of National Security.  I am no fan of Alan Dershowitz who is a Jewish Lawyer but in this case I agree with him and have said basically the same thing on my Blog in previous posts when I stated that a cover up is in place to conceal the truth from the public about the JBR death.  The reason for the cover up is simple.  JonBenet Ramsey died under such circumstances that, if the truth was revealed to the American public would be very damaging to the U.S. Government and the Satanic Establishment.  Unfortunately a hundred thousand useful idiot BDI proponents parroting \”Burke did it!\” everywhere help the Establishment to keep everything focused on the Ramseys and the Ramsey home and nothing focused on anything bigger.

More to Come.

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