A Word about Useful Idiots:

Useful Idiots and Shills both spread lies and disinformation that the Establishment wants spread with an important difference.  Shills know they are spreading disinformation and they are getting paid to do so.  Useful idiots on the other hand do not know they are spreading disinformation.  In fact they are so convinced that the disinformation they have heard is the truth that they take up the mantle and start spreading the disinformation themselves for free because they believe it to be true.  In their ignorance they believe they are doing a good thing by spreading the truth but in reality they are helping the deceivers to spread disinformation which the useful idiot is completely clueless of.

In the case of the JonBenet Ramsey murder, the useful idiots are a hundred thousand BDI proponents hopping around like frogs smugly ribbitting \”Burke did it!  Burke did it!\” on all the JonBenet Ramsey murder videos on Youtube.  As someone who is trying to spread the actual truth about the JBR murder, it is very depressing and disheartening for me to encounter these people.  In fact they have become my main opposition in spreading the truth that JBR met her death outside of her home at the hands of no Ramsey.  These BDI Proponents are like a fanatical cult and trying to convince them of anything that does not agree with what they already believe is an exercise in futility.  The people behind the cover up must be laughing their asses off to have so many geniuses doing their work for them on the internet for free.  Who needs Shills when you have an army of BDI proponents spreading your message for you?  

Another group of useful idiots are all the Trump supporters who actually believe Trump is an honest man working against the Deep State instead of a puppet who is a willing tool of it.

The Deceivers never had it so good.  Unfortunately Green Day was right.

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