Fleet White Jr. is the new prime suspect in the death of JonBenet Ramsey:

If you look at my Two Worlds Paradigm Explanation of the JonBenet Ramsey murder,  I state that the death of JonBenet was accidental and happened while she was being sexually abused at a Sex Party held at the home of Fleet Russell White Sr. in Boulder, Colorado. I contend that Fleet Russell White Sr. was sexually abusing JonBenet at the time of her death but I do not accuse Fleet Russell White Sr. of being guilty of murder.  I call him a direct accessory to the death of JonBenet but I do not say that he is the one who killed the six year old child Beauty queen. I contend that Fleet White Sr. had another person applying child sexual asphyxiation techniques to JonBenet as Fleet White Sr. was sexually abusing her so that JonBenet would feel sexual arousal as she was being abused.  I contend that this other person who was strangling JonBenet as Fleet White Sr was sexually abusing her made a mistake and he accidentally strangled JonBenet to death and that she could not be resuscitated.

Up to this point I have believed that the person who accidentally strangled JonBenet to death was some unknown person working for Fleet White Sr who would probably never be identified but then I read a poem penned by some Anonymous person titled The Manchurian Doll.  It was this poem that gave me a clue to the identity of the person who accidentally killed JonBenet that I had never thought of before now. It was this line of the poem that suddenly gave me the identity of the strangler: An elder cleric\’s errant son.

As I have said many times, Satanism was involved in the death of JonBenet Ramsey.  It is my contention that the Ramsey family and the White family and many of the other people involved in this story were Satanists.  In Satanism as in Freemasonry there is a hierarchy of membership in the Cult.  There are low level members who are initiates and there are high level members who are in a leadership position in the Cult. It is my contention that Fleet White Sr was a high level Freemason, very possibly of the 33rd Degree and that he was also a high level Satanist.  His son, Fleet White Jr. was also a Satanist but of a much lower level than his father.  John Ramsey was also a Satanist who was of the same level as Fleet White Jr.  Understanding these relationships is important to being able to see the Big Picture of what really happened in Boulder on Christmas Day of 1996. 

It is my contention that it was Fleet White Jr. who was acting as a Handler for JonBenet Ramsey late on December 26 and that he was strangling JonBenet while his father sexually abused her. It was Fleet White Jr. who killed JonBenet accidentally. In the remainder of this post I want to discuss the evidence that points to Fleet White Jr. being the accidental killer of JonBenet Ramsey.

Nancy Krebs stated that she was a victim of child sexual abuse by Fleet White Jr. starting in 1965 when she was 3 and Fleet White Jr. was approximately 16.  This abuse by Fleet White Jr. continued up until around 1978.  He only stopped abusing her because other people were starting to notice Nancy Kreb\’s abuse and Fleet White Jr. did not want to get into trouble like Macky Boykin did not too long afterwards.

I believe that Nancy Krebs told Boulder authorities in 2000 that Nyla White told Nancy that Fleet White Jr. and Fleet White Sr. accidentally killed JonBenet but this has been removed from the transcript:

But that she (Nyla White) was very resilient that she was doing fine. And then she (Nyla White) up and told me that Fleet Jr. and ….

[Content removed to the end of this side of the tape].

All the content that Nancy Krebs was saying about this was removed. 

More to come.

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