A Word about Nyla White\’s alleged illness on Christmas 1996:

Sometimes you hear information and you do not perceive what it means right away.  You need to time to think about it in order to understand what it really means.  Such is the case concerning Nyla White\’s alleged illness on Christmas 1996.  First let me go over the information about her supposed illness before I explain what it really means.  As I do this, keep in mind the concept of Exoteric vs. Esoteric that I described earlier because it applies here.

There was a 9-11 call allegedly made from the Ramsey residence on December 23, 1996. John Ramsey, in his book \”Death of Innocence\” attributed this call to Fleet White Jr. ordering medicine for his sick mother Nyla White in Aspen, Colorado. Fleet White Jr. never denied this story but he told a very similar matching story in a December 27, 1996 interview with Ramsey investigators.

The problem is that a longtime Ramsey case researcher spoke to an Aspen Times reporter who covered their local high society (which included Fleet\’s parents), and the reporter told them that Nyla was fine on the 23rd.

More to Come

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