The Esoteric version of Christmas Day, 1996 in Boulder, Colorado:

We have heard from the Ramsey family, the White family and others the Exoteric version of events of Christmas Day, 1996 in Boulder, Colorado.  In this post, I want to describe the Esoteric version of events of that day that the public has not heard about. 

The four members of the Ramsey family (John, Patsy, Burke and JonBenet) wake and they go out to eat breakfast on Christmas morning in Boulder.

At a different home in Boulder, Colorado, Fleet White Sr. and his wife Nyla are preparing for the party that they are planning to host later that day.  Nyla White is cooking up a storm all the good food they plan to serve to all the guests that have been invited to attend their Christmas Party in Boulder, Colorado.  They have chosen Boulder, Colorado as the location to host their yearly Christmas Party because Fleet\’s oil company has recently expanded into Colorado and has facilities in Boulder.  Fleet White Sr\’s son is living in Boulder and is overseeing and managing the company\’s expansion in Colorado for his father. 

A lot of people have been invited to the Christmas Party that the Whites are hosting in Boulder, Colorado this year. The Whites are known for hosting big fabulous parties and their Christmas Party in Boulder on 1996 will be no exception. Invited of course is their son Fleet White Jr., his wife Priscilla and their children who are already living in Boulder, Colorado. Besides Fleet White Jr., other important executives from Fleet Oil Company involved in Colorado and their families have been invited to attend.   Prominent members of the business community in Boulder and their families are also invited to attend.  Among them is the family of John Ramsey, President and CEO of the very successful Access Graphics in Boulder, Colorado. Local politicians and officials living in Boulder Colorado such as the Mayor and the Chief of Police of the Boulder P.D. have also been invited to attend.  Celebrities have also been invited to attend.  Some of them will travel from Aspen, Colorado where celebrities like to frequent to Boulder Colorado to attend this party.  Others will fly to Colorado from California, such as Nicole Kidman.  This Christmas Party will be a big party with many important people attending. 

Later that afternoon the long planned Christmas Party begins at a Boulder, Colorado home owned by Fleet White Sr. and his wife Nyla. 

More to come

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  1. It is speculation that NK was there. I have no evidence of that but the reason I mention it is that others have said this. Although I have no proof, I suspect she may have been there.


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