The Manchurian Doll:

So I came across this poem by an unknown author called the Manchurian Doll. It appears to be written about JonBenet Ramsey by someone with an insider\’s knowledge of what really happened.  First I will show the poem as it was published online and then I will dissect some information from it that I believe is very significant.  Here is the poem:

The Manchurian Doll by Anonymous:

They say that innocence prevails

And evil cannot master time

And riches, fame and fortune sow

Some evil seeds which then will grow

To devour the progenitors

Of thirty duos, some must know

That they themselves will out their crime

And have.

Within an old man\’s fleeting leer

The cycle of the dolls came round

It poisoned sick the world\’s Yule cheer

The use their own. In passing down

The rituals remain unfound.

And Christmas break gives time to heal

Parties abound, all wounds congeal

But one.

At blithely festive New Year\’s bash

Some candidates en route stopped there

As if by feigning toasts and cheer

They could undo the fatal sash

The week before.

But handlers die. And what to do?

With Christmas nigh, the one in lieu

Did err.

Saint John would roll o\’er in his grave

To know the smut that crossed his nave

Yet Christmas day he held her near

As if he knew she\’d disappear

That very night.

An elder cleric\’s errant son

His extant crush now on the run

Did they supply the candidates

With fodder for the lewd e-fun?

Do tell.

Truth blazes in but from Mcfar

The hunt team\’s snare was too adept

With keen eyes placed to guard the bar

The talk of dolls in silence kept

They tripped the truth while jurors prepped

Then sacked the hunter as inept. But hunters now

The hunted are.

Death\’s officer perfidy bared

Though taint of roofs fast disappeared

No antidote this Snow White spared.

The other signs were clearly there

Yet all were hastily interred

And silky-dressed and golden-haired

Truth slept

Of one who died outstretched on high

Most gentle hand His swaddle made

And in sepulchral cloth she laid

His arms tucked in, nor twine replayed

\’Round captive limb

This mortal braid is our demise

When angels parish in its vise

Betrayed by kindred\’s galling lies

As purloined justice turned blind eyes

A panicked lapse left unsurmised

Clues carried home, already prone


However, one must study greats

Take, for example, William Yeats

Who spoke about Byzantium

No governor could stop the run

Your split in planning took its toll

You race spun out of your control

Things fall apart.

The antichrist lurks in the head

It festers in the carnal eye

Which takes young victims from their bed

To suffer that and then to die

Now vacant, half glazed tears are shed

From ambidextrous author\’s head

One doll, now grown, hides in dread

Another Manchurian candidate

is dead.

Now I will dissect some information from this poem that I think is very significant.

The Manchurian Doll refers to JonBenet Ramsey as a victim of Monarch mind control programming.  In Monarch mind control programming little girls are programmed to be sex toys for adults.  JonBenet was one of those children who was programmed from a very young age to please adult men sexually, starting with her own father and grandfather (Don Paugh). 

Within an old man\’s fleeting leer.  The old man is Fleet White Sr., who at this time was in his eighties.  His leer was focused on JonBenet Ramsey.

They use their own. Satanists use their own children and grandchildren for sex and share them with other Satanists to use for sex.  John Ramsey was a Satanist who voluntarily shared his young daughter with another Satanist named Fleet White Sr. to have sex with.  

In passing down the rituals remain unfound. This refers to inter generational Satanic families who are involved in Satanic and sexual rituals from one generation to another.  The Ramsey family that John Ramsey comes from is one of these Satanic inter generational families.  The Paugh family that Patsy Ramsey comes from is another of these Satanic inter generation families.  The White family that both Fleet White Sr and Fleet White Jr come from is yet another of these Satanic inter generational families.  These rituals that involve sex with children are done in the strictest secrecy so they remain unfound to the public eye but to the inner circle they are known and common. 

And Christmas break gives time to heal. Christmas day is a common time for Satanists to sexually abuse children during Satanic parties so that the children have time to heal from the sexual abuse before returning to school.  This helps to ensure that the sexual abuse remains secret and will not be discovered by others outside the Cult.

Parties abound.  Satanists hold many sex parties around the USA during Christmas time.  It is one of the most common times for them to hold sex parties. 

All wounds congeal but one.  All normal wounds done during sexual abuse heal but death during sexual abuse does not heal.

At blithely festive New Year\’s bash; some candidates en route stopped there; as if by feigning toasts and cheer; they could undo the fatal sash the week before.  The festive New Year\’s bash is the New Year\’s day Party hosted by Fleet White Sr and Nyla White in Aspen, Colorado on New Year\’s eve 1996. The candidates are Hollywood celebrities and others who stopped by to attend the party, including Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. The fatal sash the week before is a different party hosted by Fleet White Sr and Nyla White in Boulder, Colorado on Christmas day 1996 sometime during which JonBenet Ramsey met her death. 

But handlers die.  A Handler in this context refers to a person who knows how to handle and control a Monarch mind controlled slave.  Handling such a monarch controlled slave can refer to many things.  One of the things it can refer to is a person who is trained in applying sexual asphyxiation techniques to a young child to make her feel sexual arousal while she is being sexually abused by an adult.  Macky Boykin was such a person who was used by Fleet White Sr to apply sexual asphyxiation techniques to children Fleet White Sr. sexually abused because he wanted his victims to feel arousal as they were being abused.  But Macky Boykin died in November of 1995 so he was not available to be used by Fleet White Sr. during his Christmas 1996 sex party. 

And what to do?  With Christmas Nigh.  Knowing that he was about to participate in a sex party on Christmas, Fleet White Sr. had to quickly find another handler practiced in applying sexual asphyxiation techniques to young children.  He found a substitute handler who could do what Macky Boykin used to do for him before Macky died.

The one in lieu did err.  The handler that Fleet White Sr. chose to replace Macky Boykin made a mistake and accidentally strangled JonBenet to death while Fleet White Sr. was sexually abusing her.  It is my contention that this handler was none than his own son, Fleet White Jr.

Saint John would roll o\’er in his grave to know the smut that crossed his nave. This refers to St John\’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colorado that the Ramseys, the Whites and many other key people in the JBR murder were members of.  Satanists were using this church as a front to hide behind and to meet in secret.  

An elder cleric\’s errant son.  I interpret the elder cleric to be Fleet White Sr and his errant son to be Fleet White Jr.  Is this saying that Fleet White Jr. was the handler his father to be a substitute for the deceased Macky Boykin???  I had never before considered that Fleet White Jr. might have been the handler who accidentally caused the death of JonBenet but this makes a lot of sense especially considering the odd behavior of Fleet White Jr. after the death. 

Did they supply the candidates with fodder for the lewd e-fun? Do tell. Was child pornography of JonBenet\’s sexual abuse and a snuff film of her accidental death distributed to others so they could watch it and get off on it?  

With keen eyes placed to guard the bar. This applies to the cover up and the Gatekeepers (such as Tricia on WebSluths) who keep the public from knowing what really happened. 

The talk of dolls in silence kept.  The secret of what really happened to JonBenet was kept from the public eye.  First John was the favorite patsy.  Then Patsy.  And now Burke.  A million BDI proponents parroting \”Burke did it.  Burke did it.\” is proof that most of the public has not a clue of the truth to this day. 

One doll now grown hides in dread.  Nancy Krebs was a Manchurian doll who went through very much the same thing JonBenet was going through before her death.  Unlike JonBenet, she survived her abuse and grew up and escaped from the Satanic cult she was born into.  She hides in dread because she is afraid of being murdered to silence her for what she knows. 

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