The Cult of Aton:

I am a researcher and in my research I have come across something that seems significant and concerns some of the things I am discussing on my Blog and it is called the Cult on Aton.  At this time I have only the briefest of an introduction to what it is but I am going to find out more about it.  Whatever this Cult of Aton is, it appears to be the deepest secret of Freemasonry that is hidden not only from the public but from lower level Freemasons.  

Aton, also spelled Aten, in ancient Egyptian religion, a sun god, depicted as the solar disk emitting rays terminating in human hands, whose worship briefly was the state religion.

This cult allegedly involves an Egyptian Pharaoh named Akhenaton.  I remember him as the Pharaoh who forcibly changed the Religion of Egypt to worship the sun God called Aton.  He had a mysterious new city built in the middle of the desert and moved the entire Capital of Egypt there.  There was a later a rebellion against him in Egypt.  The Religion was changed back to the way it was before.  The old Capital of Egypt was restored.  All images of Akhenaton were removed and his name was blotted out from Egyptian history and nobody was allowed to speak of him.  His entire existence was basically memory-holed in Egypt.  

More to Come.

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