My thoughts about what a Psychic named Diane says about the JBR murder:

In my research into the JBR murder, I came across a post by a Psychic named Diane on the JBR murder and I thought I would weigh in on what she says.  I am not a big believer in Psychics by any means but this woman seems to understand some deeper things about this case that I agree with. However she got her information is not really important to me but I want to weigh in on the things she says.

First here is a link to the post:

Diane believes that incest is directly linked to this case; as a matter of fact, all roads lead to it.  I agree with this.  IMO JonBenet was a victim of sexual abuse and incest by her father and her grandfather (Donald Paugh) possibly since birth.  I also believe that Burke has been sexually abused by his parents and his grandparents. IMO this involves SRA. 

Diane believes both parents, John and Patsy, were brought up in dysfunctional families.  Here I disagree.  What I say is that both parents were brought up in Freemason/Satanist families.  The families they came from were not normal families by any means and the family that they created together was also not normal.  What she mistakes for dysfunctional I say is the way these Freemason/Satanist families act.  It is standard for them. 

Diane is insistent that all members of the Ramsey First Family are lying when they say John didn\’t abuse them. This is discussing the family John Ramsey had before he married Patsy.  I agree with this.  I say that John sexually abused his first daughter and then when she started recovering memories of her abuse she suddenly had a fatal auto accident.  Murder by car accident and Murder by suicide are two common ways to silence witnesses.

Diane claims that Burke was just as abused as JonBenet.  I agree that Burke was sexually abused but IMO he was not abused to the extent that his child beauty queen sister was.  Her involvement in child beauty pageants which was really showing her off to men who wanted to abuse her meant that she was abused a lot more than Burke was. 

Diane claims that Burke is still in danger.  I say that Burke is in danger if he ever even thinks about telling the truth about what really happened to his sister.  If he were to ever say that in any public forum then nobody from the public would ever see it and Burke Ramsey would either commit suicide or have a sudden fatal accident like John\’s first daughter.  He knows something that he can never say in public and he knows it better than anyone else.  I am certain that he has been threatened.  I am also certain that all the talk shows he has gone on where he smiles evilly like Norman Bates is part of the act he has been told to put on to make the public suspect him of the murder.  He has to cooperate with the cover up. 

Diane says that both JonBenet and Burke were very fearful.  This I agree with.  Although JonBenet was conditioned not to show her fear when in public I believe both kids were afraid and trapped in a world they had no control over.

Diane believes Lucinda\’s been paid quite well to keep silent.  I disagree with this.  I have read almost nothing about John\’s first wife, Lucinda, but just from knowing John and his history I can predict that she was a Freemason/Satanist because that is the only kind of wife John would have married.  Freemason/Satanists do not have to be bribed with money to keep silent.  They are conditioned very early on to keep silent about everything that they are involved with in secret.  No bribes are necessary.  And the threat of death for anyone who does talk is part of Freemasonry very early on and that threat is reinforced all along the way. Freemasons make it clear to all their members very early on:  If you talk, you die.  John\’s first daughter found that out. 

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