Fleet Oil Company in Boulder, Colorado:

In this post I want to talk about Fleet Oil Company in Boulder, Colorado.  It is my contention that Fleet Oil Company had facilities and resources in Boulder Colorado in 1994-1996 and that Fleet White Jr. and his wife Priscilla White were living in Boulder Colorado so that Fleet White Jr. could be involved in his family\’s company there.  I contend that this was an expansion of Fleet Oil Company beyond California and that the company branched out into Colorado.  Fleet White Jr. as a partner in his father\’s oil company would be a logical choice to move to Boulder Colorado to oversee and manage this expansion there.  

Very little can be found about Fleet Oil company in Boulder, CO.  There is a tiny house on 15th Street that is identified as Fleet Oil Co. in Boulder.  There is also a P.O. Box (P O Box 7031 Boulder CO 80303) for it but I contend that this is all part of the cover up that I mentioned before.  I contend that Fleet Oil Company had major facilities in Boulder Colorado in 1995 and 1996 and was not just operating out of a tiny house or a P.O. box as the cover story wants us to believe. 

Fleet Oil Company having a major new expansion Boulder Colorado is a reason why Fleet White Sr would own a house in Boulder Colorado.  It is also a reason why Fleet White Sr. and his wife Nyla would be throwing a big Christmas Party at their house in Boulder Colorado on Christmas day, 1996.  I contend that this is the truth and that all of this has been covered up to hide where JonBenet was really killed. 

It also occurs to me that the small house that we are told that Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White lived in at the time of the murder might not be the house they really lived in at all.  As wealthy as Fleet White Jr. was, did he live in that small house or did he live in a much larger house in Boulder, Colorado?  Is it possible that the large house where Fleet White Jr. lived was also the same house where his parents were hosting the BIG Christmas Party where JonBenet was killed?  The more I think about that, the more sense it makes to me.  It is possible that the big Christmas Party was held in a much larger home owned by Fleet White Jr and that his parents from California were visiting there.  This has the ring of the truth to it.   

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