A word about Aaron Russo:

Aaron Russo:

Once there lived a man named Aaron Russo who was so esteemed by the Powers that Be that Russo was invited to a seat on the Illuminati/Freemason Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  Russo was also told by the people who were grooming him that they had plans to chip people in the future so they could track everyone using chips and also control their finances this way. Russo was not told how they planned to chip people but he was told the plan that the Elite had sometime in the future for humanity. For whatever reason those who were grooming Russo for a seat on the CFR misjudged him and Russo was not happy to hear about the plan to chip everyone. When he objected, those who were grooming him asked him \”Why do you give a fuck about these people?  They mean nothing.\” or something to that effect. Russo was a good man who cared about humanity and he did not like what he was being told.  He rejected the offer of a seat on the CFR and he went on one or more talk shows and said in public about his offer of a CFR seat and the Elite plan to chip everyone to identify them and track them and control them by the Elite.

Shortly after this, Aaron Russo died a sudden mysterious death.  Maybe he died of an illness or a very rapid cancer that came out of nowhere such as those that infected Venezuela\’s Hugo Chevez or Dave McGowan or Jack Rubenstein.  Maybe he had an unfortunate accident or maybe he committed suicide.  However he died is not really important but the reason he died is important.  Russo was murdered to prevent him from telling the public the plans that the Elite had in mind for them.

Fast forward to 2019, when Bill Gates (a member of the Elite if there ever was one) creates a simulation about a world wide virus caused by Bats that starts in South America and ends up infecting the entire world with eventually up to 50 million people dying from it.  It was called Event 201 and it predated the so called Corona Virus by around just six months.

And then just six months later, an alleged real event caused by Bats allegedly starts in China and, just like in the simulation a mere six months earlier, it spreads around the world, infecting people in every country.  If anyone thinks that it is just a coincidence happened just six months after Event 201 then what can be said about such people?  They simulated the alleged outbreak in 2019 and then six months later it just coincidentally happened for real for the first time in the history of the world.  What are the odds of that being a coincidence?  It is NO coincidence.

I do not need to paint a picture for everyone about where this is leading but I will.  Where we are heading if the Elite get their way is forced vaccinations of most or all people in the world for the \”Corona Virus\” but this is just a cover story for what the Elite are really doing.  What the Elite really want to do is to inject everyone with something that can be used to uniquely identify a person and that can be scanned. For example, a new type of scanner at the grocery store can be used to scan a person before they even start checking out the groceries.  Everyone\’s finances will become digital.  There will be be no need for paper money or credit cards.  This is an Elite Banker\’s wet dream to be able to control everyone\’s finances in a central location that THEY control and this is the ultimate plan IF they get away with their nefarious plans.  It is up to every one of us on an individual basis not to cooperate with their plans.  It starts by not wearing a mask.  If you are wearing a mask then you are playing right into their hands.  Wearing a mask signals compliance with anything that the lying deceiving Elite want to do to YOU.  After the mask, forced or voluntary, comes the \”vaccine\” that is in the works.  It is not a vaccine for any virus but a way to identify and control YOU. See ID2020. If you care about your freedom, stop wearing the masks. And by all means DO NOT GET VACCINATED FOR THE CORONA VIRUS, even if they attempt to force you or blackmail you into doing it (which I predict they will).  Its your choice.  Freedom or slavery.  Everyone must choose.  

If you take the \”vaccine\” say goodbye to first your privacy and then your freedom.  Once they inject you, you will have neither.  Its the mark of the Beast in Disguise. 

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