Doing the Deep Dive into Gordon W. Christoff, Nancy Kreb\’s Grandfather:

February 8, 1911: Born in Minnesota to Mother Nee Clifford.

1920\’s:  Lived in Long Beach, CA where he went to school.  During this time be became good friends with another boy from Long Beach CA named Fleet White.  He also became good friends with Alyce [last name unknown] who later became his wife.

Question:  Were the parents of Gordon Christoff wealthy?  

Unknown Date:  Gordon marries Alyce [last name unknown] who has known since grade school in Long Beach, CA.  The marriage between Gordon and Alyce likely happened in Long Beach, CA. 

~1940:  Gordon and Alyce Christoff are invited to Hawaii by their childhood friend Fleet White who is already living in Hawaii with his new wife.

1940:  He is age 29. Living with his wife Alyce Christoff. Residence 2260 Pacific Heights Road Honolulu,Honolulu, Hawaii. Note that this is right next to where Fleet White Sr. and his first wife were living at the same time.  Note that this was before their daughter Gwen was born.

Unknown Date in early 1940\’s: Gordon and Alyce Christoff return to Southern California after living in Hawaii with Fleet and Alyce White. I contend that both couples travel from Hawaii to Southern California at the same time together.  I contend that Gordon and Alyce Christoff returned to Long Beach, CA where Gordon grew up.  

May 3, 1942: Gordon and his wife Alyce have a daughter named Gwen Christoff.  Note that Gwen is the future mother of Nancy Krebs.

Question:  Did Gordon Christoff serve in the armed forces during WW2 like Fleet White Sr. did?  

August 24, 1947: Gordon and Alyce Christoff have a son named Clifford D. Christoff.

Question:  Was Gordon Christoff involved in the Southern California oil industry like both Fleet White Sr. and his father were?  If not, then what was business and where?

Question:  Was Gordon Christoff involved in any way with his good friend Fleet White\’s oil company, Fleet Oil Company?

1960: Gordon and Alyce\’s daughter Gwen marries Don Krebs. 

April 25, 1962: Gordon\’s granddaughter Nancy Krebs is born to Don Krebs and Gwen Christoff Krebs.

1965: According to Nancy Krebs, Gordon and Fleet White Sr. sexually abused her together when Nancy Krebs was three years old.  This was the first sexual abuse on her involving Fleet White Sr. This happened at the home of Gordon and Alyce Christoff while Nancy was visiting there or maybe Nancy was living there at the time.

February 8, 1966: Died in Los Angeles, CA.  At the time of his death Gordon was in a screaming match with Fleet White Sr that involved his granddaughter, Nancy Krebs. Gordon was trying to protect Nancy from sexual abuse by either Fleet White Sr. and/or his son, Fleet White Jr.  He had a massive heart attack and died on the spot. 

More to Come

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