A Word about Moriah:

As I was researching into Gordon Cristoff and the association between him and Fleet White and how both of them became involved in what I believe to be Satanism, a word came into my head, which is Moriah.  I have heard this word before in relationship to Satanism so, trusting my intuition to guide me, I am now going to do a post about Moriah to see how that it might relate to all this material I am researching.

First I want to make clear that I know little about real Satanism other than what I have read online and some of the information I read may be inaccurate.  I do not know if Moriah is a real organization or is fictional but in this post I want to document what is said about it online as food for thought and possibly further research.

According to the following web site, Moriah is the secret Council of Generational Satanism and its Hereditary Bloodlines.  According to the same web site, Moriah is also known as the Dark Druid Council.  https://brotherhoodofsatan535220539.wordpress.com/generational-satanism/

This Dark Druid Council is known as the Illuminati.

So as I am going down this strange rabbit hole without knowing where it is leading, I come across this web site talking about the Mount Moriah Council in Hawaii.  If you take a look at this web site it is a very Freemason/Illuminati looking web site and its in Hawaii where Fleet White Sr liked to spend a lot of time. Is that a coincidence?  Is that synchronicity?  I don\’t know but it is strange. http://yorkritehawaiipha.yolasite.com/mount-moriah-council.php

Another Mount Moriah Council in Texas that again looks like it is involved in Freemasonry/Illuminati. https://www.miphgcrsmtx.org/mount-moriah-council-ud/  What is this?

Mount Moriah Council 13 in Texas: https://www.miphgcrsmtx.org/mount-moriah-council-13-donates-water/

Supreme Council of America: http://supremecouncilofamerica.org/grand-councils.html  WTF is this??

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