Doing the Deep Dive on Macky Boykin:

October 11, 1933Macky Eugene Boykin is born in Oklahoma to Claud Boykin and Alice Jeanette Boykin.

1935: Macky Boykin lived at an unknown address in California with his parents and siblings.

1940: Census data: Age 6 Living in Corcoran Kings County, CA with siblings Joan Boykin Age 5, Wayne Boykin Age 3, and Thomas Boykin Age 1. SSN: 556-44-3070  How did Macky Boykin change from the innocent first grader he was at this time to the monster he became later on?  Did his transformation involve Satanism? Perhaps we will find the answer to this question with further research. 

Early 1950\’s: Boykin serves in the U.S. Navy during the Korean conflict.

1960: Macky Boykin marries Sharon Richardson at age 26 in California.

1965/1966: Macky Boykin sexually abused Nancy when she is three or four years old.  This would make Boykin around 31 at this time. Macky Boykin\’s brother(s) and sister(s) lived down the street from where Gwen and Nancy Krebs were living in Buena Park, CA.

Macky Boykin was practiced at using sexual asphyxiation techniques on young children as they are being sexually abused to make them feel unnatural sexual arousal during it.  This involved strangling the child and cutting off the air flow so they are the edge of passing out.  Nancy Krebs said Macky Boykin would become very angry when she passed out because that completely ruined the effect they were trying to achieve.  Question: Where and when did Macky Boykin learn about this technique?  Who taught him how to do it?  Was it someone else in the Satanic cult?  Was it someone in the Navy when he used to be an officer in the Navy in the Korean conflict?

1969: Macky Boykin and his brother Tom Boykin move to Trona California.

May 26, 1978: Macky Boykin marries Jo Ann Doris Maynard in Nevada. In Las Vegas?  What happened to his first wife, Sharon Richardson?  Did she die?  Did they divorce?

1979: Macky Boykin was charged by the Inyo County court Clerk in Independence, California with inter alia intercourse and oral copulation with a minor. He was put on probation and alcohol abuse counselling was demanded. 
July 8, 1980:  Macky Boykin goes to trial for raping and sexually abusing Nancy Krebs.  He pleads \”no contest\” to the charges against him. 

1980:  Macky Boykin is convicted of sexual assault on Nancy Krebs.  He spent ten months in county jail for this and in less than a year he was back out on the street.  I contend that Macky Boykin got released much earlier than he should have been for the crimes he was found guilty of because he had Satanist connections.  Satanists take care of their own and they took care of Macky Boykin by arranging his very early release on the very serious sexual assault charges against him.  

1980 onward:  After his early release, Macky Boykin tracked Nancy Krebs down and continued to sexually assault her for almost 20 years until his death.

1978-1984: Macky Boykin is divorced from Jo Ann Doris in Los Angeles, CA.

Macky Boykin\’s last known address was Trona, California, and he lived within 5 five miles of the China Lake Naval Weapons Center facility.  What association did Macky Boykin have if any with the China Lake Naval Weapons Center facility?  Was he a civilian employee there?  Was he involved in Monarch mind control operations there?  

November 9, 1996: Macky Boykin dies. Macky was at the Trona residence of his brother Thomas Alvin Boykin and Gwen Krebs Boykin when he died.  How did he die?  Was he killed by either his brother Thomas Alvin Boykin or by Gwen Boykin?  

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