Fleet White Sr. and Goldie Hawn:

According to Nancy Krebs, Fleet White Sr. sent her a photograph of himself with Goldie Hawn taken during a New Year\’s day party that Fleet and Nyla White held in Aspen Colorado on New Year\’s 2000.  This post about finding out more details about that.

According to this article, Goldie Hawn\’s family goes to Aspen Colorado every year, which provides evidence that she would be in attendance at a New Year\’s day party in 2000 held at Fleet White Jr\’s Chalet in Aspen, Colorado. https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-tips/celebrity-travel/goldie-hawn-family-aspen-vacation

According to Nancy Krebs, there were reporters from the Denver Post, etc. at this party taking pictures.  If I am very very lucky, I will be able to find a picture of Fleet White Sr. taken at this party with Goldie Hawn, W.T. Ray (the cement czar) or someone else at this party.  If I do I will be sure to post it here.  I am very interested in seeing a picture of Fleet White Sr.

So, the below picture is of Goldie Hawn during a New Year\’s day party held on New Year\’s 2000 at the Red Mountain mansion of Philanthropist and songwriter Denise Rich, in Aspen, Colorado.  This is the way Goldie Hawn looked on New Year\’s 2000.  She is frequently with long time companion Kurt Russell:

Other images from this same party in Aspen New Year\’s day celebration 2000:

More to Come.

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