A word about Tricia, the Administrator of WebSleuths and my treatment there:

In a previous post I identified WebSleuths as a controlled opposition web site and that the Administrator of that web site named Tricia is a Gatekeeper.  FYI A Gatekeeper is someone who controls the discussion on forums and keeps it away from truth that the Establishment does not want the public to know about.

I have been a member of WebSleuths for many years since at least 2014 and I have made many posts there concerning the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  But when I went back there last month to spread the word about what I firmly believe is the truth concerning the murder I received a very cold welcome back there.  I tried to post links to my Blog at first and the links were all removed by the Administrator.  Then I tried to just answer questions about the murder on various posts there and I was very shortly perma-banned from the site so that I cannot even access it now.  

I wondered why there was such hostility to my posts there until I recently read a post by Tricia on yet another forum this same Gatekeeper was an Administrator of called ForumsForJustice.org.  On that forum is a 2004 post by the GateKeeper Administrator where she smugly states that Nancy Krebs is a liar and a plant created to hurt the Whites. Tricia is clearly dishonest and is an Establishment owned Gatekeeper of multiple forums who is protecting the Whites and other important people associated with them.  So this explains why she did not want to hear anything on WebSleuths about what I am saying about Fleet White Sr.  On WebSleuths you can say whatever you want to about John, Patsy and Burke Ramsey but if you start digging into the past of Fleet White Jr. and his father, watch out!  Tricia is going to get out the ban hammer.  

Fuck Tricia and all Gatekeepers like her. I care not that she banned me from WebSleuths.  I will get to the bottom of this without her.  Tricia is owned by the enemy.  

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