Bombshell Discovery about the father of Fleet White Sr:

So I have been doing a deep dive into Fleet Oil Company, owned by Fleet White Sr to try to determine everything I can about it and Fleet White Sr\’s association with it.  I am doing this to try to shed light on who Fleet White Sr. really was and how he could have been involved in the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  Up to now it has been my belief that Fleet White Sr. first became involved in the oil industry sometime in the 1950\’s after his brief Hollywood acting career in the 1940\’s.  But I have now uncovered some evidence that completely turns that on its head.  See the below news article:

In this article it says that Fleet White Sr\’s father, Mariner Fleet White was an oilman and that he was one of the pioneers of Long Beach oil exploration and production.  I consider this to be a Huge Bombshell because it means that Fleet White Sr. did not just happen to become involved in the oil industry in the 1950\’s and 1960\’s as the official story has led us to believe.  In fact his father was involved in the oil industry from the 1930\’s during the Southern California oil boom and this explains how his son got involved in the oil industry.  Web sleuthing pays off. 

This article from November 12, 1968 further states that Mariner Fleet White was Vice President of Fleet Oil Company now headed by his son, Fleet White Sr.

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