Doing the Deep Dive into Fleet Russell White Jr.

It is time to start doing a deep dive into Fleet Russell White Jr just as I am doing the deep dive on his father.  In this post I will be doing that.  Just as in the case of Fleet Russell White Sr., I will list these entries about Fleet White Jr. in chronological order because I believe that helps to paint the best picture of him.

May 19, 1949:  Fleet White Jr. is born to parents Fleet White Sr and Nyla White

1964-1965: Nancy Krebs said that Fleet White Jr. sexually abused her when she was child and Fleet White Jr. was 15 or 16.  She said she thinks that Fleet White Jr. was made to sexually abuse her. Note that this is right around the same time period when Nancy Krebs said that Fleet White Sr. also sexually abused her as a child when she was around 4 years old. 

February 6, 1966: Testimony of Nancy Krebs: February 6, 1966 was the birthday of Gordon W. Christoff. As Nancy Krebs said, Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White often visited the Christoff\’s during holidays and birthdays so they were visiting the Christoff\’s on Gordon\’s birthday. Gordon W. There was a birthday party being held for Gordon at his house and Fleet and Nyla were attending this party. Gordon was trying to protect his granddaughter (Nancy) from being abused by Fleet White Sr. and his son. Gordon and Fleet White Sr. were in a screaming match over Nancy Krebs and what Fleet White Sr and Fleet White Jr. had done and were doing to her. This was when Nancy was less than four years old. During this screaming match Gordon Christoff had a massive heart attack and died. 

1969-1970: Fleet White Jr. was willingly sexually assaulting Nancy Krebs.  This would make him around 19 or 20.

1976-1978: The last time Fleet White Jr. sexually abused Nancy in Trona, CA.

Between 1978 and mid 1980\’s, Nancy Krebs saw Fleet White Jr. in casual settings at her Aunt and Uncle\’s house in Bakersfield, CA.  This is when Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla had come to visit Nancy\’s Aunt and Uncle in Bakersfield.  

Unknown Date: Fleet White Jr. graduated from UC Santa Barbara and received his master\’s degree in business from USC.

Early 1979:  Fleet White Jr. lives in Newport Beach, CA. 

Late October, 1979: Priscilla Brown Johnson and Fleet Russell White Jr. of Newport Beach are married in Pasadena\’s Valley Hunt Club. A graduate of the University of New Mexico, where she was affiliated with Pi Beta Phi, the bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Allen Brown Jr. of San Marino.  Her father is chairman of the board of Century Financial Corp. and immediate past president of the USC Alumni Assn.  Fleet White Jr. is with Fleet Oil Company, of which is father is President.  In attendance at the wedding are Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White and his sister Lani White. Following a honeymoon in Aspen, Colo., and a ski trip to Zermatt, Switzerland, the newlyweds will live in Laguna Niguel.

Valley Hunt Club in Pasadena, CA where Fleet and Priscilla were married:

Unknown Date: Fleet White Jr and his newlywed take their honeymoon in Aspen, Colorado.  Note that his parents own a Chalet in Aspen Colorado which they purchased in 1964.  His parents are celebrities in Aspen, Colorado. 

1980\’s:  Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White live in Laguna Niguel, CA., a luxury community by the ocean in Southern California.  

Laguna Niguel, CA:

Note:  What jumps out at me is the huge contrast between this and the story told by John Ramsey in his book that he met Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White while they were living in a small rental house in Boulder, Colorado.  There is something hugely wrong with the story told by both John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr. after the death of JonBenet Ramsey.  Fleet White Jr. went from the wealthy son of an oilman living by the sea in Southern California in the 1980\’s to a nobody living in a small rental house in Boulder, CO. in 1994.  This does not compute. 

Mid 1980\’s: The last time Nancy Krebs saw Fleet White Jr. in person at her Aunt and Uncle\’s house in Bakersfield, CA when they were both visiting there.  Her Uncle was Clifford D. Cristoff AKA \”Chris\”, who was a good friend of Fleet White Jr.  Her aunt was Chris\’ wife named Betty.  This may have been before Chris became Deputy Sheriff of Kern County, California.

Unknown Date in early 1990\’s: Fleet White Jr., Priscilla White and their children move from Southern California to Colorado.I question why they moved to Colorado from Southern California.  I contend that the reason for their relocation to Boulder Colorado involved Fleet Oil Company and that Fleet Oil Company was making a major new expansion into Colorado that was based in Boulder.  I contend that Fleet White Jr. moved to Boulder to oversee and manage this expansion of his father\’s Company from California into the new territory of Colorado. 

Christmas Day, 1996:  It is my contention that Fleet White Jr. accidentally killed JonBenet Ramsey during a sex party held at the home of his parents in Boulder, Colorado. 

Fleet White Jr. was a pall bearer at JonBenet Ramsey\’s funeral.

1997: A picture was taken of Fleet White III and Daphne in Aspen Colorado in 1997.  This is one of the pictures Nancy Krebs showed to Boulder CO authorities. I assume that Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White and their children were in Aspen in 1997, possibly during the New Year\’s celebration that his parents held in Aspen Colorado in 1997. 

More to come.

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