The Sequence of Nancy Kreb\’s abuse:

The first incidence of abuse that Nancy remembers is from Macky Boykin when she was age three of even younger.

The first incidence of abuse that Nancy remembers involving Fleet White Sr. is when she was 3 or 4 and being sexually abused by her grandfather (Gordon W. Christoff) and Fleet White Sr. Both men were molesting her at the same time, together. This abuse happened at her grandparents home when she was visiting (or maybe she was living with her Grandparents at the time).  Fleet Russell White Sr and his wife Nyla were close friends of her Grandparents who visited them during holidays and birthdays so this abuse would have happened during a holiday or a birthday. This would be around 1965.

She recalls an early abuse incident when Fleet White Jr. abused her.  Nancy said that she believes that Fleet White Jr. was made to abuse her by someone else.  Who would that someone else be?  Fleet White Sr.?

February 6, 1966:  It is Gordon Christoff\’s birthday and Fleet and Nyla White are at the Christoff house celebrating Gordon\’s birthday.  Sometime during the party, Gordon discovers Fleet White Jr. in the act of sexually molesting his Granddaughter, Nancy.  Apparently he did not know about or approve of Fleet White Jr. molesting his granddaughter and he angrily confronted Fleet White Sr. about it.  There was a screaming match between the two and during it Gordon Christoff had a massive heart attack and died on the spot.  

1969-1970: Fleet White Jr. was willingly sexually assaulting Nancy Krebs.  This would make him around 19 or 20.

Nancy said her mother Gwen and/or her father Don were often present during the assaults.  So Nancy\’s mother and father were allowing men to sexually abuse their daughter. Gwen and Don allowed Gwen\’s father first to sexually abuse Nancy.  Then they allowed his close friend Fleet White Sr. to sexually abuse Nancy.  Then she allowed his son Fleet White Jr. to sexually abuse Nancy.  Both parents were complicit in the sexual abuse of their daughter by men from the time Nancy was three. How does Satanism relate to these parents allowing their daughter to be sexually abused as a child by so many men?

Early 1970\’s: Nancy Kreb is assaulted by Fleet White Sr. in Aspen, Colorado at the house he owns there.

1976-1978: The last time Fleet White Jr. sexually abused Nancy in Trona, CA.  The reason it stopped is because people were starting to notice signs of Nancy Krebs being abused.  
1979: Nancy Krebs abuser Macky Boykin pleads no contest to statutory rape and sodomy in Inyo County, CA.

August 1990: The last time Fleet White Sr. sexually abused Nancy was when he came to her grandparents house (Albert and Alyce Sprague) in Cayucos, CA. Besides Fleet White Sr and Nancy, her Grandfather Albert Sprague, her grandmother Alyce Sprague and Nyla White were at the house.  Albert and Alyce Sprague were aware that Fleet White Sr sexually abused their granddaughter and they allowed him to do it. Besides sexually abusing her, Fleet White Sr. took several nude pictures of her with a Polaroid camera.

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