Exposing the Lies of John Ramsey about Fleet White Jr.

As I was researching to find out more information about Fleet White Sr., I came across an archived post on Jameson\’s Webbslueths quoting a book where John Ramsey is talking about Fleet White Jr.  Immediatly what he was saying jumped out at me as being complete lies.  I feel compelled to create this post discussing these lies told by John Ramsey about Fleet White Jr.  Lies being told help expose the truth which is not being told.  First, here is the post I am referring to:  http://www.webbsleuths.com/cgi-bin/dcf/dcboard.cgi?az=read_count&om=1653&forum=DCForumID101  In the following I will attack some of the lies being told by John Ramsey about Fleet White Jr, based upon what I have been able to discover about Fleet White Jr.

Quote: When we (John and Patsy) first met (Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White), they were renting a small house, two doors up the street from us. John Ramsey is trying to paint a completely false picture about Fleet White Jr. here.  The first lie is that they first met them in Boulder Co.  I contend that John Ramsey knew Fleet White Jr. at a far earlier point when both of them were in California.  The second lie is to suggest that Fleet and Priscilla White were so poor that they would be living in a small rental house.  Fleet White Jr. was the son of a very wealthy oil magnate and in fact was a partner in his father\’s oil company.  He would not be living in a small rental house.  This is a lie by John Ramsey to paint a completely false and inaccurate picture of Fleet White Jr.  He is hiding who Fleet White Jr really is.  He is also hiding Fleet White Jr.\’s wealthy father.  John Ramsey is a liar.  

Quote: He (Fleet White Jr.) may have worked for his dad for a period of time before coming to Colorado, but as far as I know, Fleet did not work at a steady job during the time I knew him in Boulder.  I contend that this is a lie.  Fleet White Jr. was a partner in his father\’s company, Fleet Oil Company.  Fleet Oil Company had facilities in Boulder CO.  Fleet White Jr. was employed and very possibly managing those facilities in Boulder CO before the JBR murder.  Unlike what John Ramsey said, Fleet White Jr. had steady employment working for Fleet Oil Company in Boulder CO.  Again, John Ramsey is trying to paint a completely inaccurate picture of Fleet White Jr. to hide who he was and to hide his affiliation to his father\’s oil company in Boulder CO. 

In this article it says that Fleet White Jr. came to Father Rol\’s office in the Church where John and Patsy Ramsey were supposedly praying very upset because a reporter had given him a business card and on the back of the card had been scribbled a question about who had removed the tape from JonBenét’s mouth. Was it Fleet or was it John?   Fleet White Jr. was freaking out about this.  Now I want to connect this dot to another dot on the morning of 12-26-1996 when Fleet White Jr. violated a direct order from law enforcement and went back to the (fake) crime scene and touched the blanket and the tape.  I contended that the reason Fleet White Jr. had done this is because he had been involved in the staging of the dead body at the Ramsey house in the early morning hours of 12-26-1996 before the police came to the house.  Although he had probably done everything he could to conceal his involvement in the staging, he was paranoid that his fingerprints or some other evidence would be found by honest members of LE that would link him to the dead body and the murder.  So he violated a police order and touched the Blanket and the tape so that if evidence was found from him, LE would think it had happened then and not earlier.  So when he was handed the card by the reporter, he instantly thought that LE was looking at him as a suspect and this question had really come from LE.  This is why he was freaking out.  For some reason he was terrified of being a suspect in this murder, much more so than an innocent person would have been.  I am not saying he was the murderer.  What I am saying is that him being identified as a suspect in the murder would put the focus on not only him but his family and especially his father.  His father did not want to be associated with the murder in any way and for Fleet White Jr to be a suspect would have very bad consequences.  THIS is the reason why Fleet White Jr was so freaked out.  He did not want to be the one who caused attention to be refocused on his father for the murder after all the effort that had been made to focus everything on the Ramseys.  He did not want to be the one who caused the cover story to fall apart. Do you see it?

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