Fleet White Jr\’s odd Behavior:

So I have been putting some things together in my head and I want to document them while it is still fresh on my mind.  Reading about Fleet White\’s strange behavior has got me thinking about a reason which would explain it. Assuming they are not disinformation, here are two instances of odd behavior from Fleet White Jr. that I would like to address.

1) Fleet White Jr. violated a direct order from law enforcement and went back to the (fake) crime scene in the basement and touched the blanket and the tape.

2) After being handed a business card from a reporter with a scribbled message saying \”Mr. White, there has been some question as to whether it was you or John Ramsey who removed the tape from JonBenét\’s mouth.\” You know. And about the sequence of the basement discovery. Upon receiving this, Fleet White Jr. went ballistic.  He went to the Church where John and Patsy Ramsey were praying with Rev. Hoverstock and started waving the card around. Fleet said \”You know what this is, John, you know what this means, John, you know what I am going to have to do with this, John, I am going to have to handle this my way, John. They are after me and my family now, John, I am going to have to handle this.\” 

Now I want to relate the odd behavior and the things Fleet White Jr. said to what I believe really happened.

As I see it, here is the real time line of events:

1) JonBenet Ramsey meets her death inside a home owned by Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White in Boulder Colorado during a party being held there. EDIT TO ADD:  It is my contention that Fleet White Jr. was the person who accidentally killed JBR in the home owned by his parents as he was acting as a handler for his father in the sexual abuse of JBR.  The death is accidental but it cannot be allowed to be connected to Fleet White Sr or his home or any of the guests in his home or to Satanic ritual abuse activities.  Both the circumstances of her death and the location of her death have to be concealed.  So a plan is hastily created to move her dead body back to her own house and to stage a fake crime scene there to cover up the circumstances and the location of her death.

2) The dead body of JonBenet is transported back to her house in someone\’s vehicle. I envision that she was transported in the back of her parents vehicle.  I envision that a blanket was placed over her dead body and covered her as she was being transported.  The blanket that LE found over her body later in the wine cellar of the Ramsey home might be the same blanket.

3) Besides the Ramseys, a group of other people from the Fleet White Sr. residence go with the Ramseys to their house to help stage the body and to create a false crime scene at the Ramsey house.  One of these people is Fleet White Jr., who IMO is the person who accidentally strangled JonBenet to death while she was being sexually abused by his father. 

4) A fake crime scene was staged in the early morning hours of 12-26-1996 by John and Patsy Ramsey, by Fleet White Jr., and by anyone else who came to the Ramsey house to help.  Even Burke may have had a hand in staging the fake crime scene. Part of the fake crime scene is that Fleet White Jr. created a garrote from one of Patsy\’s paint brushes and also created ligatures on the body to make it appear as if her strangulation happened at the Ramsey house. This is when the Ransom note was created.  This is when all the other fake crime scene evidence was staged.

Part of the fake crime scene staging  of the dead body was done by Fleet White Jr.  Fleet White Jr. may have been involved in a lot of the staging but the two items we can surmise he was involved in was placing the blanket over JonBenet\’s body in the wine cellar and placing the duct tape over her mouth.

Maybe Fleet White got careless and left evidence behind on the blanket and/or the duct tape that would show honest members of LE (they were not all corrupt) that he had been in contact with the blanket or the duct tape.  At least he was very paranoid of this, and this explains why Fleet White Jr. violated a direct police order and went back down to the wine cellar and touched both the blanket and the duct tape.  He wanted to have an alibi in case evidence was exposed showing that he had physical contact with either of those two items and he was willing to risk violating a direct police order to cover himself.

So Fleet White has touched these items to give himself an alibi and he thinks that nothing can be traced to him until he gets that card from the reporter asking was it you or John who removed the duct tape from JonBenet\’s mouth.  Suddenly he thinks that LE has found evidence of him involving the duct tape that should not be there according to the cover story.  He thinks that he is going to be questioned by LE about some evidence he has unknowingly left behind while staging the crime scene that he is not going to be able to explain.  He is worried about being a suspect in the murder.  He is worried that the cover story is going to fall apart under LE questioning because of his carelessness and sloppiness of leaving evidence behind he should not have.

When Fleet said \”You know what this is, John\”, he was telling John that LE had evidence that could unravel the cover story they had all thought up.

When Fleet said \”you know what this means, John\” he was telling John that the cover story could be exposed as a lie and the truth could be uncovered.

When Fleet said \”They are after me and my family now, John\” he was not talking about him and Priscilla and their children.  He was talking about his parents, Fleet White Sr and Nyla, who were very important people who could not afford to be implicated in this. That is the family he was talking about here.

If Fleet White Jr. became an official suspect in the murder then attention would focus on both him and his father.  If he became a suspect, Fleet Jr. would be responsible for attention being focused not just on him but his entire family.  He did not want to be the cause of this and this explains why he had such a strong reaction to the business card from the reporter.

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