The Real Timeline of the JonBenet Ramsey Death:

The official story of the JonBenet Ramsey murder presents a false timeline of events to mislead the public about the circumstances of the JonBenet Death and the location where it occurred. In this post I want to present the real timeline of events as I believe it to be based upon evidence that has mostly been hidden from the public eye by an official cover up of the truth.  

12 -21-1996/12-22-1996: Fleet White Jr.\’s parents, Fleet White Sr and Nyla White, fly from Southern California to Denver International airport in Colorado. Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White picked them up from the airport and drive them back to their house in Boulder to spend the Christmas holiday with them. 

12-22-1996 – 12-24-1996: Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White are staying at their son\’s house before Christmas day. Nyla White is involved in cooking food for the party that has been planned in advance for Christmas day. Nyla White is preparing food for all the guests that have been invited to attend this Christmas day party.

Although the Christmas party is being held at the home of Fleet Jr. and Priscilla White, it is really being hosted by his parents, Fleet Sr and Nyla White who are international socialites known for hosting big fabulous parties.  This Christmas party was hosted by them (Fleet White Sr and Nyla) but it was held at their son\’s house.

At some point before Christmas day, a secret arrangement is made between Fleet White Sr., Fleet White Jr., Gwen Krebs and Shirley Krebs for Shirley Krebs\’ five year old daughter to be available for a late night sex party planned for Christmas night. As part of the arrangement, Gwen Krebs flies from Trona CA to Denver, CO and is picked up by Shirley at the Denver airport and brought back to Shirley\’s house in Arvada, CO so that Gwen will be available to bring Shirley\’s five year old daughter to the parties on Christmas day in Boulder, CO.  Shirley is fully aware that her daughter will be sexually used during the sex party and she is complicit in it.

Early 12-25-1996:  Gwen Krebs drives her five year old granddaughter from Shirley\’s house in Arvada to the White residence in Boulder so they can attend first the Christmas party and then stay for the later sex party, as has been prearranged.

12-25-1996 Daytime: Christmas day celebrations are held at the home of Fleet and Priscilla White in Boulder, Colorado. In attendance at this party were Fleet White Sr and Nyla White, Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White and their children, the four Ramseys, Gwen Krebs and her granddaughter. Other people who may have been in attendance at the Christmas party are Don and Nedra Paugh, executives from Fleet Oil company, local Boulder, CO politicians and officials, politicians and officials from outside Boulder, CO.  Celebrities.

12-25-1996 around 10 PM: The earlier Christmas Party has now been concluded.  Some of the guests from that party have now left but others remain.  Remaining are Fleet White Sr and Nyla White, Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White and their children, the four Ramseys, and Gwen Krebs and her granddaughter. A second party is about to begin at the Fleet White Jr. home, which is commonly known as the Party after the party or the VIP child sex party as described by Rusty Nelson and others in the Franklin Credit Union Scandal. At a minimum these twelve people form the core group of the sex party.  Other people who may have also attended the sex party besides these are Don and Nedra Paugh, photographers such as Randy Simons who will take photographs and videos of children being sexually abused by people at this party. Whoever is at the house at this time is either a a corrupt person who can be trusted not to disclose what they are about to participate in and see happen inside this home or a child who will be a victim of sexual abuse. 

12-25-1996 Late Night:  A VIP child sex party of the type described by Rusty Nelson and others in the Franklin Credit Union Scandal is occurring inside the home of Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White in Boulder, Colorado.  Children are being sexually abused by adults at this party.  Those children being abused are the children of Fleet White Jr and Priscilla, the children of John and Patsy and Ramsey and any other children who were either at the earlier Christmas Party or were brought to the house specifically for the sex party.  Nancy Krebs said her niece was one of the children being abused at this party. This is a Satanist Party.  This is what real Satanists do.  Besides the adults sexually abusing the children, the photographers who arrived at the house earlier are photographing or filming the abuse so it can be sold as child pornography to wealthy collectors who pay big money for such content.  This child pornography is never distributed.  It goes into private collections and is shared only with people who can be trusted never to disclose what they see.  

Fleet White Sr. was a man long accustomed to sexually abusing children even before he abused Nancy Krebs for the first time way back in 1965.  Fleet White Sr. had a man working with him called Macky Boykin who knew how to apply sexual asphyxiation to young children to make them feel sexual arousal while being sexually abused by adults.  For decades Fleet White Sr. had relied upon Macky Boykin to apply these sexual asphyxiation techniques to the children he abused because it made it more erotic for him.  But Macky Boykin had died in 1995 and Fleet White Sr. needed a substitute to do for him during this sex party what Macky Boykin used to do before he died.  He found such a substitute in his son, Fleet White Jr, who had previously learned from Macky Boykin what to do after watching him enough times. So Fleet White Jr. applied sexual asphyxiation techniques on children his father was sexually abusing during this sex party held at his house. 

One of the children that Fleet White Sr. sexually abused that night was JonBenet Ramsey.  This was not the first time that Fleet White Sr. sexually abused JonBenet.  Fleet White Sr. had sexually abused JonBenet previously in Aspen, Colorado when the Ramseys took trips there with the Whites, which is a reason why he would want to sexually abuse her again during this Christmas day sex party.  JonBenet Ramsey is a Monarch child sex slave who is under mind control so she can be easily sexually abused at any time by an adult and then not have memories of it.

Fleet White Sr. is using a hammer to help control JBR and he strikes her in the head with it sometimes when she does not do what he wants or react the way he wants.  These hits are made in the hair so the hair will conceal any wound or bruising made by them. 

As Fleet White Sr. is sexually abusing JonBenet Ramsey, his son Fleet White Jr. is strangling her to make her feel sexual arousal during the abuse.  As Fleet White Sr. is sexually abusing JBR and Fleet White Jr. is strangling her to make her feel sexual arousal, JBR unexpectedly does something or says something that sets Fleet White Sr. off and he strikes her in the head with the hammer so hard that her skull is cracked open. This head strike is unintentional but done in a fit or rage by Fleet White Sr. triggered by something JBR did or said.  Maybe she started screaming and trying to get away and this caused it.

The head wound was unintentional but fatal. JonBenet Ramsey is dead or dying. There is panic among those in attendance about what to do now at that this completely unexpected occurrence. Patsy Ramsey is screaming.  Everyone is upset.  Despite the horror of what has happened, this situation now has to be handled in such a way that the child sex party is not exposed to the public.  The death of this famous child beauty queen has to be explained in such a way that nothing about the child sex party or who was participating in it is exposed to the public.  So they must create a cover story to explain the death that does not point to their involvement. A plan is quickly created on the spot about how to handle this situation so that it does not expose the secrets of the Satanists.  In terms of a cover story, it is decided that the best plan is for the death to have happened inside the home of John and Patsy Ramsey where they can control the scene. They will create a fake crime scene at the Ramsey home and hide the real crime scene inside the Fleet White Jr. home and this is what they proceed to do next as a group effort.  This is damage control to protect them all.

12-25-1996 Around midnight or in the very early morning hours of 12-26-1996: A number of people from the sex party at Fleet White Jr\’s home travel to the Ramsey home in multiple vehicles to stage the fake crime scene there.  The dead body of JonBenet Ramsey is transported in the back of John and Patsy Ramsey\’s vehicle, perhaps covered by a blanket.  If she was covered by a blanket then perhaps this is the same blanket that was found on her body later in the wine cellar of the Ramsey home.  The people who travel from the Fleet White Jr. home are John, Patsy and Burke Ramsey, Fleet White Jr. and his wife Priscilla White, John and Barbara Ferni, Dr. Beuf, and a select group of other people from the VIP child sex party who have volunteered to help assist with the staging of the fake crime scene at the Ramsey home. 

12-26-1996 Early morning hours: The group of people from the Fleet White Jr. home arrive at the Ramsey house with the dead body of JonBenet Ramsey in the back of one of the vehicles.  They are here to stage a fake crime scene surrounding the dead body which they have.  The purpose of staging a false crime scene is two fold.  One is to deceive honest members of Law Enforcement that they do not control.  Although it is unknown to most, Satanists have infiltrated most police departments of cities of any significant size.  It is often the Chief of Police who is Satanist owned because from that position he or she can control whatever happens in the Police Department. Besides the Chief of Police, key important positions are also infiltrated to control the police department in terms of investigating Satanist activities.  Of course most people from the police department are not owned but they do not have to be.  Only key people in the most influential position are owned so they can control everyone else.  So the Boulder Police Department was already under Satanist control before this murder even took place which is why the fake crime scene was not really intended to fool Law Enforcement.  The primary purpose of staging a fake crime scene was to fool the American public, who was certain to be very curious about this case.  

John Ramsey made a slip once and he said \”There were a lot of people here at 3 in the morning.\”  I contend this to be the truth and that there were a lot of people at the Ramsey house involved in staging the faking crime scene. When the group of people arrived at the house they only had a general plan to stage a false crime scene around the body.  They had to improvise on the spot about how to create a false crime scene that involved creating false evidence that would point the finger of suspicion about the murder in as many directions as possible but all away from the truth.  Everybody in the Ramsey family would be a suspect.  An intruder or kidnappers who broke into the house to kidnap JonBenet would be a suspect.  Anyone and everyone that they could make into a suspect they would do as a way to making it impossible for anyone in LE or the public to ever understand what really happened to cause this death.  Anything was permissible as long as it pointed to the Ramsey family or the Ramsey house or even to Access Graphics where John was President and CEO.  Nothing could be allowed to point to Fleet White Sr or any member of his family or to other important members of the Satanist group.  This was the plan with the fake crime scene and this is what this group of people implemented next. 

The first thing to be staged was the dead body of JonBenet.  Before that could be staged, her body had to be thoroughly cleaned to remove any evidence from her recent sexual abuse at the sex party.  There was a shower stall in the basement of the Ramsey home and this is where the dead body was taken and cleaned as much as possible to remove semen, hairs or any other evidence left on the body of sexual abuse that would point to people at the sex party.  After her dead body was cleaned as much as possible her corpse was dried and then her dead body was ready to be staged.  

Of course I do not know the actual sequence of the staging of the dead body but one of the most important aspects of it were those surrounding strangulation, which was the actual cause of death.  This is the reason why the child sexual asphyxiation handler had to be involved in the staging.  Since he was an alleged expert in strangulation and creating strangulation implements then it was logical for him to be involved in staging a realistic looking false crime scene involving strangulation.  As part of staging, he created the garrote from one of Patsy\’s paint brushes, which he was proficient at making. He also created the loose ligatures found on the body, which he was proficient at making.  That is his main contribution in staging the dead body at the fake crime scene in the wine cellar of the Ramsey house.

Other false evidence was staged around the body to paint false clues pointing to others:

Panties: One of Patsy\’s panties was placed on the corpse to point the finger of suspicion at Patsy.

Long Johns: One of Burke\’s long john\’s was placed on the corpse to point the finger of suspicion at Burke.

Duct Tape: Duct tape was placed over the corpse\’s mouth to point the finger of suspicion at a kidnapper/intruder. It is my contention that Fleet White Jr. was directly involved in the staging of the duct tape, which I will show later.

Stun Gun: Large stun gun marks were made on the corpse to point the finger of suspicion at a kidnapper/intruder. 

Other false evidence that was staged at the Ramsey house not directly involving the body:

Blood on nightgown: Blood from JonBenet\’s body was placed on her nightgown to make it appear as if she was killed while wearing this nightgown.  

Blood on pillowcase:  Blood from JonBenet\’s body was placed on one of her pillowcases in her bedroom to make it appear as if she was killed while she was sleeping in her bedroom.

Flashlight: A flashlight from the Ramsey home was placed on a kitchen counter to point the finger of suspicion at an intruder breaking into the house who would need to use a flashlight to see in the dark.  Both the flashlight and the batteries inside of it had been wiped clean of finger prints.  

Basement Window:  John Ramsey or someone else broke the glass in the basement window to point the finger of suspicion at an intruder breaking into the home. 

Suitcase: A Dr. Seuss Book and a Blanket with semen from JAR was placed in a suitcase and the suitcase was placed underneath the broken basement window to point the finger of suspicion at JAR as being the murderer.  If it is not disinformation, one has to wonder how they got semen from JAR onto that blanket.  Supposedly JAR was not even in Boulder that night so how could his semen get on that blanket?  Perhaps JAR was in Boulder that night and one of the people who was in attendance at the Christmas party and the sex party afterwards.  Perhaps JAR was involved in staging the crime scene. 

Pineapple Bowl and Milk: A Bowl of Pineapple and milk and other items are set out on the kitchen table to support a false timeline of events that JonBenet was alive and well and at her house in the early morning hours of 12-26-1996.  Notable is that while the fingerprints of Patsy were found on the Pineapple bowl, etc., the fingerprints of JonBenet are conspicuously missing from any of the spoons or dishes.  This is because JonBenet was stone cold dead by the time the Pineapple bowl and other dishware was set out on the table as part of the deception. 

Rope in Sack: A rope is placed inside a sack and the sack is then placed in a conspicuous location in JAR\’s bedroom by the window to point the finger of suspicion at JAR.  

Ransom Note: A story was concocted about an unknown intruder breaking into the Ramsey home and leaving a ransom note. A long rambling three page ransom note full of false clues and red herrings was created using one of Patsy\’s notepads and one of her pens to point the finger of suspicion at Patsy.  Although so-called hand-writing \”experts\” concluded that the writing belonged to Patsy, I contend that someone else wrote the ransom note.  I contend that the person who wrote the ransom note was wearing gloves so that no fingerprints from them would be found on either the notepad paper or the pen.  The practice ransom note found in the trash can may have been an oversight or it may have been a purposely created deception, again to point the finger of suspicion at Patsy. I contend that both John Ramsey, Patsy Ramsey and others from the group contributed ideas for the content of the ransom note that would point false fingers of suspicion at others.  One of those is using John\’s bonus as the amount asked for the ransom, pointing the finger of suspicion at someone involved with Access Graphics, perhaps a disgruntled employee.  

The plan is that  Patsy Ramsey would \”find\” this ransom note after waking up, after which she would call 9-11 in a panic saying that she had found a ransom note and that her daughter was missing and to send help.  In reality Patsy Ramsey never slept after returning to her home from the location where her daughter was killed outside the home.  She stayed up all night helping to stage the false crime scene, etc.  The fact that she was still wearing the same clothes as the night before supports this conclusion.

12-26-1996 Sometime before the 9-11 call from Patsy:  Corrupt members of the Boulder, Colorado Satanist infiltrated Police Department are notified about the death of JonBenet and the cover up they are doing to hide the real circumstances of it.  Police Chief Becker was very likely the first person informed about this. He is told to expect a call later in the morning from the mother of the dead child and to make sure that whoever is sent to the Ramsey home to investigate is controlled by them and not honest LE.  The plan is for any Boulder Colorado Police LE that comes to the Ramsey house that morning to investigate the disappearance and later the death of JonBenet is to cooperate with the cover up.  This means cooperating with John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr. who are the main ones controlling the fake crime scene at the Ramsey house.
12-26-1996 at around 8:00 AM:  Patsy calls 9-11 as planned and reports that she has found a ransom note in her house and her daughter is missing and requests that help be sent to her house.  This is the agreed to plan by the Satanists.  The Boulder Colorado Police department has been notified of this plan in advance so they know to expect this call and they are prepared to handle it as the Satanists want. 
12-26-1996 at around 8:30 AM:  Corrupt Boulder Police officer Rick French is the first to arrive at the Ramsey residence after the 9-11 call is processed. Note that Officer French is part of the cover up and is not honest.  We can imagine officer French giving John Ramsey a wink as he is let into the house so he can \”investigate\” the mysterious disappearance of his daughter. Officer French searches the house but of course he finds nothing.  He is just here to add a little bit of drama to the cover story to give it a bit of realism in the eyes of the American public. 
12-26-1996 at around 1:00 PM:  Corrupt Boulder Police Detective Linda Arndt asks John Ramsey to search the house one more time.  In doing so, she is cooperating with the plan that the Satanists have devised in advance.  The plan is for John to find his daughter\’s body and bring her body to Linda Arndt.  When Linda Arndt told John Ramsey that, she knew in advance that he was going to bring the dead body to her and she was prepared for it.  
More to Come

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  1. You must understand the reason I label Linda Arndt as corrupt, which is that she supposedly asked JR and FW Jr to search the house again around 1 PM and JR went straight to the body and brought it to Linda Arndt. You must understand that that was planned in advance to happen and Linda Arndt was part of that. Everyone sent to the Ramsey home on 12-26 by the BPD including Officer French and LA was corrupt and in on the cover up. You cannot believe what they want you to believe. The truth is not what they want you to believe. When you have seen that the murder did not even take place in that home, then you connect a lot of dots like this. I do not blame you for being confused. You are meant to be confused so that you never understand what really happened. But I appreciate your honest thoughts.


  2. Edit to add: Your confusion is perfectly natural and understandable. This case is hugely complex and filled with red herrings so it seems impossible to ever understand. But if you understand anything at all about this case, understand this: JonBenet Ramsey was not murdered inside her home. She was murdered outside her home and her dead body was brought to her home and a false crime scene was staged inside her home. That is the main truth to know. Everything else follows from that. Nancy Krebs told the truth. Research what she said because she told the truth. Her niece was a witness to the murder in the real location it took place in.


  3. Yeah its very confused.but maybe you are right about corrupted employees. About the sex party is a very good theory. Where did u get that information? What kind of stuff they used to do during that parties?


  4. The sex party information comes from two primary sources. The first is from Rusty Nelson who was a whistle blower in the Franklin Credit Union scandal. The second is Nancy Krebs, who was a second hand witness to the murder from Southern California who had family members attend this sex party. Nancy Krebs traveled to Boulder, Colorado in 2000 to testify. According to Nancy Krebs, sexual asphyxiation was used on young children to make them feel sexual arousal as they were being sexually abused. Also she said hammers were sometimes used to control the children as they were being sexually abused and hits in the head were common because any wounds to the head would be hidden by the hair and not visible to the public. She also said that mind control of children was common.


  5. There is information on the internet about her. If you go to the following link there are six PDF files containing her redacted testimony to Boulder, CO authorities in 2000: I have gone through these files with a fine tooth comb and the key information that Nancy Krebs says in them is this. 1. Her niece (name unknown) was 5 years old at the time of the murder and her niece attended the sex party with her grandmother and both of them witnessed the death of JonBenet Ramsey at this location (unknown location). 2. The murderer of JonBenet Ramsey was Fleet White Sr. In this post I discuss these transcripts:


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