A Word about Svali:

As I am working on the timeline for the JonBenet Ramsey death and cover up, I am connecting dots I have learned about Satanism and Satanists from other topics.  For example, what I say about Satanist infiltration of Law Enforcement is based upon information uncovered from other cases.  But I realize I do not know enough about the practices of real Satanists.  I need to learn more about the way Real Satanists operate in the real world and this made me think of Svali and her very informative disclosures about when she was involved in Satanism.  I realize I need to go back and look at everything she said about her experiences when she was a Satanist, before she escaped from it.  Doing this will help me understand Satanism in the real world much better than I currently do.  

To be continued. 

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