Fleet Exploration, Ltd.:

 I am a websluth and I am hot on the trail of Fleet White Sr and his oil company, Fleet Oil Company.  In my research to discover more about Fleet Oil Company I discovered another oil related entity owned by Fleet White Sr called Fleet Exploration, Ltd.  I consider this to be a subdivision of the greater Fleet Oil Company entity.  In this post I am going to talk a little about this entity before I related it to other events concerning Fleet Oil and Fleet White Sr.

Here is a vintage sign from this entity:

ABACHERLI #7 refers to an oil well in the Mahala Oil field East of Los Angeles in Southern California where Fleet Oil struck it big in the 1960\’s.

May 21, 1969: The first major oil discovery in San Barnardino County is made by Fleet Exploration Co., Ltd. with its acknowledgement that it had brought in a 400 barrel per day well on the Abacherli Ranch in the eastern Chino Hills. Fleet Exploration Limited is a limited partnership with Manuel Castro, geologist, the general partner and Fleet White Sr. President of Los Angeles Based Fleet Oil Company his principal associate. https://www.newspapers.com/clip/31967850/chino-champion/

More to come.

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