The 1997 New Year\’s Party in Aspen Colorado:

I want to take this opportunity to make some connections in this case that I think are very significant and relevant in terms of the Big Picture I am trying to expose about what really happened to cause the death of JonBenet Ramsey.  

In this post I talked about a big New Year\’s day Party held in Aspen Colorado by Fleet and Nyla White on 1/1/1997 where the two International Socialites hosted 125 of their dearest family and friends.  

According to the testimony of Nancy Krebs, she received a call from her Mother on 12/26/1996 or 12/27/1997 and told her that she had seen a segment of the Entertainment gossip program \”Extra\” where they described Fleet White Sr as being a suspect in the death of JonBenet Ramsey and that they mentioned his oil company, Fleet Oil.  

A little later, Nancy Krebs received another phone call from her Grandmother saying that she strongly believed that Fleet White Sr was responsible for the death of JonBenet.  And then she added chillingly, \”he\’ll never get caught\”.  She said it twice she was so sure of it. Why did she say that?  Because Fleet White Sr was a very wealthy, influential man.  He was a powerful person who was well connected to other powerful people.  He was not going to be brought down by this and she was right.

Less than a week after that broadcast aired on the Extra television program, Fleet and his wife are in Aspen Colorado hosting their annual New Year\’s day bash completely disconnected from the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  Fleet and his wife are completely untouched by the death of JonBenet that happened less than a week before their gala New Years day party.  Despite what was aired on the Extra show, the story has been changed (like the story of the Oklahoma City Bombing was changed).  Now Fleet White Sr is no longer a suspect.  In fact, he is not involved in the murder in any way.  All attention is now off of him and on the Ramseys.  All attention is now off of the home he owned in Boulder Colorado and is now focused 100% on the Ramsey house. In fact, all record of his home in Boulder CO (the real crime scene) is gone.  Nancy Kreb\’s grandmother knew what she was talking about when she said \”He\’ll never get caught\”.  Just like the corrupt Banks were too big to fail during the 2008 financial crisis, Fleet White Sr. and the people connected to him were too big to be directly involved in a murder investigation that might expose some things to the public that TPTB did not want exposed.  So they changed the story.  Fleet White Sr got away untouched.  During all of the massive press coverage of the JonBenet Ramsey murder NOT ONE REPORTER even mentioned Fleet White Sr\’s name or the name of his oil company.  NOT ONE SINGLE TIME.   He went from being a suspect to not even being mentioned, overnight. Everything that talked about him being a suspect has been memory-holed. Now that is the power of being connected.  

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