Ron Nunn of Brentwood California:

From the 2006 Aspen Times autopsy for Fleet Russell White Sr we learn that Fleet White Sr and his son Fleet White Jr partnered with Ron Nunn of Brentwood, California to develop the largest gas well in California history. In this post I want to discuss Ron Nunn of Brentwood, CA.  I want to discuss his association with Fleet White Sr.  I want to discuss the gas well that they developed which was supposedly the largest in California history. Currently I know nothing at all about any of this but I am going to find out.  Come down the rabbit hole with me to see what we can discover. 

First, information about Ronald Nunn:

Full Name: Ronald Ellis Nunn

Lives in Brentwood, CA

Occupation:  Farmer and Developer.

Born April 1933

Current Age 87

Possible businesses owned: 

Aspen Investors Inc, Incorporated 1993. [I note that Fleet White Sr had an association with Aspen CO.  Did Ron Nunn also have an association with Aspen, CO?  To be discovered.]

Blackhawk Nunn Partners [This partnership is involved in home building in Brentwood.]

Cantua Investors, Inc., Incorporated 1993.
Deer Valley Company, Inc., Incorporated 2005.

Nunn Btr LLC 

Nunn Communities, Inc., Incorporated 1993.

Nunn Enterprises, Incorporated 1981.

Nunn Family No 3 Limited Partnership 
Nunn-ginochio II LLC [I discovered that there is another family big in Brentwood that Nunn is associated with, which is the Ginochio family.  To be researched.]
Nunn Golf Group, Inc., Incorporated 1983.
Ren Enterprises
Ronald Nunn Family Limited Partnership, Incorporated 1999.
Sunset Exploration Incorporated [This sounds like an Oil & Gas Exploration Company, similar to Fleet Exploration, Ltd]
The Vineyards at Marsh Creek, LLC, Incorporated 2002.
Note:  As I was researching Ron Nunn from Brentwood California I discovered there is an Elementary School in Brentwood, CA called Ron Nunn Elementary.  Can this be a coincidence?  I don\’t think so.  Apparently Ron Nunn is a VIP in Brentwood, CA, enough so that an elementary school is named after him.  Just an interesting detail that I note before we go further down this rabbit hole.  What will we discover?
Next, information associating Ron Nunn with Fleet White Sr and Fleet Oil:
Here is a court case filed by Ron Nunn, Fleet Oil Company and a third company called Western Continental Operating Company against Natural Gas Corporation of California. This case from the 1980\’s concerns Natural Gas exploration and development.             
Another legal document from 1989 where Western Continental Operating Company is suing Natural Gas Corporation of California.  Associated with Western Continental is Ron Nunn and Fleet Oil Company.
From the above lawsuit comes this information: In September 1979, Western and NGC agreed to jointly develop two natural gas units controlled by Western, designated as East Brentwood Gas. [Although Fleet Oil is not mentioned here, we see that Western Continental Operating Company was affiliated with both Fleet Oil and Ron Nunn.  \”East Brentwood Gas\” needs to be researched.]
Here is what I have been able to dig up about Western Continental Operating Company:
Western Continental Operating Company. Oil & Gas Producer. Operating State: CA. Located in Bakersfield, CA. Production Dates: 1977 – 2007. No longer in operation. Operated Wells mostly in Contra Costa County, Glenn County and Kern County CA. [One thing I note is that Fleet White Sr died in 2006 and this Company ended its operation the very next year.  Is that a coincidence?  We know this company was affiliated with Fleet White Sr.  Is there a link between the death of Fleet White Sr and the end of this company?  To be determined.]
More to Come

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