A word about Jewtube:

I am a somewhat frequent poster on YouTube, which I use as a platform for spreading truth to others.  Mainly I use it to post links back to posts on this Blog so that others can read my message without fear of having Jewtube delete my comments.  In the past I was commenting directly on Youtube but I noticed that every post where I talked about anything real that the Jewish owned Establishment did not want said was being deleted, I assume by automated bots.  Finally getting sick of that Bullshit, I changed tactics and created this Blog where I could say what I wanted without fear of my comments being deleted.  Instead of posting my comments on Youtube, I would post links to my message on this Blog.  Its been a successful tactic but I notice that at certain times, my ability to post any comment on Youtube is being blocked.  For example, I can post a comment on Youtube, which I see when I post it, but if I refresh the page, my comment is gone.  This has happened quite a bit lately.  Unless this is a bug, which I doubt, then someone at Youtube is flipping a switch on my account at various times to turn off my ability to comment.  This is what happens when you try to spread the truth on Jewish owned media.  You get fucked with.  It happened to me on Twitter before they finally perma banned my account.  It happened to me on Facebook before they finally perma banned my account.  And now its happening on Jewtube.  So far whatever they are doing has been for temporary durations  of time and eventually my commenting privileges are restored.  What can I do against this censorship tactic by Youtube?  Nothing.  I am going to do nothing about it.  If Youtube allows me to post comments then I will.  If Youtube prevents me from commenting then I can do nothing about that.  But if I see that I am permanently banned from commenting then I will stop using Youtube entirely and move to a different platform.  

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  1. Thank you for providing links. I found you through a Youtube video of the Franklin cover up. Much of what you post here, if true, is very disturbing, but enlightening nonetheless. I am open-minded and I have had my suspicions about Israel's influence in the world for some time now. We say that truth will prevail but I believe it to be a much longer and harder road to the ultimate exposure of truth than most would like it to be. One by one, we awaken. God help us all.


  2. Unfortunately the problem we face is much much bigger than Israel. Israel is a problem no doubt but the problem we face is International. Take a hard look at Freemasonry because in Freemasonry you will find all the components of Jewish control and dishonesty. I hate to say it but most Americans are brain dead sheep who will die brainwashed and clueless despite anything that I or anyone else like me says or does. Still I try to open the eyes of everyone that I can. Knowing and spreading the truth is God's work much more so than any Religion is. In a world of lies, Religion is also lies.


  3. I was baptised and raised Roman Catholic but the more I learn about the Vatican and other religious governing bodies, the more skeptical I become. Now, more than ever, I see the value of a personal relationship with God.


  4. I was baptised and raised Baptist and for many years I was a believer in the Christian Religion. My awakening since 9-11 has opened my eyes that dishonesty and deception is rife in the world and that there is no better way to deceive than through Religion. It is my belief that by spreading the truth as I believe it to be that I am doing God's work in trying to defeat all the lies and deception, which is certainly Satan's work. IMO I can come no closer to God than spreading truth against lies and I am doing that across the board. Even though I receive a huge amount of ridicule and scorn for what I do I do it for the truth's sake. In a world full of lies, I have a moral duty to spread the truth.


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