Religious Leaders and Freemasonry/Satanism Connections:

In my study of Freemasonry and Satanism I have noticed a trend that I want to create a separate post on my Blog about, which is that most or all of the people who are considered to be Religious Leaders such as Catholic Popes, Christian Evangelicals, etc. have apparent ties to Freemasonry and/or Satanism.  

For example, in the case of Freemasonry, we find the following Religious leaders giving Freemason handshakes to other Freemasons.  Look.

Pope Benedict:

Pope Francis:

Pope Francis and Pope Benedict:

Billy Graham, 33rd Degree Freemason and suspected Satanist:

Jerry Falwell:

Pat Robertson:

Besides Freemason handshakes, we see the following Religious leaders throwing other Freemason/Illuminati hand signs in public:

Pope Paul II:

In the case in Satanism, we see the following Religious leaders throwing Devil horn signs as they are speaking or singing in public: 

Pope Francis:

Pat Robertson:

Amy Grant:

Besides these there are many more examples I could list, but you get the picture.  What does it mean that so many people who are supposedly Religious leaders and not corrupt are giving handshakes and throwing hand signs in public associated with both Freemasonry and Satanism?  What it tells me is that these people are frauds.  It tells me that these people are puppets to Freemasonry and/or Satanism and have no real independence or integrity of their own.  None of them are to be believed or trusted.  They are all Skunks wearing Sheep\’s clothing to deceive a very naive and gullible public. 

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