So I found this article on Nyla White (the wife of Fleet White Sr) and thought I would glean through it to see what information it contains about the elusive Fleet White Sr:

Nyla White, Born June 8, 1923, died August 5, 2014

Name before marrying Fleet White Sr was Nyla Marie Overseth.

Went to Long Beach, CA during WW II.

After the war, she married WW II Pilot and for a brief time Hollywood actor Fleet White.

Then they were off to Hawaii for a few years, starting a family and enjoying the beach life.

After living in Hawaii, they returned to California where Fleet White got involved in the Oil Business.

With Nyla’s talent for design, she loved building their dream house in Newport Beach, where they enjoyed hosting fabulous parties for friends and family.

The family went to Aspen to ski in the mid-sixties and Nyla, missing the changing of the seasons in California, talked Fleet into purchasing a chalet that they named “Le Petit Chalet Blanc”, which they owned from 1964 to now.

They loved to host their many friends over the years and they hosted many memorable parties, especially at New Years Eve.  [What about at Christmas?]

Nyla also finally got to travel … ski trips every year to Europe, and finally seeing all of those “Faraway Places with the Strange-Sounding Names”. Especially after Fleet’s retirement, they traveled the world, seeing every place that Nyla had ever dreamed of seeing.

They also went back to Hawaii every year, and joined old friends on their barge to cruise canals in Holland and France.

In her 50’s, Nyla decided to bicycle around Europe and asked her daughter, Lani, to go with her. So, for several years, on their own,they set off on their bicycle adventures … for each trip, spending four weeks bicycling, carrying everything on their bicycles and.never knowing where they would be staying each night. They bicycled through southern England, Holland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, and then Norway, where they visited cousins and the historic family home near Oslo.
After several bicycle trips in Europe, Nyla wanted to bicycle in China. So, Nyla and Lani joined several friends and a group from Aspen for a month of bicycling. A highlight of that trip was following the Great Wall from Beijing to the sea. Then, Nyla wanted to bicycle in Mongolia. That adventure culminated with a historic day in 1989 when they accompanied the march of students to Tiananmen Square the day before martial law was declared. It was an unforgettable day and the trip was a remarkable adventure for Nyla, who was now in her mid sixties.
With the arrival of grandchildren, Nyla and Fleet traveled a little less, and loved to finally be grandparents. They spent more time in Aspen, where daughter, Lani, had lived for many years, and to be closer to their son, Fleet Jr. and his family who lived in Boulder.

After 60 years of marriage, Fleet Sr. passed away [in 2006].

All the above information is taken directly from this article.  Now I want to summarize what the above information says about Fleet White Sr and his wife and if possible relate what is said to the circumstances leading to the death of JonBenet Ramsey.

Fleet white starred in two Hollywood films in the late 1940\’s. This made Fleet White Sr. a Hollywood celebrity.  This is significant because this is the reason he was talked about on the Extra Show.  The Extra Show talked mainly about news and gossip concerning celebrities. Recall that Nancy Krebs\’ mother called her daughter and said that she had seen news about Fleet White Sr and his oil company on the Extra show on 12-26-1996 or 12-27-1996 and it was saying that Fleet White Sr was a suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  Are you surprised to hear that?  

Fleet White Sr. started an oil company in 1962 called Fleet Oil Company.  Although the internet has been curiously scrubbed of almost all information about this oil company and Fleet White Sr.\’s ownership and operation of it, I contend that it became a BIG oil company with resources and facilities in California, Boulder Colorado, other locations within the USA and even internationally.  His ownership of Fleet Oil company made Fleet White Sr a very wealthy man.  He was at least a millionaire if not a multi millionaire.  This is the reason why he and his wife could afford to travel to Europe every year and travel to Hawaii every year and take trips all over the world. They were a wealthy, millionaire couple who could afford to travel anywhere they wanted to in the world. Besides travelling the world, they were wealthy enough to own multiple homes, for example in locations where Fleet Oil had resources and facilities such as Boulder CO. 

Fleet White Sr and his wife enjoyed hosting Fabulous Parties for friends and family.  I find this extremely interesting and relevant to the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  It is my contention that Fleet White Sr and his wife were hosting a Fabulous party at one of their homes in Boulder CO for friends and family on Christmas day 1996.  While the official story tries to make everyone believe that the Christmas party that the Ramseys and the Whites attended was at the small Fleet White Jr. residence, in reality a BIG party was held at the large mansion of Fleet Russell White Sr and Nyla White in Boulder CO and this information has been completely hid from the public.

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