Obituary for Fleet White Sr from the Aspen Times in 2006:

Here\’s a brief bio of Fleet White Sr.:


Fleet Russell White was born March 20, 1913, in Clearwater, Calif. His parents were Mariner Fleet White and Ethel Townsend White. Fleet was raised in Long Beach, where he also attended school and was a top athlete, excelling in track and field, basketball and golf. After college at John Brown University in Arkansas, he spent time in the 1930s in Hawaii, where he fell in love with the warm beaches and surfing. With the beginning of World War II, Fleet enlisted as a trained pilot and served in England, France and Germany. He participated in the Rhine Mission, where he flew his glider from France, crossing the Rhine into Germany. After landing with his troops in Wesel, they then fought on land during the major offensive in Germany that brought the end of the war within reach.

After the end of the war, he spent some time in Hollywood acting in a number of postwar films. He enjoyed the movie business but soon decided he was ready to settle down and start a family. His bride was Nyla Marie Overseth, and they began married life in Hawaii. After enjoying a few years on the beaches of Hawaii, and the births of their children, Fleet Russell White Jr. and Lani Nyla White, they returned to his roots in Southern California.

Fleet began a new career in the oil business, eventually forming Fleet Oil Co., which became successful in contract oil lands leasing and oil and gas exploration. Fleet Oil Co.\’s first major success was the Mahala Field in the Chino Hills, said to be the largest oil discovery in Riverside County. After his son joined him in the Fleet Oil Co., they partnered with Ron Nunn of Brentwood to develop the biggest gas well in the history of California.

The first thing I want to note is that this Obituary for Fleet White Sr. was scrubbed from both the internet and the wayback machine.  The only reason I am able to see it is because someone decided to copy it.  This deletion is part of an ongoing campaign of internet censorship to hide any information about Fleet White Sr. that can be used to investigate his history and tie him in any way to the death of JonBenet Ramsey.

The second thing I note is that Fleet White Sr spent time in Hawaii in the 1930\’s, much earlier than when he went to live there permanently for awhile after WW2.  He had an early affiliation with Hawaii.  Later he went to live there in the late 1940\’s before moving to Southern California.  Later he and his wife Nyla made annual trips to Hawaii.

The third thing I note is the information this obituary says about the Oil company that Fleet White Sr owned, Fleet Oil Company.  I have been searching the internet high and low for information about Fleet Oil Company and this is the first real information I have been able to retrieve about it.  This is just the tip of the iceberg and fuel for further research which I will certainly be doing later. 

The fourth item of significance is that this obituary states that Fleet White Jr joined his father in Fleet Oil Company and that were a father and son partnership.  This is very significant because of the complete news blackout by the controlled press about Fleet White Sr.  Of all the information written about Fleet White Jr being an oilman, NOBODY uttered a peep that he was employed in his own father\’s company.  NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON SAID THAT.  Don\’t you think that information is significant?  I certainly do.  The fact that the controlled press completely hid this significant information from the public means they had a hidden reason for hiding it, and this hidden reason is directly related to the death of JonBenet Ramsey. This is what I am uncovering for anyone who is reading this to see. 


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