An investigation into the hidden Business Interests of Fleet White Sr

 As I was researching to find out more information about Fleet Russell White Sr., I came across something curious that I want to share here.  One of the known addresses of Fleet White Sr. is 8717 Delgany Ave. #215 Playa Del Ray, CA 90293.  At first I thought Fleet White Sr. was living there, but then I discovered that a whole lot of other people list this very same apartment unit as their primary mailing address when starting various businesses. Although this is a real address, its just a front.  Fleet White Sr. never lived here.  The Apartments themselves are not that nice on the outside or the inside and its no place where a wealthy man like Fleet White Sr who owned an entire oil company would be living.  

It appears that a Mail Forwarding Service was/is being operated from this apartment. What makes this significant is that Fleet White Jr. used it for two different companies he started while he was in Colorado, CB Minerals Company, LLC and NCIG Finanical, Inc.  Why would Fleet White Jr. living in Colorado be using a Mail Forwarding service in Southern California near Los Angeles?  I note that Fleet White Sr. lived in Southern California near Los Angeles before he moved to Aspen Colorado near the end of his life. Fleet White Sr\’s Oil Company (Fleet Oil Company) was based in California. It is not a big stretch of the imagination to say that Fleet White Jr. was acting as a proxy for his father when he started those two companies from Colorado.  The real owner of those companies was Fleet White Sr.  I also consider the possibility that the entire apartment complex in Southern California shown in the above picture was owned by Fleet White Sr. and he was using one of the units as a mail distribution front for companies he owned and/or was associated with. I say this because while researching I found other Southern California Corporations near Los Angeles that list this apartment complex as an address but without a unit number.  Mail to that address would go to the owner of the Apartment complex, who could have been Fleet White Sr. 

Now I want to list all the various entities operating out of this same address according to Bizapedia.  I think doing this internet sleuthing will shed light on Fleet Russell White Sr and what he was involved in.  

PROMETHEUS INVESTMENTS CORP. Filing State: California. Filed: October 13, 1989. Registered Agent: Angela T. Poulton. Officer: Regan H. Backer, New York, NY Officer: Rushton Backer Officer: Melanie Backer

TRIAD BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, INC.  Playa Del Rey, CA. Filing State: California. Filing Date: November 3, 1989. Registered Agent: Joanne Kootsikas

CB MINERALS COMPANY, LLC.  Colorado Limited Liability Company. Filing State: Colorado. Filed: February 7, 1994. Registered Agent:  Fleet White Jr.

NCIG FINANCIAL, INC. Colorado Foreign Corporation. Filing State: Colorado. Domestic State: Minnesota. Filed: March 24, 1997. Registered Agent: Fleet White Jr

MARISA NICOLE, LLC. Glendale, CA. Filing State: California. Filing Date: March 14, 2011. Registered Agent: Marisa Nicole Albanese Ronca.

BACKER INVESTMENTS LLC. California Foreign Limited Liability Company. Filing State: California. Domestic State: Nevada. Filed: October 17, 2018. Registered Agent: Robert M Rasch. Officer: Regan H. Backer

ARTCADE L.L.C.  California Limited Liability Company.. Filing State: California. Filed: April 27, 2020. Registered Agent Bryan Nichols

This research is not being productive so I am going to abandon it for now.  I may return to it later but for now I am going to move on to other research into Fleet White Sr. 

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