An Introduction to Fleet Oil Company

 As I have said in previous posts, I have been having a difficult time uncovering information about Fleet White Sr.  I believe that the major reason behind this is that the internet has been purposely scrubbed of almost all information about this man and his background as part of an official cover up of the true circumstances surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  It occurs to me that one way I can uncover more information about Fleet White Sr is by researching the oil company that he owned, Fleet Oil Company.  Another way is to research the employment history of his son, Fleet White Jr.  I contend that Fleet White Jr. was employed in his father\’s oil company and a close examination of his employment history will reveal this.

First a look at the company. 

Fleet Oil Company, started March 1, 1962:

 I contend that this is the company as it exists today:

From that web site, we see that Fleet Oil company is part of a larger organization called Fleet Oil Limited.  Note that it is a Private company based in England. It has operations in Scotland and other places around the world. 

Another web site for Fleet Oil Limited:  This web site says it is based on Scotland, UK. 

Facebook page for Fleet Oil Limited:

Another company called Fleet Oil & Gas

Another: Fleet Energy, Inc:

Here is another site about Fleet Oil & Gas saying it is headquartered in the United States:

This web site lists the Industry of Fleet Oil & Gas as Oil, Gas and Coal.  With the mention of Coal, I note that Fleet Russell White Sr. started a company in 1997 called NCIG Financial, Inc. NCIG = Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group.

Fleet White Sr. was not just in the oil business.  He was in the energy business.  Energy means Oil, Gas, Coal and other energy-related industries. 

Another energy related company owned by Fleet White Sr was CB Minerals Company, LLC  Even though the registered agent of this company is listed as Fleet White Jr in Superior, CO,. the principal address is Playa Del Rey, CA which was one of the known addresses of Fleet White Sr.

As I was researching, I found yet another company being registered from this same Playa Del Ray address in 2018.  Backer Investments LLC, a California Foreign Limited-Liability Company. Registered October 17, 2018 under the name Robert M. Rasch.

More to come. 

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