Exposing the lie of the official story in the JonBenet Ramsey murder:

In a previous post, I documented my explanation of what really happened in the JonBenet murder.  In this post I want to explain how I came to reach this conclusion.  A big part of me reaching this conclusion is exposing the lies of the official story told by the Ramseys and others concerning what happened on 12-25-1996 and 12-26-1996.  Here is the first part of the official story:

On 12-25-1996, the four Ramseys attended a Christmas Party held at the home of Fleet White Jr and his wife Priscilla White.  A number of other guests besides the Ramseys were at this Christmas Party at the White residence which lasted many hours.

After this Christmas Party at around 8:30 to 9:00 PM, the four Ramseys left the White Residence to go home to their house.  On the way home the Ramseys passed out Christmas gifts to neighbors before finally arriving at their house at perhaps around 10 PM or earlier. 

At this point, the official story becomes blurred.  At one point the Ramseys said that JonBenet was asleep and was carried from the car up to her bedroom by her father, John Ramsey, and put to bed.  At another point the Ramseys said that JonBenet was awake and ran inside the house on her own.  Either way, all four Ramseys were alive and well at around 10 PM on 12-25-1996 and they were all at their own house.  

This is as much of the official story that I need to document before I begin to expose the total lie of it. All three of the above paragraphs are a lie, which I will show next.

The first element of the official story that I want to attack is the ride home that the four Ramseys allegedly took from the White residence where they said they passed out gifts to neighbors before arriving at their house.  It is amazing to me how so many people see the Ramseys as liars and yet these same people accept the word of the Ramseys that they merrily passed out Christmas gifts on the way home like some idealistic family from a Norman Rockwell painting would. This is a fantasy. Whoever buys this story is a fool. 

The people outside of the Ramsey family who supposedly verified their story were friends and associates of the Ramseys and not people to be believed.  The people who claim to have seen the family delivering gifts to them at this time could certainly have been involved in a cover up to hide the truth. This is especially true of Glen and Susan Stine. Susan Stine claims to have seen JonBenet alive as the Ramseys were delivering gifts to them but she is lying.  Note that the Stines were so close to the Ramseys that the three remaining Ramseys actually moved in with them in 1997.  It is also significant that Glen Stine became employed with Access Graphics, the company John Ramsey headed.  So these supposed witnesses backing the Ramsey story are not to be believed.  They will say whatever the Ramseys and others outside the family want said to support a cover story and a false timeline of events. 

So the story that was told about the Ramseys passing out gifts on the way home is a lie but why lie about it?  To make the Ramseys look like some normal family doing what other normal families would do on Christmas?  No.  To create a false timeline of events.  Despite what the Ramseys said and the Stines said and anyone else who collaborated this fake scenario said, it did not happen.  The Ramseys did not go to their house around 8:30 or 9 PM as they claimed, which brings us next to paragraph 3 which further confirms this. 

According to John and Patsy, JonBenet was asleep in the car by the time they got back to their house after passing out the imaginary Christmas gifts.  This would be around 10 PM according to the false time line that they present to us.  John carried his sleeping daughter from the car upstairs to her bedroom and put her to bed.  But according to Burke, his sister was awake when they got home from and both of them ran in the house together.  So we have two completely different stories about what happened concerning JonBenet when the Ramsey family supposedly got back to their house at around 10 PM on 12-25-1996.  Why the two contradictory stories?  Because both stories are a fabrication. The four Ramseys did not return to their house alive and well at around 10 PM as the official story claims.  They were somewhere else at 10 PM on 12-25-1996.  Where were they?  And this brings us to paragraph 1 which I will cover next. 

And now we come to the heart of the deception, which is the alleged party held at the house of Fleet Russell White Jr and his wife Priscilla White.  I have been studying this case for years, and from the very beginning there was something off about the Christmas Party held at the White residence.  For one thing, nobody wanted to talk much about it.  It was stated but there were never any real details about it.  Oh sure, we heard some things that allegedly happened at this party but it was all very vague.  Also vague is who actually was in attendance at this Christmas Party.  The Christmas Party at the White house never seemed real to me.  It seemed instead as if it was part of a cover story to hide what really happened and this is 100% what I believe about it today.  Although the Ramseys and the Whites and supposedly others associated with them confirm that this party happened exactly as the official story said, I do not believe it.  What I say is that the Ramseys and the Whites and others were at a Christmas Party on 12-25-1996 but it was not being held at the Fleet White Jr. residence as claimed in the official story.  It was being held in some other location in Boulder, CO.  So if the Christmas Party was not being held at the Fleet White Jr. residence, where was it really being held?  

Something Burke said really got my attention and made me suspect early on that the Ramseys were not at the Fleet White Jr. residence as they claimed.  Burke mentioned being shocked by an electric fence while at the party on 12-25.  This always seemed odd to me.  I have seen pictures of the Fleet White Jr. house, which looks like a normal sized house in Boulder.  There is nothing unusual about the house.  There is no reason to believe that the Fleet White Jr. residence would be surrounded by an electric fence.  I mean, why would it be?  It would not be.  This is one piece of evidence that tells me that Burke and the rest of his family were not at the Fleet Russell White Jr. residence on 12-25-1996 but were in a different location that was surrounded by an electric fence.  Why would it be surrounded by an electric fence?  For security reasons.  To keep outsiders out.  Next I will talk about where I believe this Christmas Party was really held and why I believe that. 

We now circle back around to Nancy Krebs (AKA Mystery woman) and her story about Fleet Russell White Sr being the murderer of JonBenet Ramsey.  It is very difficult to find information about Fleet Russell White Sr. on the internet.  I created a post about him with all the information I could dig up about him but its still very meager in terms of actual information.  For example, Fleet White Sr. owned an oil company that both he and his son worked in but there is no information about this to be found on the internet.  It is said that Fleet White Jr was a Boulder oilman but there is no reference to his father being an oilman.  There is no reference to Fleet White Jr being employed in his own father\’s company.  It is as if all relevant information about Fleet White Sr. has been scrubbed from the internet.  Fleet White Jr. gets talked about plenty but when it comes to his father, there is an information blackout. Why?  

Although very little information can be found about him, we can infer from the information that does exist that he was a wealthy person.  He owned a big oil company with resources in California, Boulder CO and in other locations inside and even outside the USA.  A man like this does not own a small home like Fleet White Jr. did.  He owns a big mansion because his wealth allows him to do that.  His oil company has facilities in Boulder CO and his son, Fleet White Jr. was employed in those facilities. It is not a big stretch of the imagination to say that this man owned a large home in the Boulder CO area where he also owned oil-related facilities. Are you following so far?

I am saying that the Christmas Party attended by the Ramseys on 12-25-1996 was not being held at the small Fleet White Jr. residence as the official story claims but was instead being held at the large Fleet White Sr. residence in Boulder CO.  I am saying that at least part of this property was surrounded by the electric fence that Burke Ramsey mentioned.  I am saying that this was a very private location in Boulder CO that no outsider was meant to infiltrate, thus the need to have an electric fence to keep intruders out. 

In considering the story of Nancy Krebs to be true, I initially thought that the Christmas Party happened and the party after the party where JBR was murdered both happened at the Fleet White Jr. residence.  I thought that Fleet Russell White Sr came to the Christmas Party at his son\’s house and that the murder happened at the Fleet White Jr. residence where Fleet White Sr. was visiting. But I later realized this was not the case.  Why would Fleet White Sr who was far wealthier than his son (whom he employed) come to his son\’s small house for a Christmas party?  It would be the other way around.  His son would come to a Christmas party at his father\’s large house who he worked for.  The Christmas Party that both the White\’s and the Ramsey\’s attended was held at the home of Fleet White Sr. in Boulder CO.  This was the location where JonBenet Ramsey met her death.  The real crime scene is inside this home, not the Ramsey home where a fake crime scene was staged to conceal the truth.

More to come.

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