Doing the Deep Dive in to Fleet Russell White, Sr:

As I have said in previous posts about the JonBenet Ramsey murder, it is my conviction that Fleet Russell White Sr was the killer of JonBenet Ramsey. It is my belief that this man was a high ranking Freemason and Satanist.  It is my belief that the internet was scrubbed of almost all information about this man shortly after the JBR murder to hide and conceal his involvement in it as part of a high level cover up.  In this post, I want to tell everything that I can about Fleet Russell White Sr in an attempt to shine some illumination on who this man really was.  As far as I know, nobody has ever done this before but it is high time that someone did, especially in light of the testimony of Nancy Krebs about Fleet White Sr. and his involvement in the JBR murder.  So venture down the rabbit hole with me to see what we can discover together about the mysterious and unknown Fleet White Sr. 

Note: I decided to reorganize this post in a chronological order because I think that helps to paint the best picture. 

Name: Fleet Russell White, AKA Russell Fleet White AKA Russel F. White AKA White R. Fleet, AKA White Fleet

March 20, 1913: Fleet Russell White was born in Clearwater, Los Angeles County, CA.

Father:  Mariner Phyletus Fleet White  

Mother: Ethel May (Townsend) White

Mariner Fleet White and Ethel May Townsend were married in 1908 in Downey, CA. He and his wife resided in Long Beach from the early 1920\’s until their death.

Brother: Ronald T. White

1920: Lived in Downey, Los Angeles County, CA. Note:  Downey, CA is where his parents were married in 1908.

Early 1920\’s:  Lived in Long Beach, CA. where Mariner Fleet White and his wife moved to after living in Downey, CA.  Fleet was raised in Long Beach, where he also attended school and was a top athlete, excelling in track and field, basketball and golf.  During this time he became good friends with Gordon Christoff and Alyce [last name unknown] who went to the same school(s) in Long Beach, CA. 

Question:  Were the parents of Fleet White wealthy?  I contend that that they were or they became wealthy after Mariner Fleet White became involved in the Southern California oil boom in Long Beach CA in the 1930\’s.

1932-1935: Lived in Siloam Springs, Arkansas attending college at John Brown University.

1936-1941: He spent time in Hawaii, where he fell in love with the warm beaches and surfing. During this time, Fleet married his first wife, Alyce Lorraine Baerthlein. Address in 1940 – 2360 Pacific Heights Road, Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii.  During this time, Fleet White invited his childhood friends Gordon Christoff and his newly wed wife Alyce Christoff to vacation with him and his new wife in Hawaii.

Unknown Date in early 1940\’s:  Fleet and Alyce return to Southern California after living in Hawaii.  I contend that Fleet and Alyce White return to Southern California with their good friends Gordon and Alyce Cristoff who they were vacationing with in Hawaii.  I contend that after returning from Hawaii, Fleet White Sr moved to Long Beach, CA where his parents lived.  

1942-1945:  With the beginning of World War II, Fleet enlisted as a trained pilot and served in England, France and Germany. He participated in the Rhine Mission, where he flew his glider from France, crossing the Rhine into Germany. After landing with his troops in Wesel, they then fought on land during the major offensive in Germany that brought the end of the war within reach. [Quoted from his 2006 Obituary in the Aspen Times].
1948: He spent some time in Hollywood acting in a number of postwar films.  In fact, he starred in two Hollywood films, both in 1948.  Question:  How and when did Fleet White get involved in Hollywood acting?
1949-1950: He married his second wife, Nyla Marie Overseth. They began their married life also in Hawaii.  Note that Fleet was married to his first wife while living in Hawaii.

Son: Fleet Russell White, Jr. (born to Fleet and Nyla in 1949).

After enjoying a few years on the beaches of Hawaii, and the births of their children, Fleet Russell White Jr. and Lani Nyla White, they returned to his roots in Southern California.

Possible Relatives: Myla M White, Lani N White, Trust White
Godfather of Nancy Kreb\’s mother. 

1950-1951:  Unknown address in Southern California.

1952:  Fleet and Nyla had a home built for them in Newport Beach, CA where they start living.

1952:  Los Angeles Times Article: \”Nyla and Fleet White of Long Beach invited friends for an afternoon on the beach followed by a fish fry at their peninsula home.\”

March 1, 1962: Fleet starts his own oil company, Fleet Oil Company. This appears to be the same company:
1964: Fleet and Nyla White purchase Chalet in Aspen, Colorado.
Nancy Krebs said that Fleet White Sr. sexually assaulted her as a child when she was 3 or 4. This would be 1965 or 1966.  At this time she was living in Buena Park, CA. At this time Fleet White Sr. was living in Long Beach, CA.  Note that Buena Park, CA is a suburb of Los Angeles where Fleet Oil Company has its headquarters. This early abuse would sometimes happen at her grandparents house.  Note that Fleet White Sr and Nyla White were very close friends of Nancy Krebs Grandparents, Gordon W. Christoff and Alyce Christoff. 

February 6, 1966: Testimony of Nancy Krebs: February 6, 1966 was the birthday of Gordon W. Christoff. As Nancy Krebs said, Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White often visited the Christoff\’s during holidays and birthdays so they were visiting the Christoff\’s on Gordon\’s birthday. Gordon W. There was a birthday party being held for Gordon at his house and Fleet and Nyla were attending this party. Gordon was trying to protect his granddaughter (Nancy) from being abused by Fleet White Sr. and his son. Gordon and Fleet White Sr. were in a screaming match over Nancy Krebs and what Fleet White Sr and Fleet White Jr. had done and were doing to her. This was when Nancy was less than four years old. During this screaming match Gordon Christoff had a massive heart attack and died. Maybe Gordon Christoff was unaware that Fleet White Sr and/or Fleet White Jr. were sexually molesting his granddaughter and he found out somehow and he decided to confront Fleet White at his birthday party while Fleet White Sr was visiting. OR Gordon Christoff caught Fleet White Jr. molesting his granddaughter while the Whites were visiting their house and he confronted Fleet White Sr. about it. This is what caused the screaming match and the strain of the screaming match caused Gordon to have a massive heart attack and die on the spot. 
Nancy Krebs says she met John Ramsey when she was a very small girl at Fleet White Sr\’s house in Huntington Beach CA., among other places. [At first I thought Nancy Krebs meant to say Newport Beach, CA where the White\’s built a home and lived in the 1950\’s but now I believe that the White\’s moved to a different home in Huntington Beach, CA in the 1960\’s]
Address in 1960\’s: ? – 1965-1966 – ? – Unknown address in Huntington Beach, CA.
September 1, 1968:  Resides at 2141 Mesa Drive, Santa Ana, CA.  At this time, Fleet White Sr. is President of Fleet Oil Co. based in Los Angeles, CA.
May 21, 1969: The first major oil discovery in San Barnardino County is made by Fleet Exploration Co., Ltd. with its acknowledgement that it had brought in a 400 barrel per day well on the Abacherli Ranch in the eastern Chino Hills. Fleet Exploration Limited is a limited partnership with Manuel Castro, geologist, the general partner and Fleet White Sr. President of Los Angeles Based Fleet Oil Company his principal associate.
Early 1970\’s:  Fleet White Sr. sexually assaults Nancy Krebs while she is  at his house in Aspen, Colorado.  

October-November, 1979:  Fleet White Sr is the President of Fleet Oil Company.

March 4, 1982: Oil is struck in Hollywood Park, Los Angeles CA.  Casex Oil (General Manager is Manuel Castro) and Fleet Oil Company (Fleet White Sr. is President) are partners in the drilling. 
Address in 1986:  Unknown address in Irvine, California.
January 5, 1987: Fleet White Sr and Nyla White of Irvine, CA host a party in several locations in Los Angeles with celebrities Bruce Willis, Neil Young, Ray Parker Jr. and others.
1987:  Fleet Oil Company was headquartered in Irvine, CA which is also where Fleet and Nyla White live at this time. 
August 1990: The last time Fleet White Sr. sexually abused Nancy was when he came to her grandparents house in Cayucos, CA.
Other Addresses at unknown Dates:
? – Unknown address in Santa Ana, CA.

? – Unknown address in New Orleans, LA.

? – Unknown address in Indio, CA.

Address in 1990\’s:193 The Masters Cir, Costa Mesa, California 92627-4640

Owner of CB Minerals Company, LLC, a Colorado-based LLC registered February 7, 1994

It is my contention that Fleet White Sr. was visiting the home of his son, Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White on Christmas day, 1996 where a Christmas party took place that the four Ramseys were invited to attend. I contend that there was a second party after the Christmas Party at Fleet White Jr\’s house which was a sex party.  I contend that during this sex party at Fleet White Jr\’s house that JBR was killed while being sexually abused by Fleet White Sr.

WebbSleuths post that says that Nyla White was cooking for their (Fleet White Sr and Nyla White\’s) yearly Christmas Party.  I contend that this yearly Christmas Party hosted by the Whites which Nyla was cooking for happened in Boulder Colorado and is the same party that was attended by the children of Fleet White Sr and Nyla White as well as the Ramseys.  I contend that the death of JonBenet Ramsey happened in the same house where this Christmas Party was held in Boulder Colorado.  I contend that there has been a cover up to completely conceal this party held by Fleet White Sr and Nyla White to hide where the death of JonBenet Ramsey actually occurred.  Instead a cover story was created about a Christmas Party being held at the home of Fleet White Jr. 

According to Nancy Krebs, her mother called her and saw on the Extra TV program on 12-26-1996 or 12-27-1996 that Fleet White Sr. was a suspect in the death of JBR and that his oil company (Fleet Oil Co.) was also named in that broadcast.  I contend that this is the truth and that at some point after this, the story was changed so that everything pointed to the Ramsey house and nothing at all pointed to Fleet White Sr. If you do not believe that TPTB can completely change a story when they want to, take a look at what happened in the case of the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995.  

Early 1997:  Fleet White Sr. is very disturbed because he is spending all of his time and all of his money trying to protect Fleet White Jr. in the death of JBR.

According to Nancy Krebs, after getting the call from her mother she received another phone call from her grandmother (Alyce Christoff Sprangue) who told her that she very strongly believed that Fleet White Sr. was the murderer of JonBenet Ramsey.  She said \”you know he is guilty of the homicide\”. Why was Alyce so confident that Fleet White Sr was the murderer of JonBenet?  Note that she was a long time close acquaintance for Fleet White Sr for decades. For her to have said this was not just some hunch on her part.  She had a very good reason for believing that Fleet White Sr was the murderer of JonBenet.  I do not know what she knew to make her say this but I am trying to find out. 

According to Nancy Krebs, Fleet White Sr. offered her a bribe of $75,000.00 not to reveal what she knew about him in regards to the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  I contend that this bribe was part of a cover up to hide Fleet White Sr\’s direct involvement in the JBR murder.

Denver Post, title unknown by Dawn Denzer, 1997/01/12: \”Aspen is ever-so-social during the holidays, but on the whole, the glitter has left the gulch. The tinsel town in the timbers is no longer a boom town for bimbos, as was once suggested. The annual Fish House Punch Party at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel had been legendary for the underage and underfed starlets who arrived in droves to meet members of the rich and hoping-to-be-famous set. But that wasn\’t the scene Dec. 29, my little alpine rose. The silicone has been traded for Wonderbras; the 5-inch stiletto heels have bitten the dust, replaced by sensible shoes. Among the permanent party-goers dining and dancing to the music of Walt Smith and the Summit Ridge Jazz Band were Bronson and Diana Rumsey; Dick and Kathy Moore; Butch Edgar and Michelle Rambour; Lisa Halperin, with former Denverite John Handorf; catalog king Ted Spiegel and wife Audrey; Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mike Peters and wife Marian; Jack and Mary Cronin; Marsha and Bill Jobe; W.T. and Fran Ray; Nancy Harris; Dan Rumsey; Mitzi Jobe; and dynamic duo Bob McNamara and Phyllis Coors, making a surprise visit. International socialites Fleet and Nyla White came with their daughter, Lani. The Whites live in Aspen\’s famed “Christmas House, an adorable little chalet and guest haus nestled in the center of town. They hosted their 20th annual New Year\’s Eve bash for about 125 of their nearest and dearest.\”
Owner of NCIG Financial, Inc, Registered March 24, 1997  NCIG = Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group

January 1, 2000:  Fleet and Nyla White hold their annual New Year\’s day Christmas Party at their Chalet in Aspen, Colorado.  Like their other New Year\’s day parties this is a big party with over a hundred people in attendance.  Celebrities such as Goldie Hawn are in attendance.  Reporters are in attendance covering the event. This is more evidence to show that Fleet White Sr. was an influential man who was comfortable around VIPs and celebrities.  It is my contention that there were VIPs and celebrities in attendance at a party at his home on Boulder CO on Christmas day 1996 when JonBenet Ramsey met her death.  All of this has been covered up so the public knows nothing about it.

After this party is held, Fleet White Sr. remains in Aspen, Colorado but his wife Nyla flies back to their home in Costa Mesa, CA.There is evidence that suggests that Fleet White Sr. possibly separated from his wife when he moved to Aspen, CO from Costa Mesa, CA. 

January – Early February 2000: Nancy Krebs said that around early 2000, both Fleet White Sr and Nyla White were calling her and her grandmother (Alyce Sprague) to try to persuade her to fly to Aspen to be with Fleet White Sr. The last calls made were in early February, 2000 when Fleet White Sr. tried to persuade Nancy to come to his birthday party which was going to be held in Costa Mesa, CA on March 20, 2000.

Fleet White Sr. sent a picture to Nancy Krebs showing him with Goldie Hawn at their recent 2000 New Year\’s Day Party. There was also a note saying that Goldie Hawn was at at this party.

Fleet White Sr. sent a picture to Nancy Krebs showing him with someone called the \”Cement Czar\”. She identified him as W.T. Ray. I think this man was also at the 2000 New Year\’s day party. This is likely to be someone from California.  To be researched.

Fleet White Sr offered Nancy Krebs a bribe of 75,000 not to disclose what she knew about him to Boulder, CO authorities concerning the JBR death.

March 20, 2000:  Fleet White Sr. flies from Aspen back to Costa Mesa, CA to attend birthday celebrations with his wife Nyla at their Costa Mesa home. Afterwards he flies back to Aspen where he has decided to live.

He apparently lives in Aspen until his death on August 6, 2006

I suspect that Fleet White Sr. was a high ranking Freemason, possibly of the 33rd Degree. 

It is my contention that Fleet White Sr. was a Satanist.

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