This Blog post is about the Beatles in general and about John Lennon specifically.  In a previous post I said that the Beatles were not what they appeared to be but were an Establishment or Illuminati created group.  In that post I noted that completely different people were playing the role of Paul McCartney at various points but especially in 1967.  In this post I turn my attention to John Lennon.  I am a big fan of John Lennon in his 1964 to early 66 life but sometime in 1966 he changed.  He definitely changed in 1967 but he changed earlier, in 1966.  I have tried to understand how he could change so radically in appearance in such a short period of time. I do not know it but I suspect that multiple people have played the role of John Lennon in the Beatles just as multiple people have played the role of Paul McCartney in the Beatles.  Here are some of the pictures that really got my attention and you can see the radical change of physical appearance in John Lennon in a very short period of time during 1966.

Here are pictures of John Lennon taken during the Butcher Album photography session on May 25, 1966 by Australian Photographer Bob Whitaker. 

Remember this is the end of May 1966.

In this next two photographs are pictures of John Lennon on 8th July 1966: One is outside the plane after the Manila tour and the other is a press conference at London Airport:

There is a little over a month\’s difference in time between these photographs and yet the men pictured in the photographs look completely different.  The John Lennon from the Butcher photo album session is big and stocky.  He has a big face. He has broad shoulders. This is the John Lennon that I knew and admired.

The John Lennon after the Manila disaster looks completely different.  He is a much smaller man  He is almost scrawny compared to the earlier John Lennon.  His face is small. He has narrow shoulders. His facial features are completely different than the man in the above two photographs.  This is not the same person.  There is no way that someone changes appearance and loses so much weight in a little over a month.  The person in the above photograph is not the John Lennon that I knew and admired from before.  He is a different person.  I do not know this person. 

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  1. Do you still love the original John Lennon when you know he and his group are just puppets manufactured by the Establistment?Today, I have met people who talk about the Illuminati (the Establistment) with negative suspicions but they still love their idols (singers, actors, etc) which are member of the Illuminate (Establistment), even they suspect their idols are illuminati member because of handsigns…


  2. Its interesting that you went back and found this older post that directly relates to my most recent post concerning John Lennon during the Butcher photo session in 1966. This is exactly what I was implying in that latest post. I admire the original John Lennon as I admire the original Beatles. I remain a Beatles fan to this day and I love their music especially 1964/1965. Yes I am more aware now that ever that there were a manufactured group and that their fame was manufactured and yet I still like the group. The original John had a charisma that I liked and that I noticed was missing from his substitutes later. I liked the original John or at least one of them. I suspect there were multiples playing the role of John even before 1966 but the main one that is seen in 1965 is the one I liked and still like. Even knowing he was a puppet I still like him. Perhaps I should hate him because he was involved in the Illuminati but I don't because I sense that there was something good about the man and I believe that they killed him sometime in 1966. He was the one that really drew me to the Beatles in the first place but in 1966 he was gone and the Beatles lost their appeal for me. But your question is very good and very profound. You see much to ask such a question. My feelings about the Beatles and the original JL are what they are. I cannot explain it but I like the group and I like the music. To this day I still listen to their songs. Even though I know what they really were. Perhaps that seems illogical to you.


  3. I think it is not illogical. Because the idols don't do any evil even they worship the evil God (Satan – God of the Illuminati). They worship the evil God so that they can get helps from the Establishment connection and they can get blessed by Satan to get fame and wealth easier. However, even they get blessed by Satan, they don't do evil, they just do their jobs as puppets but their jobs are not evil jobs. They just become entertainers to make the public worship them instead of totally worshipping God all the time, and entertainment is the best tool to make people become addicted to it and therefore neglect or even don't care at all about the truth or what happens around them. They have no time or less time to focus to seek the truth because after doing their job at companies, they will enjoy entertainment and then sleep, have no time for seeking the truth. Entertainment is just a distraction, but entertainment is not evil.Hollywood is corrupt from the beginning because they are created by Jews and almost all the directors of famous movies are Jewish (such as James Cameron, directors of your favorite franchise \”the Terminator\” that you often mention in your posts) and the actors if they are not Jews they are likely freemason or Illumiti. I love \”the Terminator\” like you but I know the Terminator is Illuminate (Jewish) from top to bottom. Even my most favorite actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is 100% Illuminati member because he often attend to the drama between Hollywood and Trump, and he used to be the governor of California, governors of this state are very likely Illuminati or Satanists. In fact, he cannot become a famous actor and governor of California and other glorious things if he does not belong to Illuminati. I know he is 100% an Illuminati member but I still love him because he is just doing his job and his job is not evil.


  4. Sorry for the long post above, in short, if they don't deceive you and they don't harm you or attack you so you don't hate them, you can even love them, it is logical. I understand. However, if a country's leader (for example, Putin of Russia) bully the US or attack the US, you could hate them, because it affect your country which is belong to you, same with presidents of the US like Bush, you can hate Bush because he sell your country to the Jews (Israel, whatever) and made the US involve in unnecessary wars which caused a lot of deaths for both your American brothers and other people from other countries.Love or hate, it is depend whether the Illuminati member deceive you (harm you) or not


  5. \”The Terminator\” is not my favorite movie but I do like the original Matrix movie. I do like a lot of movies. I have to live in the world. I cannot be a Saint or a monk that totally withdraws from the world. I can live in the world and still be aware of the truth about the world and to help expose that truth to others. That is what I am doing on this Blog. Yes, most Hollywood movies are Jewish from top to bottom and yet there have been some very good quality movies made that I can find no fault in. One such movie I saw recently is \”Attila\” starring the actor Powers Booth, which was actually a TV movie from 2001. Great movie. Great actors. Great story. I could find no fault in that movie and yet I know that Jews were involved in the creation of it. Does that matter to me? No. Even Jews can do good works. Its not because someone is Jewish that makes them bad, its what they do. For example, Kirk Douglas who made the original Spartacus is a Jew. He is also one of my favorite actors and Spartacus is a great movie. I do not condemn Kirk Douglas for being Jewish. Its not being Jewish that makes people bad but what they do. If a Jew does good, he is not to be condemned. I admire some other people who I know have a bad side such as Steve Jobs because I admire their charisma. I have many heroes or idols as you call them in the world. I do not judge my idols by their ethnicity or by whether they have an evil side or whether they are a member of the Illuminati but I do look at the basic character of the person. For example I 100% hate George W. Bush because I sense that man is rotten to the core and always has been. I choose my heroes and I also choose my villains. I can sense the character of people, whether they are good or evil. Maybe that is illogical too.


  6. As I said above, I can usually sense the basic character of the person and that determines how I feel about an individual. Putin is another example of a person I admire even though I know he has a bad side and he is another puppet to the Jews as all world leaders are. I admire him because he tells the truth to the West and he does not agree with the West. I see the West as being more corrupt than Russia by far. I have more positive feeling toward Putin than I do for Biden or Trump or Obama. The USA is corrupt to the core and I condemn it. Just because I live in the USA has no effect on my feelings toward the U.S. Government, which I KNOW is rotten to the core. No, you are mistaken in what you say. It is not how someone treats me that determines how I feel about them. It is a sense I get about the person that determines how I feel about them. Some people I sense are just evil and rotten while others I sense are trying to do something positive or good. I can differentiate between people on that basis. For example I see Donald Trump as an evil person, not a good person at all because I look at everything he has done. And Trump is an Illuminati member too but he shows his bad character even though he deceives many people with his words.


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