I feel compelled to create a post about John Bennett Ramsey\’s father since it is my belief that doing so will give a better understanding of his son John Bennett Ramsey and John\’s role in the death of his daughter, JonBenet Ramsey.

James Dudley \”Jay\” Ramsey was the father of John Bennett Ramsey.  


Born January 15, 1916.

Died March 29, 1992 at age 76.

He served in the Air Force and received the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal and three battle stars.

Jay worked as a flight instructor in several private schools after leaving the military. Around 1948 James was appointed as the Director of the Nebraska Department of Aeronautics.

In 1957 Jay left his home state of Nebraska and this job to move his family to Okemos, Michigan, not far from Lansing, where he eventually became head of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission.

It was rumored that during his career in Michigan he was twice considered for appointment as head of the Federal Aviation Administration once during President Kennedy\’s term in office and again after the election of Richard Nixon. But neither opportunity was ever offered to Jay, and he remained as Director of Michigan\’s Aeronautics Commission for 22 years until he retired in 1979.

It is my contention that James Ramsey was a Freemason.  It is my contention that his son, John Bennett Ramsey was also a Freemason, through his father.

It is my contention that James Ramsey was complicit in the Child Prostitution and child pornography operations operating out of North Fox Island, Michigan in the seventies during his tenure as Director of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission.  At the very least, he looked the other way and allowed the operations to exist without State government interference.  This is a direct link between James Ramsey, Michigan State Government corruption and child pornography and child prostitution operations.  Like father like son.  

It is my contention that the retirement of James Ramsey was tied to the exposure of the North Fox Island operations to the public and the investigation of it.  Ramsey retired just as it was being investigated because he knew he was complicit and he wanted to avoid being caught up in the scandal.  In particular he did not want to face questions as to why the Michigan Aeronautics Commission had allowed all the operation on North Fox Island to continue with no oversight whatsoever from the commission that was supposed to regulate flights to and from the island.  

It is my contention that James Ramsey was not just bribed to look the other way about North Fox Island but that he was part of the same pedophile ring in Michigan that was behind North Fox Island.

It is my contention that John Bennett Ramsey, James Ramsey\’s son was also involved in a pedophile ring and that this ring went beyond Michigan.  It also went to California.  Nancy Krebs accuses John Ramsey of abusing her in California when she was a child and John Ramsey was around 26.  

More to come.

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