A Word about Freemasonry:

Even though I am not ready to do a full exposure of Freemasonry, I feel compelled at this point to create a post about it and its relationship to all of the things I have been discussing in this Blog.  Freemasonry is a classic example of the Two Worlds Paradigm that I introduced when I first started this Blog. Its public face (or what it wants the public to believe about it) is one thing but what it is in reality is something entirely different that the public is not supposed to know.  On the surface, Freemasonry appears to be one thing.  Underneath it is something else entirely.  I do not care about the public face of it.  I care about what it really is and how it relates to everything I have been discussing on this Blog.  Freemasonry DOES related to everything I have been talking about and I hope to prove it with additional information.

It is my contention that at its very core Freemasonry is Jewish. Although nobody would ever suspect this by looking at the public face of what Freemasonry pretends to be, at its core it is Jewish.  This means that it favors and cooperates 100% with other Jewish agendas such as Israel, Zionism, etc.  

In the below image, see the two Jewish stars of David in the background at this Freemasonry initiation ceremony:

In the images below, the symbols of Freemasonry and the Star of David are seen together indicating they are one in the same.  Notice in the first image that the Freemason symbol is surrounded by the Jewish Star of David, indicating that Freemasonry is subservient to and a tool of Jewish interests:

Here we see from a Freemasonry book the Freemason handshake shown inside of the Jewish Star of David showing the association between them.  Note in the below picture that the Jewish Star of David surrounds the Freemason hand shake, showing that Freemasonry is subservient to Jewish interests:

Freemasonry is a Cult. Although most people do not think of it in such terms, everything about Freemasonry as it exists in reality is very cult like.  Its a private organization that people become members of just like any other cult.  When people become Freemasons, they join the cult. They are no longer free thinking, free acting individuals but they are conditioned at every step to not be individuals but to be completely willing members of a cult and to do the bidding of the cult. They become puppets to the will of the Cult and anyone who is not of this mindset is not allowed to progress in the cult hierarchy.  Only those who are completely willing to do whatever they are told without thought progress. This is important to understand. 

Freemasonry is Luciferian/Satanic.  Freemasonry claims to worship God but in reality it worships Lucifer as God.  It is a Luciferian organization.  

Secrecy is a core component of Freemasonry. At the very lowest levels of the Freemasonry hierarchy secrecy about what happens inside of the cult is instilled in the members.  What happens inside the cult stays inside the cult and is never to be shared with anyone outside the cult.  There is a very good reason that secrecy is so important to Freemasonry and that is because the entire Freemason organization could be destroyed by public exposure of its activities.  Freemasonry\’s very survival depends upon absolutely secrecy of its REAL operations. 

Threats of Death are a core component of Freemasonry.  As a way to enforce secrecy, cult members are required to swear an oath of secrecy and are threatened with death repeatedly if they ever violate the secrecy of the cult.  

Absolute Loyalty to the cult is a core component of Freemasonry.  Members of this cult who progress to its higher levels are expected to be loyal to whatever the cult wants.  They are expected to put loyalty to the cult above all other things.  Loyalty to the cult is more important than loyalty to themselves, to their families, to their country, to their God, to anything.  Anyone who does not prove themselves to be absolutely loyal to the will of the cult above all other things will not progress in the cult hierarchy. 
The Freemason Handshake.  Freemasons have a special handshake they often use when greeting each other in public.
Freemasons Harry S. Truman and Billy Graham:

Freemason John Lennon:

Young Freemason Barak Obama before he became U.S. President:

33rd Degree Freemason George H.W. Bush and Freemason Jerry Falwell:

For those cult members who have risen to positions of political leadership, one way of demonstrating loyalty and subservience to the cult is to show cult hand signs in public to show that the cult member is a willing puppet of the cult and that the cult is really in control.
Donald J. Trump, Freemason puppet:

French President Sarkozy showing his loyalty to his masters just like a good lapdog would:

For those cult members who have risen to positions of celebrity, throwing cult hand signs regularly to show that you are part of the cult and that you owe everything you are to the cult are part of the game.

The Beatles were a Freemason/Illuminati group:

Pope John Paul III:

There are Rewards/Benfits for being a loyal member of the Cult. Rewards can include good well paying \”cush\” jobs, monetary compensation, property and other perks. The higher up in the cult hierarchy one goes, the bigger the Rewards  For those at the highest levels of the hierarchy benefits can include trained child sex slaves such as the one seen with President Obama in the below image:

The Three Apollo 11 Astronauts who participated in the FAKE staged moon landings HOAX were all Freemasons:

Another name for Freemasonry behind the scenes is the Jewish Illuminati.

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is a Front for the Jewish Illuminati.

Partial List of 33 Degree Freemasons:

Umberto Agnelli, Italian Industrialist and Politician:

Foster Bailey, American Publisher and Writer:

Bernard Mannes Baruch, American Financier and Political Consultant:


John Wilkes Booth, Assassin of President Abraham Lincoln:

John C. Breckinridge, American Lawyer, Political and Soldier:

Bill Clinton: U.S. President:

George H.W. Bush, U.S. Politician and CIA Director:

Robert C. Byrd, U.S. Senator:

Henry Clausen, Author of the Clausen Report (Pearl Harbor Attack investigation):

Howell Cobb, American Political Figure:

Walt Disney:

Billy Graham,U.S. Evangelist:

Albert Pike, Luciferian who created the KKK:

Colin Powell, spreading lies at the U.N. about Saddam Hussein:

Other Freemasons but not of the 33rd Degree:

Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister:

George Clooney, Hollywood Actor:

Kenneth Copeland, Evangelist:

Gerald Ford, Michigan Congressman and U.S. President:

Henry Ford, American Industrialist:

Pope Francis:

Benjamin Franklin, founding father of USA:

Clark Gable, Hollywood Actor:

Arthur Godfrey, Entertainer:

John Hancock, Founding Father of USA:

Franz Josef Haydn, Music Composer:

Bob Hope, Entertainer:

Andrew Jackson, U.S. President:

John Lennon, Musician:

Paul McCartney, Musician:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Music Composer:

Barack Obama, U.S. President:

Arnold Palmer, Golfer:

Richard Pryor, stand up comedian:

Pope Ratzinger:

Ronald Reagan, U.S. President:

Don Rickles, stand-up comedian and actor:

Pat Robertson, Evangelist:

Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S.President:

Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President:

Stu Sutcliff, Musician and ex Beatle:

Donald Trump, U.S. President:

Mark Twain:


Kohann Wolfgang Von Goethe:

George Washington, Founding father and First U.S. President:

John Wayne, Hollywood Actor:

Oscar Wilde, Poet and Playwright:

The Order of the Eastern Star is associated with Freemasonry:

Young men who become Freemasons are usually recruited into Freemasonry by older male members of their family:  Fathers, Stepfathers, Uncles and Grandfathers.  Examples of men who became Freemasons at a young age through an older male member of their family:  John Bennett Ramsey, Fleet Russell White Jr., John Winston Lennon, Barak Obama, George W. Bush.

One of the hallmarks of a high ranking Freemason is corruption that the Freemason is not held accountable for.  Examples:  Fleet Russell White Sr., James Dudley Ramsey, George H.W. Bush. George W. Bush, Bill Clinton. 

Freemasonry arranges cult marriages and \”families\”. For example, the Freemason entities called \”Rainbow Girls\” and \”Job\’s daughter\”s are in reality about arranging the marriages of Freemason daughters to Freemason men. And then after the Freemason man and woman are married, the family they create together including their children becomes a Freemason family. Both the father and mother are Freemasons and their children will automatically be Freemasons too. 

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  1. Publicly they do not, but privately they are very much involved in crimes against children. Publicly Freemasons believe in God and in doing good works for mankind. Privately Freemasons are Luciferian and involved in all manner of evil.


  2. You said French President Macron is a lapdog of Freemason and then show series of pictures with him doing Freemason Symbols, however, the person in that picture is not Macron. He is Nicolas Sarkozy. Please double check your information.


  3. Hate to break it to you \”unknown\” – but the highest levels of Freemasonry not only support crimes against children, but have a global agenda to normalise pedophilia. There are good honest men at the \”recruitment level\”.. but these are just the wheels that keep the machine running (money and infiltrating different religious, political & educational institutions) Most will never reach higher degrees as it's become so big and worldwide that you pretty much need to be born into a FM family to be trusted with the real knowledge. Don't have anything to do with them.


  4. Are you certain Trump is a FM? He was labeled an \”imposter\” by George Soros, which makes me trust him more. To my understanding, Trump's goal is to bring down the cabal and Freemasonry. Am I deceived? What hope do we have if Trump is working for the other side? Mainstream media trashes him, which again, makes me trust him more, as mainstream media is owned by cabal. Democratic translates to demonic rulership, so looks like we are between a rock and a hard place. I try to stay open minded and not \”rule anything out\” . I am Australian but never been so invested in a US election. If you could please provide more information on Trump being involved in Freemasonry I'd be interested to take a look. He has called out sex trafficking, cannibalism, even the UN. That takes a lot of courage. I hope he is who I think he is. So many people hate him but the \”truth community\” (for lack of better term) says he is working for the right side.


  5. Freemasonry is IMO just a false front for the Illuminati, which is Satanist or Luciferian and it is indeed involved in sex crimes against children and in all manner of other evil. Freemasons at the lower levels have no idea what is going on at the highest levels because it is kept from them. Only the most corrupt individuals are allowed to progress to the higher levels and they carefully test each person to see their willingness to do evil.


  6. Trump gives the very same hand signs in public as all the other Freemasons so yeah, I am sure he is either a Free mason or worse a Satanist. I know the man is a dishonest snake and nothing he says can be trusted. Ignore the show that is put on as if the deep state and Trump are in a war with each other. IMO that is all subterfuge to fool the public. You are completely wrong about Trump. He is not in a war with the deep state but he is one of them in disguise.


  7. You can bet that the Freemasons and the Jewish Illuminati behind them are 100% behind the Convid 19 Psyop world take over. Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates are really front men in all this. The real planners of this scamdemic are the JEWISH Illuminati. Jews have long stated a desire to control the entire world and they have controlled the entire world but now they want much more control over the entire world than they have ever had before. This is the NWO coming to life and its the greatest threat to humanity in the history of the world. If these Snakes ever get the control they want, humanity will be in a slave collar and unable to escape. God help us all if that happens. We must FIGHT to prevent it!


  8. Freemason,Illuminati (the Jews)control both sides of the debate, opposing one toward the other. Trump is just the other side of the opposition. I believe it was Lenin who stated: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” As of the date of this post; it is obvious thatTrump is controlled opposition. Anyone to think other wise is under the spell of the phony, CIA created Q-Anon magic spell and needs to pull their heads out their rear ends. It is no big secret to those who do their research and home work that Trump was a business partner to George Soros. In fact the Trump administration was infested with Jew; more so then Obama.


  9. Americans are stupidest, most gullible things on the planet. They think cause the establishment allies of Trump, criticize him? They hate him and are against him. ITS THEATER! They think cause the JEW media calls out Trump, that is \”proof\” that Trump is not one of them. lolol ITS ALL AN ACT! Bnai Brith is EXPERT on mass psychology and plays the cattle goyim like a fiddle. By making Dump a media martyr? They have guaranteed the loyalty of his idiot base. As the tweet storm and Trump histrionics exploded, he did NOTHING for America- but stealthily endowed his zionist Mason handlers with the m.e region- and world domination. No other potus could have done this, except one like \”our guy, outsider\” lolol Dump! No other zio-puppet could have openly bragged about warp speeding a MARK of the BEAST vaccine. Tavistock, Mossad and affiliated NWO zionist orgs played this one like champions. And the masses-R-asses public? Are now cheering on their own destruction; still pining for Trojan Horse Trump to be reinstated.


  10. I don't think Freemasonry and Jewish people are interconnected or related. Except that many Freemasons did take in Jews during the Holocaust, but they also took in Gypsies, Communists, and others who were prosecuted.It's probably just a coincidence that the symbols are related.


  11. It has been well documented that Freemasonry has been infiltrated by Jews long ago and now Freemasonry itself is Jewish at its core and does the bidding of Jews in the world. You should not even mention the Holocaust here which is a Jewish invention. Please do not mention that on my Blog at all. It is not a coincidence at all. You are not awake at all to the Jewish problem.


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