The Extra TV episode discussing the death of JonBenet Ramsey:

Nancy Krebs revealed something very interesting in her testimony to Boulder, CO authorities concerning an episode of the Extra TV program mentioning Fleet Russell White Sr. being a suspect in the death of JonBenet Ramsey.  Nancy Krebs said that the day after Christmas or the following day, (12-26-1996 or 12-27-1996) she got a call from her Mother about the JBR case.  Her mother said she had seen on the Extra TV program that Fleet White Sr. was a suspect in the murder of JBR.

I find this EXTREMELY interesting.  This information seems to contradict everything that has been publicly released about the JBR murder but I suspect that there has been a high level cover up to completely change the story about this murder.  As I noted in another post, they did something similar in the case of the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995.  In that case, it was first reported that multiple bombs had been found inside the building after the explosion and that they had been defused and taken out of the building.  Sometime after that the story of the OKC Bombing completely changed and suddenly everyone was talking about Timothy McVeigh and a truck full of fertilizer being responsible for all the damage done to that building and there was NO MENTION AT ALL of any bombs being found in the building.  So the story of what happened in the OKC bombing completely changed.  The story was reported accurately at first and then the story was changed and the first story was memory-holed as if it had never happened. But it DID happen.  We can go back and watch the original newscasts of the OKC Bombing and see it.  But the authorities are corrupt and they completely deny that the first story ever happened.  All they wanted to talk about was Timothy McVeigh and there was a huge cover up to conceal the original story.  Understand that.

I believe the exact same thing happened for the JBR murder in 1996.  I think the story of what happened and where it happened was reported accurately originally right after the murder and it named Fleet Russell White Sr as being a suspect.  And then at some later point, just as in the OKC Bombing, the story got changed completely and the original story was memory holed as if it never happened.  Only from Nancy Krebs do we learn about it.  

Someone with the power to make it happen changed the publicly released story of what happened in the OKC Bombing in 1995.  Someone with the power to make it happen also changed the publicly released story of what happened in the JBR Murder in 1996.  The CIA and the CIA/Jew owned and controlled American MSM undoubtedly played a key role in the changing of the story in both of these events.  In both cases there was a high level cover up to conceal the truth of what really happened from the American public.

To explain this, I contend that there are secret National Security related laws and guidelines in place to protect the U.S. Government and U.S. Establishment from the release of sensitive information to the public that could lead to the destabilization and possibly the fall of the entire U.S. Government.  If an event happens which threatens to expose the U.S. Government/U.S. Establishment in a negative light to the public, then these secret National Security related laws and guidelines can be implemented under the pretext of National Security.  If this happens, both the Main Stream media and State and local government agencies are forced to cooperate with it.  I contend that in both the case of the 1995 OKC Bombing and the case of the 1996 JBR murder that these secret National security related laws/guidelines were implemented and this explains why the story in both cases dramatically changed over night and suddenly the old story was totally gone and everyone switched to the same new page.  To me this makes the most sense to explain these complete changes of story.  In simple language, the U.S. Government/U.S. Establishment covers its ass when it becomes exposed to the public in a way that could harm the government. It does not give a fuck about the people but it cares very much about itself.  This is HIGH TREASON against the American people but the U.S. Government is all about HIGH TREASON. 

I am VERY INTERESTED in knowing the real story about this murder.  I want to know where it happened and who was involved.  I want to know why there has been such a huge cover up to this very day to change the story and focus it entirely on the Ramseys and the Ramsey home.

I want to find evidence that supports what Nancy Krebs said about the Extra TV episode.  I have found the two possible episodes it could be, which are Season 3 episodes 724 and 725 of that program:

What I am looking for is contained in one of these two episodes.  In one of these episodes it mentions Fleet Russell White Sr and tells the true circumstances of the murder and where it took place which, like the OKC Bombing changed story, is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the story we have all been told after the fact.  I hope someone reading this will help me expose the truth about this.  JonBenet Ramsey deserves justice.  Will you help me bring her justice by showing the evidence I am looking for?

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  1. If the Extra episode could be shown I believe it would prove that there has been a huge CONSPIRACY to cover up the truth in this case that goes far beyond the Ramseys or the Whites. If Nancy Krebs is telling the truth about this episode, then it takes the cover up to a whole new level. I do not call what I am saying a theory. I call it the truth. And I do not believe in mediums.


  2. I highly recommend these videos on YouTube. The author’s contention falls in line with this article. Essentially the government has people doing their dirty work. When the crimes get exposed the “hitman” has to take the fall. Saving the crime syndicate from exposure. It would appear the Ramsey’s were chosen to take the fall. This video links soooo many traumatic past American experiences. I have not finished watching it all, but I noticed a picture of Jonbenet within the text. In a nut shell the story about Jonbenet has always been bigger then the murder of a cute little girl. It’s been about a corruption that runs deeper then anyone could know.


  3. The series is called “ Programmed to Kill.” Interestingly enough. Nancy Krebs likened herself to the unfortunate Filipino boy that was sent back into jeffrey Dahmer house. Even tho he was drugged, bleeding from the rectum and trying to escape. Interestingly, the 2 cops and the police captain were ultimately promoted. The same cop who failed to check out Dahmer, who was on probation for child sexual abuse, ended up being awarded the policeman of the year. In my imagination it seems like THIS is how the swamp was created. A million godless acts being rewarded and hidden, while promoting the guiltiest among humanity.


  4. Except the Ramsey's never actually took the fall. Even though suspicion was placed on all the other family members, nobody was ever charged or convicted so nobody took the fall. Placing the blame on the Ramsey family was entirely for the purpose of keeping the public's focus on them and off of the real perps in this case. But the Ramsey's always knew who killed their daughter from day one and they kept it secret. It was never a mystery to them despite the drama they put for public consumption. Yes, the JBR murder is much bigger than just the death of this one child. It is really about a dark underworld of Satanic rituals that goes on in secret to this very day. I have been trying to expose the corruption you speak of from day one on this Blog. America is HUGELY corrupt, perhaps the most corrupt nation in the world but its a SECRET corruption. Its the secrecy that is most interesting about it.


  5. A lot of things in the world are one thing in public and another thing in private. If you have not already seen it you should read my post about the Two Worlds Paradigm in the important links section of this Blog because it explains this very important phenomenon that all truth seekers need to understand about the world. We are lied to all the time and the truth is hidden from all but the select few. And there is blatant corruption everywhere, in LE, in government, basically everywhere you can think of. Corruption rules America in secret. Always in secret and the MSM's job is to hide the truth about this and to keep the public clueless and deceived. I see you mention the swamp. I hope you are not a Trump supporter because that man is as corrupt as anyone else in this system. It appears to me as if you are red pilled. I do not see many people like you on my Blog.


  6. I used to be a Trump supporter. But I make a valiant effort to question everything and everyone. I, like most conservatives were hopeful the “good” would prevail. After Trump led the people down to the Capital like lambs to the slaughter, I KNEW Trump had to be involved. I’ve done a half hearted research on Trump. And I welcome all information on this subject. I think it’s the little clues combined with what I’ve learned about how the world works that seem to catch my eye. For instance, I went to Virginia Guiffres tweeter account. She hates Trump. And it’s like she wants to tell us something but she can’t. And the fact that Trump had a pretty 15 year old towel girl working for him, who JUST happened to meet Maxwell at Mar a Largo, is a bit too much to swallow. I do indeed believe in a sinister group who rules behind the scenes. The swamp is as good an adjective as others. Back on the topic of Trump. I read a lengthy and well documented article by a liberal a couple years ago. I’ve since not been able to find it. It was on Yandex. The writer discussed the connection between the Trump beauty pageants, the prostitutes in his casinos and human trafficking. It’s not pretty. Basically girls are solicited to be models or to join the pageant circles, the not so pretty ones end up being trafficked. Now, I’m not saying Trump was directly involved, but the point was that the industries borders were fine lines. To be honest, I have not yet formed an informed opinion on how Trump was used to manipulate the US. But my mind is open to the truth. I also found it strange that Ivanka and Ivanna were in Epstein’s address book. The guy was a well know Douche bag on a good year. I just read something a couple of days ago. The person suggested that Q was created to inform people about the child sex ring, not because they cared about helping the kids, but for damage control. As in, making it look like the Republicans were intent on exposing these crimes, when in actuality they had been involved in them the whole time. IF Trump has blood on his hands, wouldn’t it be ingenious to manipulate people into thinking he was on the team trying to save the kids? It sorta reminds me of how the Whites managed their reputation. It’s well known that in politics and the courts, offense is the best defense. Back to Q. I was never a believer. It seemed like some script out of Hollywood. I think the worst thing that came out of Q is that it made child sexual abuse a partisan issue, when it should be a bipartisan issue. Ok, this is just me rambling. I’ve often imagined how in the world did Hillary lose? She is a perfect fit in regards to that loathsome group. And the idea occurred to me, that if she had become President, she would be scrutinized. And since the Wikileaks had just been dumped, the people who are guiltier then Hillary and Trump put together needed to protect the syndicate. And Trump’s dirt was more manageable. God forbid anything leads back to the criminals running the world. Just ideas.


  7. Yes, I read that part of your blog. I’m not sure if I missed other parts. I’ll go beck and look. I like the perspective. It’s interesting. I have reached these conclusions, essentially by myself. And once you figure somethings out, you realize you are not alone. 🤓


  8. is my favorite Jonbenet article of the week. Essentially, this Law Professor from Loyola University more or less proves the murder of Jonbenet was an inside hit. He suggests Lockheed Martin fully knew the random note was a set up. It is well known that the FBI takes jurisdiction over kidnapping. The fact the FBI, the agency that never sleeps, was confident there was no kidnappers. Nor impending terrorist attack on a CEO within one of the US’s largest military defense organization. A lone inexperienced cop was left without back up, to take the wrap for police shoddy investigation. The FBI should have immediately taken over this case. The fact they didn’t indicates the FBI knew they would not lose face by not showing up, Bc ultimately they knew it was a Homicide, not a kidnapping.


  9. In a case like this one must be very careful what one believes because disinformation agents are all over this case like flies on shit and their purpose is to deceive. If I believed what every disinformation agent said about this case I would have gotten nowhere at all, which is the true purpose of all the disinformation, to keep the general public eternally clueless. I had to go inside myself for the answers to this case because I could trust nobody outside. You have been brainwashed about many things and this colors the way you see everything, including this case. You must remove your own brainwashing before you can see anything clearly. You are believing your own brainwashing and just repeating it to me, which I have no interest in hearing. You have not listened to me at all but have just cherry picked from my message what you already agreed with and rejected all the rest. What profit do you get from coming here on my Blog and saying these things to me? How does that profit either of us. You are a million miles away from where I am at and the gulf between us is not going to be easily crossed. I tell you that you are very far from where you need to be but you probably will not accept that. This Blog is probably not for you at all. This Blog is for people who have taken the red pill, which is not you. You have a good heart and you seem sincere but you are not enlightened about these things and you are not even trying to learn. So why do you come here?


  10. I have been in personal communication with the author of the Cavdef site and yes he is honest and enlightened. Thank you for this article. I will read it. And I hope you do not take offense to what I said in response to your other comment. I am not trying to offend you in anything I say but I recognize that your thinking is very far from where it needs to be. I see you as a blue pilled person still. Even though you are partially red pilled and you want to believe, your own brainwashing prevents you from seeing many things. So you can see the CIA as being evil but you cannot go beyond the CIA as I have. You cannot see that the CIA is just a front for something bigger behind it, as I have seen. I respect you for trying to learn but you have not seen the big picture and its your own life that has blinded you to the big picture I am trying to tell you. Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find the truth.


  11. The reason that Hillary lost is that if she was in office during this convid scamdemic, everybody would have known it was all BS. Even democrats would have balked at it all. They knew they were gonna do this scam, so they needed a perceived outsider, Trump probably didnt know the plan, he's just a front. All he did was tweet all day! Just like Obama was always on vacation, golfing, or watching ESPN.


  12. That could be part of the reason for Trump to \”win\” over Hillary. As I have said, Democracy is a sham. Its not the people who control America or who becomes POTUS but the Jews. But of course hey knew what they were going to do regarding the covid 19 scam when in 2016. I disagree that Trump didn't know the plan. Trump is a Jew and controlled opposition. What he pretends to be to the American public and who he really is are two different things and one should never be deceived by the illusion being presented of him. He is a front but he is also a powerful influential Jew, just as Bill Gates is. Jews are never just fronts or minions. They are in a different class. Trump's Presidency was a joke. Imagine this guy being President again? He would do the same thing or worse. Anyone who would seriously support Trump for President is not a good, wise, honest person. That is why when you see someone supporting Trump today it should raise a huge red flag to you about that person or web site. They out themselves.


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