A deeper look at Macky Boykin:

Nancy Krebs described Macky Boykin as being a part of her life for as long as she can remember. Although this man was dead at the time that JBR was murdered, his life and the things he was involved in are very significant and relevant to understanding the JBR murder.  It is my belief that someone very much like Boykin was at the very least involved in the murder of JBR if not the actual murdered himself.  But in this post I want to discuss Boykin and the things he was into according to Nancy Krebs.

Boykin\’s job was to train Nancy Krebs and other little girls in sadomasochistic sexual practices. Nancy Krebs said that her family and their \”guests\” referred to the sexually trained little girls as their \”Pretty Little Whores\”. I believe that JonBenet Ramsey had one more more people in the role of Boykin who were sexually training her from a young age to be used in sadomasochistic sexual practices.  

One of Boykin\’s favorite techniques was to get her body to simulate orgasm (through convulsions) by choking her to the point that she almost passed out (and occasionally she did). To accomplish this, he sometimes pressed him thimbs against the carotid artery in her neck or he used a variety of ropes, belts and scarves to bind her wrists and ankles and choke her, all while other men, referred to as her \”Uncles\” sexually assaulted her. It is my belief that JBR was being choked in a very similar manner during the VIP Sex Party at Fleet Russell White\’s mansion in Boulder CO and that JBR accidentally suffocated to death and could not be revived.  It is likely that the person who was sexually abusing her at the time of her death was none other than Fleet Russell White Sr.   One of the \”Uncles\” who sexually assaulted Nancy Krebs was John Bennett Ramsey, father of JonBenet Ramsey when he was a teenager around 16.

This subculture was a family tradition, according to Nancy Krebs.  It is my belief that this \”family tradition\” involved Satanism and Freemasonry.  It is my belief that this same family tradition existed in the White Family, in the Bennett Ramsey family and in the Paugh Family.  All these families are connected and involved in the same types of activities behind the scenes.  This explains their close association. 

Nancy Kreb\’s mother (Gwen Louise Christoff Krebs Boykin) told Nancy Krebs that, as a child, she (Gwen) had been similarly used by one of the men whom she allowed to rape her daughter (Nancy). It is my belief that Patsy Ramsey as a child was sexually abused by her father (Donald Paugh) and sexually abused by other men.  It is because that Patsy Ramsey was raised in that environment and had been sexually abused herself that caused her to allow her own daughter JonBenet Ramsey to be similarly abused.  

Boykin is alleged to be a former U.S. Navy officer. The area in Trona, CA where Boykin lived was a narrow area of civilian land near the China Lake Naval Weapons Center. I am very interested to investigate connections between Boykin and what he was involved in and the U.S. Navy.  I suspect that Boykin was employed at the China Lake Naval Weapons Center.  I suspect that Boykin was involved in TOP SECRET U.S. Government mind control programming.  Note that China Lake Naval Weapons Center has been named as one of the locations where Monarch programming experiments have taken place.

Boykin\’s SSN: 556-44-3070

Macky Eugene. Boykin: https://www.sysoon.com/deceased/macky-e-boykin-237

Served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean conflict.

More to come.

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  1. I have never heard anything about Nancy Krebs admitting she was wrong about John Ramsey being the same person she referred to as Uncle Johnnie when Nancy was a child. You have to understand that there is a huge cover up in existence to hide the true circumstances of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. A lot of people are involved in this cover up. The person who made that first comment that you are replying to is a person named Jameson who came to this site and made a lot of negative comments here. I think it is a woman who runs a site called Jameson's WebSleuths, if you have ever heard of that. This is not an honest person and they have a clear bias against Nancy Krebs and want to discredit everything she says about the White family being involved in the murder.


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