A word about Fleet Russell White Jr:

Fleet Russell White Jr. was involved in covering up for his father, Fleet Russell White Sr. as the killer of JonBenet.  Fleet White Jr. was also covering up his own involvement in the death which happened inside of the home owned by him and his wife Priscilla. He was also covering up to protect his family name and reputation which would be very badly damaged and even destroyed by the revelation that the killing of this child directly involved the White family. So Fleet White Jr. had a very big motivation for wanting all attention to be focused on the Ramsey family and the Ramsey home and for no attention to be focused on anyone else in Boulder CO and for no attention to be focused on his home where the Ramseys had been on Christmas day. Both Fleet White and the Ramseys were covering up for the real truth. 

JonBenet Ramsey was terrified of Fleet White Jr. at the Charlevoix, MI house.  Fleet White Jr. was one of the people sexually abusing JBR.  Fleet White Jr. was a sadistic Satanic child sexual abuser and this explains JBR\’s terror of him.

Fleet White Jr. violated a direct order from law enforcement and went back to the (fake) crime scene and touched the blanket and the tape.  The reason that FW did this is because he was involved in the staging of the (fake) crime scene.  Specifically he was involved in the staging of the blanket and the duct tape over JBR\’s mouth.  FW was worried that his fingerprints or other evidence from him would be found on the blanket and/or the duct tape so he purposely touched them in front of LE to explain why his fingerprints, etc. would be found there.  He was covering up his involvement.

Fleet White Jr shadowed Patsy.  Fleet White Jr. was worried that Patsy was going to reveal information about her daughter\'s murder which would reveal a lot of other people being involved including himself.  Fleet White knew that Patsy was very upset about her daughter\'s death and he was worried that she was not in control of herself and that she would say things she should not say in public.  He wanted to intimidate her into silence. 
Fleet White Jr. worked for Fleet Oil Company, the same oil company owned by his millionaire father, Fleet Russell White Sr. 
October 25, 2001: A Jefferson County district judge sentenced Fleet White Jr. to 30 days in jail today for ignoring a subpoena in connection with a case related to the JonBenet Ramsey homicide.
As people were researching into Fleet Russell White Jr, some odd information was revealed including the following:

1) Fleet Russell White Jr. was registered under two different and distinct social security numbers.

2) One of those social security numbers was shared with a completely different name, Stephen Mason. This name should be investigated.  It may be the real name of the man known to the public as Fleet Russell White Jr or it could be an alias that he sometimes used.  Definitely more investigation should be done of this name. 

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  1. You wrote, \”Fleet White even went so far as to pull a gun on John Ramsey in Georgia shortly after the murder to threaten him because the Ramseys were not cooperating with the program that the rest of the group wanted. \”What? Fleet never did that. This is really a terrible bunch of lies you are spewing here.


  2. It is reported that he did pull a gun on JR in Georgia when the Ramsey family was there burying their dead daughter. You can call it a lie but its on a record. I am not going to look it up to prove that to you. Are you personally associated with the Fleet White family?


  3. I did not really make that association but its possible. Freemasonry is involved in this murder. Its involved in the Ramsey family. Its involved in the White family. There is a link between Freemasonry and Satanism.


  4. The person I think who made that comment goes by the name of Jameson. He is active on a lot of different forums. He came her from Reddit and made that post. I think he is a snake. I do not call him a Freemason but a snake. A snake is a Satanist. Another snake I have identified is Tricia Griffith who is the administrator of one of the main web sites talking about the JonBenet Ramsey murder, WebSleuths. She perma banned me from websleuths because I outed the Whites in the death. Tricia is a snake who actually admitted once that she knows the Whites. And she is in charge of the entire forum discussing the case. Talk about a conflict of interest!


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