Doing the Deep Dive on Nancy Krebs:

I believe that the information that Nancy Krebs attempted to provide to Boulder CO authorities in the JBR murder exposes the truth.  In this post I want to do a deeper look into Nancy Krebs, starting with her family members and their relationships to other people in this mystery such as Fleet Russell White SR.

Nancy Jo Krebs, AKA Mystery Woman, the woman who exposed the truth about the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Born April 25, 1962. Residences: Shasta Lake, CAPismo Beach, CALos Osos, CA.  Hereford, AZ. Bisbee, AZ.  Bakersfield, CA. Santa Maria, CA.  Tucson, AZ. Reported in 1991 that she had been raped by Macky Boykin. Victim of SRA.

Fleet Russell White Sr, AKA White Fleet. Born March 20, 1913. Mother\’s maiden name Townsend.  Godfather of Nancy Kreb\’s mother.  Died August 6, 2006.  Wife Nyla M. White Age 97. Residences: Aspen, CO. Costa Mesa, CA. Irvine, CA Santa Ana, CA, New Orleans, LA.  Indio, CA. Strongly suspected of being a high level Freemason.  Guilty of Sexually abusing Nancy. Suspected Satanist.

Alyce Holtz, Fleet Russell White Sr\’s first wife.  Maiden name Baerthlein

Nyla M. White, AKA Myla M. White. AKA Nyla F. White. Born June 8, 1923. Second wife of Fleet Russell White Sr. Mother of Fleet Russell White Jr. Age 97. Residences: Aspen, CO. Glenwood Springs, CO.  Costa Mesa, CA.  Tustin, CA. Suspected Satanist.

Fleet Russell White Jr., AKA Fleet P. White. AKA Fleet Priscilla B. White. AKA White Fleet Age 71. Born May 19, 1949. Son of Nyla M. White. Lives in Boulder, CO. Children:  David White 49, Daphne White, 30, Lisa White 52   Residences:  Boulder, CO.  Superior CO. Jacksonville, FL.  Newport Beach, CA.  Irvine, CA. Guilty of Sexually Abusing Nancy. Suspected Satanist.

Priscilla B. Brown, Wife of Fleet Russell White Jr. Suspected Satanist.

Gordon W. Christoff, Nancy Krebs\’ Grandfather, Born Feb 08 1911 in Minnesota, Mother Nee Clifford, Died Feb 08, 1966 in L.A. CA, Close friend of Fleet Russell White Sr. from school. According to Nancy Krebs, it was Gordon Christoff and Fleet White Sr. who were the first ones to sexually abuse her together when Nancy Krebs was three years old, which would be 1965 or 1966. She says the two men were together when they sexually abused her. Guilty of Sexually Abusing Nancy. Suspected Satanist.

Alyce Christoff Sprague, Nancy Krebs\’ Grandmother and Wife of Gordon Christoff, Born July 13, 1912, Lived in San Luis Obispo, CA, 1st marriage to Gordon Christoff, 2nd marriage to Albert Sprague,  Friend of Fleet Russell White Sr from school. Guilty of allowing many people to sexually abuse Nancy while Nancy was in her care. Suspected Satanist.

Gordon and Alyce Christoff lived in Hawaii for a year along with Fleet Russell White Sr and his wife before Gwen was born.

Albert Hedding Sprague, Second husband to Alyce Christoff. Born August 2, 1910. Died 1991 at 80 years.  Led a very Machiavellian existence. He took a job in early 1936 building roads in North Africa and was recruited by the OSS (Office of Strategic Services). Worked in Army Intelligence until the end of WW2, then stayed in North Africa for another year (1946) building roads for the Army Corp of Engineers.  Father of Tal Jones. Guilty of sexually abusing Nancy. Guilty of allowing many people to sexually abuse Nancy while Nancy was in his care. Suspected Satanist.

Clifford D. Cristoff AKA \”Chris\”, Son of Gordon Cristoff, Born August 24, 1947, Brother of Gwen, Uncle of Nancy, Kern County, California Sheriff (1986-2007), Wife Betty, Good friend of Fleet Russell White Jr.

It is of significance that Kern Country where this man was Deputy Sheriff is right next to San Luis Obispo County.  

Gwen Louise Christoff Krebs Boykin, Daughter of Gordon and Alyce. Born May 3, 1942. Nancy Kreb\’s mother.  Fleet Russell White Sr\’s God daughter. Married first to Don Krebs.  Married second to Thomas Boykin.  Suspected Satanist.

Don H. Krebs, AKA Don Dallas Krebs, father of Nancy Krebs. First husband of Gwen Christoff. Son of Harold Krebs. Residences: Shasta Lake, CA.  Cambridge, MA.  Shasta, CA.  Redding, CA.  Bella Vista, CA. Pismo Beach, CA.  Nipomo, CA. Currently resides in MO.  Currently age 79.  Suspected Satanist.
Douglas Lee Krebs, Brother of Don Krebs, Uncle to Nancy Krebs, Currently age 82, Residences: Riverside, CA.  Los Osos, CA.  Moreno Valley, CA.  Cochise, AZ.  Trinidad, CA. Sierra Vista, AZ.
Thomas Alvin Boykin, Born Aug 28, 1938 Second husband of Gwen Christoff, Stepfather of Nancy Krebs. Brother of Macky. Died Feb 9, 2002 at age 63. Trona, CA resident for 26 years before his death. He retired in 1989, from employment as a supervisor with Kerr McGee in Trona. He also served in the U.S. Air Force.
Macky Boykin, Brother of Thomas Boykin, Born 1933 in Oklahoma, Mother\’s maiden name Phillips. Step-Uncle of Nancy Krebs. Alleged to be a former U.S. Navy officer. Residences: Trona, CA. near the China Lake Naval Weapons Center. Convicted of raping Nancy Krebs on 11-9-1995 in Kern County, CA. Died November, 1996. Guilty of Sexually Abusing Nancy. Suspected SatanistA Deeper Look into Boykin.  
Lewis Wayne Boykin Sr., Brother of Thomas and Macky. Born 1936. Died 2003.

Rex Krebs, San Luis Obispo killer/rapist, Born Jan 28, 1966  Suspected Satanist.

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