Links between the JonBenet Ramsey murder and the North Fox Island, MI scandal:

As I am going down the rabbit hole of attempting to fully understand what really happened in the JonBenet Ramsey murder, I find that the story of what really happened is not simple at all.  In fact it is very complex.  There are connections between this case and other cases.  One of those connections is the North Fox Island, MI scandal.  On the surface there appears to be no connection between the JonBenet Ramsey murder and North Fox Island but I have already uncovered multiple connections between the two to show that they are very much related.  What is the best way for me to make that connection to people trying to understand this case?

The North Fox Island case is a hugely complex case in itself, every bit as complex and hard to decipher as the JBR murder.  It is not my purpose here to cover the North Fox Island case other than to make connections between it and the JBR murder.  If anyone wants to research the North Fox Island, MI scandal then they are free to do so but in this post I am going to only talk about it in relation to the JBR murder.

There was a pornography ring operating in Michigan involving many prominent people. Gerald Ford (a Freemason) was involved in this pornography ring before he became President of the United States. Francis Shelden was involved in this pornography ring.

Francis (Frank) Shelden came from an extremely wealthy Grosse Pointe, MI, family and was an Ann Arbor, MI, millionaire and philanthropist. He owned North Fox Island in Lake Michigan–a private island near Traverse City, approximately two miles wide by one mile long, paying $5,000 a year in taxes to Leelanau County. Started \”Brother Paul\’s Childrens Mission\”, a \”nature camp\” for boys aged 7 to 16, located on his tiny, isolated and uninhabited island. Brother Paul\’s was actually a front for an underground child pornography network. Shelden fled the country after North Fox Island was exposed to avoid prosecution. Authorities discovered Shelden was living in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, Shelden changed his name to Frank Torey. Shelden was never extradited and allegedly died at age 68 on July 1, 1996.  Born 1928.

Gerald Richards.  From Carmel, New York. Associate of Frank Shelden involved with Brother Paul\’s Childrens Mission.  Brother Paul\’s Chief Organizer.

Dyer Grossman. AKA Dale Osterman. AKA Elliot Crossman. AKA Elijah Crossman. From New Jersey. Associate of Frank Shelden. Came from New Jersey to Port Huron, MI to help Richards set up “Brother Paul’s Childrens Mission”. Fled the country after North Fox Island was exposed to avoid prosecution.

Essentially, North Fox Island was a series of shell businesses set up across the country to facilitate the flow of massive amounts of child pornography internationally, all on a pipeline from Michigan to New Jersey (to a church called The Church of New Revelation, which wasnt an actual church but a front for the mail order catalogs to connect with pedophiles in the new york/new jersey region)  I strongly suspect that the Company that John Ramsey was CEO of (Access Graphics) was involved in the very same thing as North Fox Island was involved with.  I suspect Access Graphics was distributing child pornography around the USA and also internationally from its offices in Amsterdam, Holland.  I suspect that child pornography was being produced of JBR and other children and that it was being distributed secretly by this company for a huge amount of profit for all involved. 

When North Fox Island came to light (and it only half came to light, only being seen in a few newspapers in the local area of where Shelden was, way up near Charlevoix), the leader of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission quietly retired, refusing to run again (despite still being relatively young in his fifties).  Note that North Fox Island is close to Charlevoix, MI where John and Patsy Ramsey purchased a vacation home in the early 1990\’s.  The family also relocated there after JonBenet\’s murder. This is not a coincidence but a link between the two cases. The leader of the Michigan Aeronautics commission was corrupt and owned which is why he suddenly retired after North Fox Island was exposed.    

And now here is a direct smoking gun link between the JonBenet Ramsey murder and North Fox Island, MI.  The leader at the time of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission in the above paragraph was John Ramsey\’s father.  His name was James Dudley \”Jay\” Ramsey.

Here is a little summary of facts about James Dudley Ramsey, father of John Ramsey:

Born January 15, 1916.

Died March 29, 1992 at age 76.

He served in the Air Force and received the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal and three battle stars.

He was president and treasurer of the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) and chairman of the NASAO Airport Committee.

Served as the Director of the Nebraska Aeronautics Commission from 1947 to 1956.

Served as the Director of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission for 22 years, retiring in 1979.

At the very least, James Ramsey was a corrupt Michigan state government official being bribed to look the other way in terms of the operations going on at North Fox Island by the corrupt network behind North Fox Island (Frank Shelden, Adam Starchild, etc.).  James Ramsey is strongly suspected to be a Freemason.

He has been described as being very cold with everybody and methodical, the same way as his son John Ramsey was described by those who knew him.

After North Fox Island was exposed, Frank Shelden fled the country.  He is said to have died in the Netherlands.  It is very likely that when Frank Shelden (who was VERY wealthy) fled the country in the late seventies that he made his way to Amsterdam, Netherlands. And here is another link between North Fox Island and the JBR murder.  John Ramsey was the CEO of Access Graphics and Access Graphics had its headquarters in guess where?  That\’s right.  Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Ask yourself how did John Ramsey get to be CEO of this Amsterdam Company?  Who funded it?  Frank Shelden was behind Access Graphics.  He was the real owner of it and he made John Ramsey CEO.  John Ramsey\’s father was corrupt and working with corrupt pedophiles in the late seventies and then later John Ramsey was doing the very same thing as his father.  He was corrupt and working with corrupt pedophiles and getting a huge pay off for it. Do you see the links?

More to come.

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  1. good stuff. you should dig into Adam Starchild who published a book in Boulder the year jbr died. He handled a lot of the publishing of materials. Paladin Press was likely publishing the materials used to blackmail Boulder into compliance. I like your theory, but Shelden died in proceeding JBRs murder. He was in charge of the operation, but it passed hands to someone else. Ramsey was influential in encryption and taking the network globally using the dark web.


  2. When and where do you allege Frank Shelden to have died and do you have a source for that information so I can verify it? Do you have a source about Ramsey being an encryption expert and taking the network globally using the dark web?


  3. I've found the more I look into this, the more I realise these people are ALL interrelated. At first it seems like a wild coincidence or conspiracy theory. But that is only the stage between the LIE and the TRUTH. The truth is, they are born into this. They are a minority but control the majority of money, resources, architecture, technology, telecommunications, gold & other metals, minerals, crystals, etc. They live in what one might call a \”parallel world\” to us. They have underground tunnels, secret meetings, mansions, slaves, blackmail rings… it just goes on & on. On another note, did you read the link I posted in YouTube comments, first when I read it, I re-watched all the Ramsey interviews, public appearances etc and studied John Ramsey's micro expressions & embedded confessions and concluded he was definitely guilty and the murderer. Note the confession does not contain details about the actual murder scene but implies he killed his daughter in a sort of \”sacrifice\”. When I realised she was never murdered in her home, you replied with a link to this blog. After reading your information about Fleet White & family, I wondered if it really was John who wrote this \”confession\” or if it was Fleet White himself? It seems the families had a falling out during the investigations. Staged? I think the Ramsey's might have been pissed off they lost their \”investment\” more than their daughter (psychopaths see people as possessions, even their own children, spouses etc) so it would not surprise me if they did have a falling out and maybe John himself wanted Fleet to get arrested (for many reasons, John didn't like being told what to do). Whoever wrote that letter was obviously very intelligent, articulate & had very good insight into the psychological profile of John Ramsey, if it was not John himself. What do you think?


  4. I am not going to look at anything that concerns Trump in any positive light. As I have said, the man is a snake wearing sheep's clothing and everyone who believes him to be honest is being deceived. Perhaps you will come to realize that when enough evidence of it is put in front of your face. You certainly cannot believe this confession to be authentic. There was no falling out between the Whites and Ramseys. That was subterfuge to deceive the public. From this comment I can tell you really do not see the truth I am trying to tell. You see it partially but you do not see the big picture yet.


  5. smart man. That Q shit is just like setting up a serve. The point is to set up the serve so the \”other side\” (really the same side when it comes to international pedophilia) can come and push legislation that literally bans the discussions you are having by proxy. That is the end goal, to prevent any major leaks by setting up systems of monitoring for \”lunacy\” so it can be dealt with accordingly. Q attaches a cold truth (leverage is the name of the game in politics, and the sicker that leverage the better) to easily provable lies (OPRAHS IN JAIL OMG TOM HANKS IS IN A BUNKER) to discredit and make illegal the discussion of BOTH. They are attaching the truth to insanity to censor the truth. I know we don't necessarily see eye to eye on everything, but you have a damn good brain in that head of yours. Its nice to see someone using that right for a change.


  6. I was initially deceived by the Q Psyop and Trump because I was so disillusioned by the American train wreeck that I was desperate to latch onto someone who appeared to be a Hero trying to save America. Its easy to be deceived by smooth sounding words but it took less than three years for me to see through both Q and Trump. I was also deceived by Isaac Kappy until I saw through him. There are many deceivers who have come forward as fake heroes when in reality they are snakes wearing sheeps clothing. As for what you said at the last, I just I do not trust anything being told to me as truth by authorities anymore and I think that is a very healthy way for every American to be. What I am most trying to do with my Blog is to make the American people completely lose faith in the lying snakes who are running the show in America. I want the entire System to be destroyed because that is the only way to free the American people.


  7. Its interesting that this article questions his death. There was a post I saw somewhere that said Frank Shelden was alive under a different name and they showed the picture of him. I compared that picture with the earlier picture of Frank Shelden and it looked like the same man. Under his new identity he was writing poetry. I forget where I saw the post but I think it is legitimate. I think Shelden did fake his death so he could acheive anonymity under a different false name.


  8. Concerning Q, I am very disturbed that the Psyop called QAnon even exists and I am even more disturbed that so many honest people are apparently being duped into believing in it. I was one of them at one time before I saw through the lies of Q and I realized that Trump is just a charlatan. Sometimes a person feels so depressed about the way things are going that they latch onto what appears to be good news and they turn off the part of their mind that tells them the story is too good to be true. I was there in 2016 so I know what that is like. But Q taught me it was a liar and Trump taught me he is but a lying Jewish sock puppet. I will never be deceived by these fake heroes again but the sad thing is that I seem to be unable to wake up those people (Trump supporters) who still strongly believe in both. They are fools and what can you to wake up a fool? Trust the Plan.


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