A deeper dig into Randy Simons, JonBenet Ramsey Photographer:

I feel a need to do a separate post about Randy Simons, who was the official Ramsey photographer of JonBenet.  The information surrounding this man is very significant and reveals some key information about both the JBR murder and the later cover up of it.

Randy Simons, JBR Photographer:

Randy Simons was considered the best and the most expensive child photographer in the Boulder, CO area.  

It is my opinion that Randy Simons played a very similar role to that of Rusty Nelson, a photographer in the Franklin Credit Union scandal. It is my very strong belief that Randy Simons was involved in taking child pornographic pictures and videos of JBR before her murder. Evidence supporting this claim is that Randy Simons approached at least child beauty pageant mother about shooting nudes of her daughter. Randy Simons was later indicted on child pornography charges in Oregon. This child pornography arrest may have been part of a harassment campaign against Simons.

It is also possible that Randy Simons was present at the sex party and filming it when JBR was killed. If this is the case then Randy Simons did not know beforehand that JBR was going to be killed.  He was just filming her sexual abuse as he had done many times before. 

Following the murder of JBR, Simons became hysterical and believed that he was going to be murdered. He abruptly left behind his wife and children and moved to Eastern Colorado (Genoa) very shortly after the murder because he was very fearful that he was going to be murdered as part of the cover up.

Simons claimed he was being pursued by paramilitary types. 

Shortly after the murder, Simons wrote an article in a pageant newsletter saying that men in vans had come out to the small town where he lives (Genoa, CO) and were going to get him if he didn\’t sell JonBenet\’s portfolio.  I believe this is true.  I believe that U.S. Government officials wanted all evidence related to the JBR murder out of Simon\’s hands and they were insisting that he sell all of his pictures to an agency which they controlled.  In January 1997 Simons did sell his JBR Portfolio to Sygma Photo Agency (now defunct) which was very likely a CIA owned and controlled front organization.

On October 17, 1997 Simons was arrested on a charge of suspicion of Indecent exposure in Genoa Colorado. I believe that this arrest was not legitimate but was part of an organized campaign to harass and silence Simons because of what he knew about the JBR murder and to completely discredit him as a possible witness. 

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