Digging deeper into the JonBenet Ramsey case:

The more I look into this case, the more I see parallels and connections between the various families associated with it.  In this post I want to discuss these families and the parallels I see:

The Paugh Family, which is the family Patsy came from.

The Ramsey Family, which is the family that John Ramsey came from. 

The White Family consisting of Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White, the White children and Fleet White Jr\’s father, Fleet Russell White Sr.

The Cristoff family, which was the family of Nancy Krebs and who was closely associated with the White Family.

The Sprague family, another family that Nancy Krebs was related to.

There are other families besides these that I want to discuss but let\’s just start with these since they are most closely associated with the JBR murder.  

What are common elements between these families?  

1)  Incest or more accurately family incest. Sex between family members usually with the older males in the family (fathers, grandfathers, Uncles) being the primary abusers of the young members of the family (Sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandsons, granddaughters).  But also the older female family members can be abusers of younger family members.  Case in point is that on the Geraldo show a former Access Graphics employee said that the Paternal Grandmother of Burke Ramsey liked to brag about his penis size. 

2)  Passive women in the family (Mothers and grandmothers) who allow and enable the sexual abuse (older male on young family members) within the family and keep it a complete secret from the outside world.  

3)  Satanism.  Satanism is a common theme of these families but its very secretive and hidden.  On the surface these families may be church going families and seem to be morally upstanding and Religious.  Nobody would suspect these families of being involved in Satanism by their public behavior.  Secret Satanic rituals and ritual abuse is involved.

4)  Pedophilia. 

5)  Freemasonry ties.  It was Nancy Krebs who revealed that she saw Patsy Pough at a Rainbow Girls Convention in the 1970\’s before she married John Ramsey.  This is a key bit of information linking Freemasonry into this story.  On the surface Rainbow Girls appears to be a completely legitimate organization that does nothing more than teach leadership skills to girls and women but there is a darker side to it.  Rainbow Girls is a Freemasonry organization and within it there is another organization called Job\’s Daughters.  It is said that the members of Job\’s daughters are the daughters of Master Masons.  I do not see it clearly yet but I perceive that these organizations are somehow involved in connecting men and women for marriage into families where incest will be practiced.  Patsy Paugh\’s marriage to John Ramsey was not a coincidence.  It was an arranged marriage and the family they raised was not a normal family.  It was a family where Satanism and incest was practiced.  

6)  Business and other connections between members of these families.  For example, I just learned that Donald Paugh, JonBenet Ramsey\’s paternal grandfather lived in Boulder CO and worked at Access Graphics, the same Access Graphics that John Ramsey was CEO of.

7) Wealth.

More to come.

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