A list of Corrupt and/or Guilty individuals in the JonBenet Ramsey murder and investigation of it:

In previous posts I have indicated that the JonBenet Ramsey murder did not happen the way the public was told it did and that there was a cover up of the truth of what really happened by many people.  In this post I want to make a list of all of the corrupt individuals I have identified and their true involvement in the murder or the cover up of it.

Linda Ardnt:  Detective in the Boulder CO Police Department.  Part of the cover up.  When Linda Arndt asked John Ramsey to go look for his daughter again at 1 PM on 12-26-1996 she knew he would find the body and bring it to her because this was the official plan as part of the cover up.  She was cooperating with John Ramsey, Fleet White Jr and others.

Mark Beckner: Chief of Police of the Boulder CO Police Department.  Corrupt and owned by the Satanists behind this.  He made sure that his hand picked officers and Detectives played key roles in the cover up. Suspected Freemason.  Suspected Satanist.

Dr. Francesco Beuf: Corrupt and part of the cover up.  Came over to the Ramsey home on the morning of 12-26-1996 to assist in the cover up. Repeatedly lied and said that no sexual abuse had occurred on JonBenet.  Satanist.

John Eller:  Boulder, CO Police Detective managing the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation for the Boulder Police.  Corrupt and owned.  In on the cover up.

Barbara Ferni: Very likely she was at the sex party when JBR was murdered. Came over to the Ramsey home on the morning of 12-26-1996 with her husband to assist in the cover up. Barbara Ferni\’s father, Claude S. Vanden Broeck, was a former intelligence officer and was senior vice president for investment management at C. J. Lawrence/Deutsche Bank Securities Corporation. Satanist

John Ferni: Knew what really happened.  Very likely he was at the sex party when JBR was murdered. Came over to the Ramsey home on the morning of 12-26-1996 to assist in the cover up.  It is possible that John Ferni was also at the Ramsey house earlier on the morning of 12-26-1996 and participated in the staging of the fake crime scene there. Owner of Transaction Management, Inc., an Investment Management firm in the Greater Denver, Colorado area.  Satanist

Rick French: Boulder CO Police officer who was the first to arrive at the Ramsey home after the 911 call from Patsy.  Corrupt and part of the cover up.  

Rolland Hoverstock:  Came over to the Ramsey home on the morning of 12-26-1996 to assist in the cover up. Satanist.

Alex Hunter: Boulder CO District Attorney.  Guilty of assisting in the cover up.  When the grand jury indicted both parents as accessories to JonBenet\’s murder, Hunter not only refused to prosecute, but hid the indictment. On October 12, 1999 after the Grand jury indictments of the Ramseys Alex Hunter announced there would be no charges filed against the Ramseys. In doing so, Hunter was not protecting the Ramsey\’s. He was protecting the cover up which a trial of the Ramsey\’s would have uncovered.  It was Alex Hunter\’s job as Boulder DA to maintain the cover up and to not allow it to be exposed.  He was doing his job as a corrupt owned puppet of the very same people as were behind the JBR murder.

Tom Koby:  Chief of Police of the Boulder CO Police Department after Mark Beckner.  Corrupt and owned and part of the cover up.  

Gwen Krebs:  Mother of Nancy Krebs who attended the sex party at the White residence during which JonBenet was killed. 

Mary Lacy: Boulder CO District Attorney succeeding Alex Hunter.  Guilty of assisting in the cover up. Mary Lacy issued a controversial public exoneration of the Ramseys from guilt in their daughter\’s murder.  In doing so she was not protecting the Ramseys but was protecting the real truth from being exposed.

Kelvin McNeill: Boulder CO spokesman for the JonBenet Ramsey murder who died a suspicious death in Amsterdam, Netherlands (where Access Graphics has its headquarters):

John Meyer:  Boulder CO Coroner.  Guilty of assisting in the cover up of the long term sexual abuse of JonBenet Ramsey.  In his official autopsy report Meyer made no explicit determination of sexual abuse when in reality JonBenet had been repeatedly sexually abused throughout her childhood.

Donald Paugh:  Father of PatsyMaternal Grandfather of JonBenet who lived in Boulder CO and worked at Access Graphics. 32nd Degree Freemason. Accessory to the murder of JonBenet. Present at the sex party at when JBR was murdered.  It is also my belief that there have been incestuous contacts between Donald Paugh and his daughter Patsy when she was younger.  It is my belief that there have been incestuous contacts between Donald Paugh and his granddaughter JonBenet.  It is said that Donald Paugh bailed out John Ramsey in John\’s first business failure and if so then Donald Paugh is wealthy. Suspected Satanist.

Nedra Paugh:  Mother of Patsy. Maternal Grandfather of JonBenet who lived in Boulder CO.  Nedra knew about the ritual abuse of her daughter and she covered it up. Suspected Satanist.

John Ramsey:  Guilty of sexually abusing his daughter and conditioning her to be sexually used by men outside of the family.  Guilty of allowing his daughter to be sexually abused by other people outside of the family.  It is my opinion that John Ramsey was much more guilty in allowing his daughter to be sexually abused by others outside the family than Patsy was although Patsy knew what was going on.   Accessory to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Although not directly guilty of his daughter\’s murder, he played a huge role in the death of his daughter by allowing his daughter to be used in a very unsafe way and environment which directly led to his daughter\’s death.  John Ramsey was present when his daughter was killed. John Ramsey later participated in the staging of a false crime scene in his home to hide the true circumstances of his daughter\’s murder and where it had really occurred. Strongly suspected of being a Freemason. Satanist.

Patsy Ramsey:  Guilty of allowing her daughter to be sexually abused by her husband, John Ramsey.  Also guilty of allowing her daughter to be sexually abused by other people outside the family. Accessory to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Although not directly guilty of her daughter\’s murder, she played a huge part in the death of her daughter by allowing her daughter to be used in a very unsafe environment that directly led to her daughter\’s death. Patsy Ramsey was present when her daughter was killed.  Patsy Ramsey later participated in the staging of a false crime scene in her home to hide the true circumstances of her daughter\’s murder and where it had really occurred. Satanist.

Randy Simons:  Photographer of JonBenet Ramsey.  Randy Simons was taking child pornographic pictures and videos of JonBenet Ramsey.  There is a possibility that Randy Simons was present at the sex party when JonBenet was killed.  This man is such an interesting character in this story that I did a separate post on him.

Glen Stine: Allowed the Ramsey family to live with them in 1997.  Glen Stine went to work for John Ramsey\’s company, Access Graphics. Satanist.

Susan Stine: Guilty of providing false information to Police.  Susan Stine said the whole family was alive and well when the Ramseys visited them after the Whites\’ party but this was a lie to create a false timeline of events supporting the official cover up. Allowed the Ramsey family to live with them in 1997. Satanist.

John Ramsey with Glen and Susan Stine:

Fleet Russell White Sr.: Killer of JonBenet Ramsey.  Strongly suspected of being a high level Freemason. SatanistDoing the Deep Dive in to Fleet White Sr. 

Nyla White: Wife of Fleet White Sr and mother of Fleet White Jr. Accessory to murder.  Satanist.

Fleet Russell White Jr.:  Boulder CO Oil Executive. Accomplice to murder. Fleet White Jr was at the sex party at his house when JBR was murdered.  Fleet White Jr. came to the Ramsey home on the morning of 12-26-1996 to help play a part in the cover up.  It is extremely likely that Fleet White Jr. was also at the Ramsey house earlier on the morning of 12-26-1996 and participated in the staging of the fake crime scene there. History:  Fleet R. White Jr. originally lived in Southern California and later relocated to Boulder, CO. Strongly suspected of being a Freemason  More about Fleet White Jr. Satanist.

Priscilla White:  Wife of Fleet White Jr.  Accessory to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Priscilla White was present when John Benet Ramsey was murdered. Priscilla White came over with her husband to the Ramsey home on the morning of 12-26-1996 to help play a part in the cover up Satanist.

Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White:

Bill Wise:  Deputy District Attorney of Boulder, CO.  Corrupt and part of the cover up.

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  1. Humour me just a tad. Kelvin McNeill do you know more about him. You say that it was unknown death or suspicious death. It's 25 yrs later now, and I'm interested in was it because of how much he knew or was he going to blow a whistle??


  2. I know Kevin McNeill was a Boulder CO spokesperson in the JBR murder and he later died in Amsterdam Holland supposedly in a automobile accident. I note that Access Graphics had its European HQ in Amsterdam, Holland. I suspect a link between McNeill and Access Graphics or the the people behind Access Graphics. It is my understanding that McNeill's death happened as LE was investigating the JBR murder. I suspect his death may not have been accidental but may have been a murder to silence him because of what he knew about JBR and how she was being used. Outside of this, I know nothing else about McNeill of any significance.


  3. The list is probably twice the right length – – but you have the wrong names. The killer may not have been known on December 26th but I believe once he WAS identified, he was protected by people in high places in Boulder. The Ramseys were already being blamed but the evidence would never convict them – – so a group decided to let thing go on that way while the killer was protected. Documents \”went missing\”, some were revised, some were destroyed and even replaced. And her killer has yet to be named publicly.


  4. Which names do I have wrong in your opinion and why do you say that? I agree with what you said about the killer being protected by people in high places in Boulder. I am of the opinion that her killer will never be named publicly. The public want a simple explanation and cannot handle the truth.


  5. The only one I disagree with is Linda…they sent a brand new police officer over that they knew couldn't handle such a situation, BC she implicated John. They all say around and left her there all day. The higher up powerful people figured the new recruit should go on in first. They did send police with her for a short time…maybe to witness and direct but hen shortly left afterwards.


  6. I have good reasons for suspecting Linda Arndt of being corrupt. The Ramsey was a fake crime scene and part of a cover up. The Boulder P.D. was corrupt and part of the cover up. Do you think that the corrupt Boulder P.D. would send a non corrupt officer to the Ramsey home on 12-26-1996? I do not. She may have implicated John as part of the cover up which she was part of but John is not the murderer. I know the story we have all been told about poor Linda Arndt being stone walled by her superiors but I do not buy it. I see it as all part of a bigger cover story of which Linda Ardnt is a part. The same goes for Officer French who was the first on the scene at the Ramsey home. The mistake you make is to see the Boulder P.D. as honest. They were not. They were Satanist infiltrated before this murder even happened because Satanists know that owning LE is in their best interests.


  7. John Meyer, Boulder CO Coroner not only failed to report signs sexual abuse, but \”Not having recorded the core temperature of JonBenet's corpse soon after the crime scene was secured by police.Not thoroughly noting the presence or absence of the setting and gelling of blood, a condition of discoloration known as lividity, an important factor in estimating the time of death and the position of the hands, arms and feet of an undisturbed corpse.Not extracting fluid from JonBenet Ramsey's eyeballs, an important procedure that allows a measurement of the vitreous potassium in her eye fluid – another critical factor in estimating the time of her death.Those three pieces of evidence, considered together, \”can provide a reliable window of probability\” of when death occured, especially if the body is discovered under average conditions and less than 36 hours after death\” (Reference: The Denver Post Online) This confirms the time of death was covered up and therfore confirms JBR likely died much earlier, at the White's Christmas party/ after party. The only thing I disagree with is that Detective Linda Arndt was willingly involved in cover up. From her interview, I believe she is haunted by the events of that day and I believe she was sent there by herself deliberately, because they assumed being a woman she would be easier to intimidate. I believe her when she says how frightened she was of John's sociopathic reaction to his daughter's dead body. She did not implicate John was the murderer. I thought that too at first. She said she realised the killer was in the house… Mr. White was in the house, wasn't he? I see why people blame the police, and no doubt many of them were corrupt. But they always throw in some good eggs with the bad, to cover themselves. As a forensic psychologist who has studied her micro expressions, I don't think DLA was lying. I do feel she was rightfully too scared for her life to name the suspect(s) directly. Reviewing her interview was what assured me the \”Burke did it\” theory was BS.


  8. Every political, legal, educational & religious institution is infiltrated. That's why they use good people as human shields to hide. Sometimes it's a wolf within sheep and other times it's a sheep within wolves. It's a human error to see any corporation as entirely good or entirely bad; which is how these sick satanists get away with what they've been doing for so long.


  9. The pubic are waking up. Sure the majority are still wrapped in cotton wool. But many people want answers to this. Just as they want answers to the Madeleine Mccann case. They're not as easily fooled now as they were in the 90's. Which is why I think it's important to get all facts straight, so we are not throwing even more confusion onto a case that is already so complex. I applaud your efforts so far. you've done a great job at presenting this information coherently, and assured me of what I had already figured out after years of investigation, as well as shed even more light on some of the more shady characters.


  10. We will have to disagree about Linda Arndt. I see her as being involved in the cover up and what makes me think this most is her telling John Ramsey and Fleet White to go look one more time at 1 PM on 12-26. You have to see for yourself that all that was planned in advance and she was part of it. She was not innocent.


  11. When I see everyone wearing masks everywhere I do not think the public is waking up. I see the public as being blind deceived sheep in a wolf controlled society. I am doing what I can to spread truth to the public on a variety of topics but sometimes I think I am just preaching to the choir.


  12. Basically agree with the list, except I think Detective Linda Arndt was honest and upstandingDetectives Steve Thomas and Kolar were part of the coverup. They gave John a pass, and shifted the blame onto Patsy and Burke. They tried to disguise the premeditated murder as an accident.Question: Why was the body left at the Ramsey residence?Does anyone else consider Detectives Steve Thomas and Kolar were part of the coverup?


  13. I too once believed that Linda Arndt was honest but then I realized something which you have not yet seen, which is that if you believe the official story about the JBR murder then Linda Arndt had to be part of the cover up. The most important thing about the JBR murder that you must always keep in mind is that the murder did not happen at the Ramsey house. It happened elsewhere and then a fake crime scene was staged at the Ramsey house. Linda Arndt HAD to be part of that cover up. It does not matter what the cover story is about her, for example about her calling for back up and being stone walled by her superiors. That is what they want you to believe. Remember what I have said. The truth is never is NEVER what they want you to believe. Its always something else. So if they want you to believe that story about Linda Arndt, then the truth about her is something else. You cannot be deceived by what they tell you, because what they tell you is never the truth. Understand? The question that you ask about the body is wrong. The question you should ask is why was the body moved to the Ramsey residence? And the answer to that question is to make it appear as if the child died inside her own home to cover up the truth that she died outside her home under completely different circumstances. That is the cover up that you have apparently missed. All the major people who came into the public eye in an attempt to solve this crime were part of the cover up. Nobody was really trying to solve the murder. All they were trying to do was to muddy the waters and confuse the public so that nobody would ever know the truth about what really happened. That is what I am trying to open your eyes to.


  14. EDIT TO ADD: What I contend after going deep enough down this rabbit hole is that the entire incident allegedly involving Linda Arndt is disinformation that never happened in reality. If it happened at all, it was a staged drama put on for the cameras (also controlled by the snakes), but its most likely that it never happened at all but is just a cover story. I contend that the real story about the JBR murder has never been told to the public. Instead it has been carefully hidden from the public. If you read the testimony of Nancy Krebs, she came the closest of all to revealing the hidden truth about this murder, about where it really happened and about who was really behind it. And she also said that it was shown on television at first before the story got changed. Most people's minds are incapable of seeing this but our society is so corrupt but is a very hidden corruption. What the world appears to be on the surface is not at all what it is under the surface. Look at the Two Worlds Paradigm in the important posts section of this Blog to understand that. I understand the mystery of the JBR murder far better than most because I have connected the dots to it.


  15. EDIT TO ADD: The cover story was intended to put the blame on John Ramsey, and Linda Arndt's role in the cover story was part of that, to purposely paint JR as the murderer of his daughter. You have to see that. But the truth is that JR was not the murderer of his daughter. They want you to believe he is to make everyone look at JR (or PR or BR or an intruder or Santa Claus or anyone else they gave you as a red herring) so you will never know the real truth. If you knew the truth you probably could not handle it.


  16. I have read the Nancy Krebs testimony. But why move the body to the Ramsey residence? Why blame John,or Patsy?Why not just dump the body somewhere?Thanks for the information.


  17. They moved the body from the true crime scene to the Ramsey residence to purposely have the body found there. It was much easier for them to do damage control to have the body found there than to have the body found somewhere else, for example dumped on the side of the road somewhere. They had to explain how this child was killed in a way that did not involve any of the important people involved in it. John Ramsey, Patsy Ramsey and Burke Ramsey were not considered important compared to other people who were involved in this case. It was far better to have the public focus on John, Patsy and Burke than to have the public focus on the real perps. And the same is true all the way up to today. But the answer to your question is that having the body found at the Ramsey home was the best way for the perps to control the situation, especially considering the fact that John, Patsy and Burke all knew what happened but would never disclose it and all would cooperate fully in the cover up. Do you understand?


  18. I know that Elizabeth Ramsey was the daughter of John Ramsey from his first marriage and that she believed that she was the victim of SRA. She said she was sexually abused by people wearing robes. When she started disclosing her recovered memories about this then she suddenly died in a \”car accident\”. As I contend that John Ramsey was a long time Satanist and that Satanists usually consist of entire families, what I believe is that both John Ramsey's first family and his second family were all involved in Satanism and Satanist activities. Satanists value their secrecy above all else and will freely murder to protect it. IMO Elizabeth Ramsey was murdered and her death concealed to look like a car accident to prevent her from disclosing Satanist secrets. This also gives additional evidence that John Ramsey was a long time Satanist, which is exactly what Nancy Krebs said about him. Unfortunately the clueless public has made no connection between the two deaths to see that Satanism was involved in the death of JonBenet Ramsey.


  19. Detective Linda Arndt documented that the people assembled at the Ramsey's residence on December 26, 1996, behaved like a cult. She wouldn't have said that, if she was part of the coverup.I think the Ramseys belonged to a cult, but I think John Ramsey committed the premeditated murder on his own, to silence JonBenet from reporting PREVIOUS sexual abuse. I also think Fleet White may have assisted. Maybe Fleet was supposed to remove the body, but didn't? John also wanted to frame Patsy, who had begun to suspect him of sexually abusing JonBenet. Access Graphics was involved in child and adult pornography, and perhaps money laundering. Subic Bay was a hub for child pornography and prostitution. John had connections to \”dark and powerful people,\” so I guess that's why law enforcement gave him a pass.Bottom line: I think the Ramseys belonged to a cult, but I think John acted alone (or with Fleet White) to commit the premeditated murder. The motive was to silence JonBenet. I do appreciate the information that you have shared; it's just that I disagree with some details.What do you know about the murder circa December 4, 1996, of the adult daughter to the former Ramseys housekeeper? My suspicions are that this was connected to the JonBenet murder.


  20. I contend that everything that Linda Arndt related was disinformation that never happened in reality and that Linda Arndt is a key part of that disinformation campaign. Here is the key to understanding the cover up, and you must never forget this. The murder of this child happened elsewhere and her body was moved to the Ramsey house and a fake crime scene was staged there. You must always keep this in mind over anything that people in this case such as Linda Arndt are alleged to say.Although you ask good questions, I perceive that you are not really red pilled about the above but I am. I always consider that above anything else that about this case. Which is more likely of the following two scenarios?1) Linda Arndt was deceived and believed the murder happened in the house.2) Linda Arndt herself was part of the cover up, regardless of what she allegedly said to make it appear as if she was not part of the cover up.There is no doubt in my mind that the second scenario is the truth although you might not be convinced of that. You cannot be fooled by what people allegedly say because that can be nothing but disinformation to confuse.No, John Ramsey did not kill his daughter. Nor do I call the murder premeditated. I call the murder accidental because if it were premeditated then the cult would have done things completely different. The cult values secrecy about itself and what it does above all else and it would never have exposed itself to so much scrutiny in this case unless there were a good reason for it. ie. an accidental death during a satanic ritual. This case is far bigger than the Ramsey family. If you are just looking at the Ramsey family then you are thinking too small about this case. This case involved many other people outside the Ramsey family, one or more of whom are the real killer.You completely misunderstand about Fleet White. Please ask more questions concerning Fleet White so I can help you understand better.John did not want to frame patsy. A disinformation campaign was started from the very first to place blame on all the other Ramsey family members in order to get the public to focus only on the Ramsey family and the Ramsey house. It was all done to prevent the public from looking at anyone else outside the family as being the true killer and to prevent the public from looking outside the Ramsey home as the true crime scene. You are confusing a drama for reality.Everything in the ransom note was a red herring and disinformation. You should completely ignore the ransom note as having any significance in this case other than to confuse. The S.B.T.C. mentioned in the ransom note has no revelance to anything.Until you mentioned it I knew nothing about this other murder but I will look it up. It would not surprise me at all if the murder was connected to the JonBenet Ramsey murder because they silenced a lot of people during the investigation of this case. Another person who I believe was murdered and silenced was Kelvin McNeill which I mention in this post of dying in \”a car accident\” in Amsterdam Holland, where Access Graphics has its European HQ. You should look at that case too but there is very little information I can find about it on the internet.


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