The Access Graphics connection to the JBR murder mystery:

John Ramsey joined the computer revolution as manager of Southern Peripherals and Instruments in Atlanta, GA. The company didn\’t do well and his bosses were unhappy because they said Ramsey tried to expense about $5000.00 worth of repair work on his Porche and personal flying costs.

In 1983, John started a computer equipment distribution company (supposedly out of his basement in Atlanta) called Teqspec Distribution Company, Inc. Within the next year, he hooked up with local businessmen J. Thomas Woolsey and Robert A. Dinning, changing its name to MicroSouth Inc.

Apparently simultaneously, John had a business called Teqspec II, Inc., which was renamed in 1985 to ElectroSouth, Inc. and also included Woolsey and Dinning on the board.

In 1985 as well, John\’s father-in-law Donald Paugh (who worked for likely CIA front Union Carbide and almost certainly abused his daughter Patsy) appears to have started a company called Advanced Products Group, Inc. 

In 1988, ElectroSouth and Advanced Products Group merged.

In 1989, Advanced Products Group merged with CAD Distributors of Boulder CO and CADSources Inc. of Piscataway NJ to form Access Graphics, headquartered in Boulder, CO. 

John Ramsey maintained high-level positions at Access, eventually becoming President and CEO.

In 1991, Lockheed Corporation purchased Access Graphics, and John Ramsey relocated his family from Atlanta, GA. to Boulder, CO. 

In 1993, Lockheed Corporation merged with Martin Marietta to become Lockheed Martin, one of the nation\’s largest defense contractors.

By 1996 Access Graphics revenues had reached $1 billion. It employed over 500 people and had offices in Mexico City and Amsterdam. Access Graphics had warehouses in California (Menlo Park) and in Pennsylvania.  They had at least 25 distribution centers around the USA.

Access Graphics had only one European office in Amsterdam, Holland.  Note that after fleeing the USA in 1979 during the North Fox Island child pornography scandal, wealthy Michigan Frank Shelden fled to Amsterdam Holland.  I contend it is no coincidence that Frank Shelden fled to Holland and Access Graphics had offices in Amsterdam.  I contend that Access Graphics was involved in child pornography distribution from the United States to Europe. 

One early story in the tabloids (The Star, \”JonBenet Dad Linked to Kiddie Porn Scandal\”, 1997/04/29) claimed that child pornography had been found on Access Graphics computers. While anything printed in the tabloids should be taken with a grain of salt, it is worth noting that neither the Ramseys nor Lockheed Martin had any reaction to the story, in spite of the very disturbing allegations made against their company and the fact that the Ramseys would later sue the same tabloid over a Burke-did-it story.

John Ramsey stated that as CEO of Access Graphics he traveled to the following foreign countries:  Holland, France, England (UK).

It is my contention that Access Graphics was involved in the distribution of Child Pornography. The trail is not easy to follow as the perps have made it very difficult for anyone to see by hiding behind a maze of front or shell companies.  Please bear with me as I make my case step by step.  I will try to go slowly for myself and everyone else so the links are easy to see.  

Access Graphics merged with and is now owned by Innotrac:

Innotrac is owned by Martin Blank and Larry Dorfman.

Martin Blank. Located in Georgia. Previous CEO of the Aegis Group, Inc., a major Corporation:  Anthony Thevis\’s Stepfather.

Anthony Thevis:

Focus Entertainment International, Inc. is an Entertainment/movie producing company based in Atlanta Georgia. 

Focus Entertainment International Inc (Focus) merged with American Restaurants LLC, an owner and operator of restaurants. On completion, the merged entity was renamed American Restaurant Holdings Inc. (ARHI).  ARHI is based in Newport Beach, CA.

The Registered Agent of ARHI is Tim Betts. Follow the Links:

Father Flanigan\’s Boy\’s Home (Omaha, Nebraska).  The company\’s principal address is 14100 Crawford Street, Boys Town, NE 68010 and its mailing address is 14100 Crawford Street, Boys Town, NE 68010. Note that it is registered in Alaska to hide it.  The Registered Agent of Father Flanigan\’s Boy\’s Home is Corporation Service Company, another Alaska shell company.  It exists only to hide the true ownership of this Nebraska Boy\’s home which has NOTHING TO DO WITH ALASKA. 

One of the Directors of both Father Flanigan\’s Boy\’s home and Corporation Service Company is Kevin Mohan. Follow the Links:

Kevin Mohan was a Manager of American Restaurants, LLC, the company that merged with Focus Entertainment to become ARHI. Are you following the tie in so far between ARHI and Father Flanigan\’s Boy\’s Home in Omaha Nebraska?  

Note in this link that Kevin Mohan is listed as being an officer of different Father Flanigan\’s Boy\’s Home shell companies in Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nevada, and Washington.  For what legitimate purpose could Father Flanigan\’s Boy\’s Home in Omaha Nebraska have all these shell companies in other states?  Could it be tied to interstate Child Prostitution which is the exact same thing that Boy\’s Town in Omaha Nebraska was involved in in the Franklin Credit Union Scandal?  

Note in that same link that Kevin Mohan is also listed as an officer of Martin and Associates, Inc., a shell company in Alaska, Louisiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Mississippi, and Texas.  Kevin Mohan is also listed as an officer of Martin Group, Iowa, Florida, South Dakota and Texas. All of these are shell companies used for distribution of a product or service across state lines.  Distribution of what?

Skatt Investments LLC is listed as owner of Martin Blank’s 2 Fairfield addresses in Dunwoody.

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