More about the Christmas night sex Party at the Fleet Russell White Jr. House in Boulder, CO:

As I have said before, JonBenet Ramsey was murdered during a party being held at the Fleet Russell White Jr. House in Boulder CO.  There was a Christmas party held at the Fleet White Jr. residence earlier on Christmas day but that is not the party I am talking about here.  I am talking about the party after the party, which is a Sex Party during which children are sexually abused.  This kind of thing was outed by Rusty Nelson during the earlier Franklin Credit Union scandal but this is another instance of it.  

Here is a list of people at a minimum who I very strong suspect were in attendance at the sex party when JBR was killed.  There were probably many more people in attendance but these are the core people in terms of the JBR death.

John Ramsey, father of JBR

Patsy Ramsey, mother of JBR

Burke Ramsey, brother of JBR

Fleet Russell White Jr., son of Fleet Russell White Sr. and owner of the home in Boulder, CO.

Priscilla White, wife of Fleet Russell White Jr.

Fleet Russell White Sr., father of Fleet Russell White Jr.

Nyla White, wife of Fleet Russell White Sr and mother of Fleet White Jr.

Donald Paugh, Father of Patsy and maternal Grandfather of JBR.

Nedra Paugh, Wife of Don Paugh and maternal Grandmother of JBR.

Gwen Krebs, mother of Nancy Krebs.

Gwen Krebs\’ granddaughter, who was five years old at the time.

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  1. IMO Maxwell was not at the party. Maxwell was seen at the child beauty pageant with JBR because child beauty pageants are a front for child prostitution and Maxwell was involved on that end. But the sex party during which JBR died was only for family members and very close associates of them. Maxwell was not in that circle.


  2. Well- i don't know about any specifics, but it was no stranger, and I doubt it happened at the Ramsey's home. Being rich doesn't mean yer creepy. But taken all-together, there was PLENTY of evidence she was murdered. There was NO specific evidence, though. Don't matter what ya think, or even what ya know- just what u can PROVE.


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