A Word about Communism:

Communism is Jewish at its core.  Zionism and Communism are two sides of the same Jewish coin.  When one looks at the Horrors of what Communism has done in the world such as the Bolshevik Revolution, this is the Horrors of what Jews do to the world.  These are Satanic Jews.  They are pure evil and have nothing to do with God.  They are the opposite of God in every way.  Satanist Jews are turning the world from good to evil, which is what they have done throughout their entire history.  They are like a cancer infecting a healthy body and spreading more cancer everywhere else they can.  If anyone wants to know why the world is FUBAR in 2020, look no further than the Jewish race.  They are world destroyers.  Planet Earth would be far better off if this cancer had never been allowed to start in the first place but it certainly must be dealt with in the most forceful way possible to remove it by any means possible if we want to save our World.  

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  1. And that is true, Communism is a taboo for the growth of our current civilization. Thier contribution in destruction of mother Earth has a lot of secrets and the communism yet didn't stopped.We must have to stop this anyhow.Thank you for the information brother.


  2. I do not call it Communism. Communism is an archaic cold war term for them. I call them Satanists and IMO they have embedded themselves into the very fabric of American society. This Blog is full of examples of their lies and deceptions. Their entire System is based on lying and deceiving and dishonesty. They turn truth into lies and lies into truth. They are the very enemy of humanity.


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