A Word about Zionism in Relation to Satanism:

In previous posts I have posited the notion that there is a link or relationship between Zionist Jews and Satanism.  Although there appears to be no linkage or connection between the two in the FALSE WORLD, I see a connection between the two in the real world.  I cannot see this connection clearly yet but it is definitely there IMO.  What I suspect but cannot yet prove is that Zionists are Satanists and this explains the linkage between them.  As I see this linkage more clearly I will write about it but for now let us just leave it as a strong suspicion that Zionists are in reality Satanists even though they pretend not to be.  And if this is true as I suspect then it says a lot about the Zionist entity called Israel.  Also if this is true then it means that all people who identify themselves as being Zionists are also Satanists in reality behind the scenes.  That would include the current U.S. President Donald J. Trump.  

More to Come.

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