A Word about the Deep State:

No one had really heard of the term \”Deep State\” before it was introduced during the 2016 election and afterward, mainly by the group called QAnon.  In a previous post I identified QAnon as a lying Zionist Psyop but it speaks partial truths.  One of the partial truths that it mentions is the Deep State but QAnon gives a completely inaccurate picture of what it means.  In this post I want to give my definition of the Deep State and why it is called Deep State.  In the previous post I discussed Satanist infiltration of Organizations.  You should go and read that post if you have not already before you read further because it is the foundation of what I am about to say about the so-called Deep State.  The U.S. Government or State is an organization that has long ago been infiltrated and controlled by Satanists.  Satanists got their control in 1963 with the assassination of JFK and they have slowly gotten more and more control of the U.S. Government or State.  If you wonder why the U.S.A. is such a total disaster and clusterfuck in 2020 it is because these Satanists are in control of it.  But back to the Deep State.  It is called the Deep State because these Satanists and their minions are deeply embedded inside the State apparatus.  All parts of the U.S. State apparatus are corrupt and controlled in 2020.  This is a Satanist infiltration of the entire U.S. Government.  All the bad things in the U.S.A. that have been happening are because of this infiltration.  Unfortunately Donald J. Trump is not the Savior of America and the enemy of the Deep State as he pretends to be but that is a topic for another post.  

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